Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's March In January!

Dude! The wind is kickin' down here! I feel like it's hurricane season, except it isn't. The above photo is of the lake out back of our place. It looks like there are almost whitecaps on the damn thing! I was going to go to the store and get some groceries, but with the box-like van I drive, there's no way I'd get any where without getting blown all over the road. People tend to look on that as a little careless. So.... my eldest and I walked over to the small island grocery store across the street form the apartments. I would shop there most of the time if it wasn't so damn expensive! They charge $5 + for a gallon of milk! I usually trek to the Wall to Wall Mart and do all my shopping. Not today though! HHH has a tooth ache anyway. He doesn't need to be subjected to my foul weather driving as well. I gotta give him a break sometime!

On to football. I am rooting for the Giants and the Chargers. I gotta give the Patriots their due, but I just like to see different teams every year in the Superbowl. (Plus, I am still pissed the Pat's put the Jag's out of the play offs!) The TV is having sound problems though. I think it is because of the high winds outside. I guess that is part of the fun of island living. We're having sloppy joe's and fries tonight to go with our football games. Good ole' stadium food. I looked at the weather, and I saw it was going to be 3 degrees in Green Bay tonight. Hope Eli brought gloves. That ball is going to feel like a block of ice when he throws it. OUCH! Chargers/Patriots start out the day. Gotta run...... I'm gonna go watch the game.

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