Monday, January 14, 2008

I love Football!

I don't know if you all follow the football scores, but I was watching the games this weekend. I think the two yesterday were the best. The scores were tight, the plays were big, and the wins and losses were incredible! That Dallas/Giants game was awesome! The fact that it was decided in the last seconds of the game made it soooo suspenseful. Now of course all the Dallas fans are going to blame the loss on..... Jessica Simpson! Yes, Miss Simpson and Tony Romo went on a little "vacay" last weekend and ever since that last game she was at where Dallas lost, the fans have blamed her for the teams and Tony's poor performances. What!?! OK so this weekends play off loss had nothing to do with dropped passes, interceptions, and bad plays? Well, I should've written Miss Simpson and asked her to date Brady so that my team, (Jaguars), could have won this weekend. Jack Del Rio looked pissed. The Pat's look unstoppable! Eli may have squeaked by Dallas, but he will probably go down if he gets to the Patriots. Here's hoping! Go Giants!

The Golden Globes were a snooze, just as I predicted. My two I was rooting for got blanked. I was rooting for John Travolta for best supporting actor/Comedy musical, and all the nom's from Pushing Daisies for TV. I'm sorry, I know Hairspray is being dismissed as fluff even though the topic it addresses is serious, but John Travolta playing Traci's mom was just funny as hell! The duet he does with Christopher Walken had me in stitches and I almost peed myself. Funny, Funny, FUNNY! I was glad to see Johnny Depp get a nod for his Sweeny Todd performance. You have to have monster chops to sing that one. The awards are being called the fastest... award... show... EVAR! Man, you can't win for losing with these things. First, they are saying it runs too long, now, it was too short. WTF?? If I was an awards show producer, I'd find another job! Oh wait, that's what they all have to do now anyway since the strike is still on. Silly me.

I think I am going back to bed. I'm tired, the kids are off to school, and I don't have too much to do today.


Upset Waitress said...

I soooo hate football. It should be over now right? I ask because my boyfriend said he was coming over tonight. :)

Blondefabulous said...

Nope. You got your NFC and AFC championships, then the super bowl in Febuary. We have football for the rest of the month!!! Oh happy day!!