Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeessssss 2008!

2008 is here, and my last day of 2007 wasn't so bad. We had a family day together and it didn't turn into crap.

For starters, the frickin' bank and SDU decided to get their act together and get my money on my debit card. Two posts ago I was lamenting about how the card was supposed to make it easier to access my money and better and more cost effective for the state of Florida as well. So I finally got my money and grocery shopping was definitely on the list of things to do for the day. Still, I wanted us to go do something fun together, so HHH called around and found that the Stuart Lanes was having a New Years Eve special. Well, we loaded everyone up and headed over to the bowling alley. First stop before we got there was at Blockbuster though. I wasn't about to go out on New Years Eve and get hit by a drunk driver or get caught up in a DUI check point as the ball dropped. We rented 5 movies and got back in the van and drove over to the alley. I was a little unhappy that the bowling alley was cash only,(the ATM wasn't in my network and it charged me $2), but after we all got our shoes and balls, we got to bowling. My 5 year old son was spot on and didn't have to use the bumpers hardly at all. My 8 & 11 year old daughters were pretty good too. I was a complete disaster! I am not a bowler, I really suck at it! If I go bowling, it's for the beer, but they didn't even have that there!! Augh! We played for 2 hours and had a great time!

After bowling, we stopped in the drive thru and grabbed a bite to eat and drove over to Target to check out the after Christmas sales. WHOO HOO! There were bargains galore! I got two sets of multi pearl lights for $2.75 each! I got cards for $3 a box, and these were nice cards! I got a thermal mug set for $3 bucks, some jammies for my son for $3 bucks, and candy,.... oh the candy! Bags of it for under a buck!! I love a great sale. I have all kinds of wrapping paper and bows already, or I would have been jumping in that aisle too. Now, I did get some regular shopping done, too. I got crap for the house, crap for the cat and dog, crap for me... and my HHH said to me, " Don't forget to get some nail polish remover and a new color to paint on.". OK, so I pick out a nice pink that didn't look too slutty and we go to check out. After finishing at Target, we head out to the Wall to Wall Mart and finish up food shopping and drive on back to the house.

After we get everything put away, HHH say sit down on the couch. OK. I am perplexed, but do it. Then he goes and gets my foot bubbler and proceeds to give me a pedicure! Yes, my big strong man was scrubbing, exfoliating and painting up my toenails on my feet!!! (No, I did not feel sexually harassed.) It was soooooooooooo good! I was in heaven. To all of you that have significant others who don't do this for you...... Nyah Nyah! I got a nice HHH! Hee Hee!

We had dinner, watch movies, and waited for the ball to drop. Some of the football games were good to watch, like Auburn and Clemson. I was rooting for Clemson, but they lost in overtime.(Damn it!) We watched this guy from Australia make a huge motorcycle jump over an entire football field! That was cool. Finally, it was time to watch the ball drop and we called in the kids and counted down. At midnight, we all hugged, HHH and I shared a glass of champagne, and I personally hoped for a better year. Then it was time to send the kiddies to bed and I took my sinus meds, and we watched TV until I drifted off to sleep. The neighbors were busy setting off illegal fireworks, and I was hoping that the embers wouldn't set our roof on fire.

So, to you and yours, hope you had a safe, great night!

Happy New Year!



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Russ said...

Hey Blonde! Thanks for pulling for my boys. If they could have just completed a cotton-pickin pass every so often CU might have pulled it out. Oh well, I'll be pulling for UF (I hate Mich anyway), and a buddy of mine is a mathematics prof. at UF so I have a tie in.