Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lack of Sleep.

Still feeling ill. Still tired. Still no place to live yet.
Yeah, yeah. I know. Try to have a better attitude. Well I have been. I even did a small vid for my HHH, (NO, not one of "those" vid's!!), he found this thing on Monster from Disney about their next Chief Magic Official. Seems Disney is looking for a person to be the guy who picks and hands out prizes for the year of a million dreams campaign they have going. You have to take a personality test, fill out an application, and make a 60 second video detailing why you'd be good for the job. Here you go, and try not to laugh your ass off!
Give me a sec... it's having trouble uploading

It's really kinda funny. My whole family got into it. I don't really think I have a chance in hell, but as submissions go, at least I didn't talk about how many times I had been at the theme parks, or how I was a Disney Vacation Club member like other people. Jeeze.... that makes it sound like they owe you or something. Not the kind of image I want to present. I went for the family approach. You know,... cookies, cute kids, the works.

Well, have a great day. I am hoping to hear from the company that HHH interviewed with last Friday! Keep your fingers crossed!!

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upset waitress said...

Hrmmm, I don't think the video made it to this blog. :) Good luck though.