Monday, January 28, 2008

Head 'em up & Move 'em out!

I am under an excess of boxes right now. Packing everything up has been a pain in the ass. We just got unpacked last September! have I mentioned that I HATE the bitch upstairs and the company my HHH formerly worked for?? No? I must be remiss in my telling. Just scroll through my archives and you'll get the jist of things. Anyway, I have to start moving things to the storage unit. Since being unjustly let go, HHH has put out 36 resumes'. Not a damn one has called with good news. The job market is shitty right now. This recession talk that's being bandied about is scary. Hell, we were filing our taxes and we only had $15,500 in income! WTF!?! How the hell did we eat last year. My illness keeps me from working and all, but dayum! We are below even the poverty line! That has been scary. I am beginning to wonder if we should've stayed in Memphis, even though I hated it there. At least there were jobs to be had there.
If it seems like I am jumping around, I only had 3 1/2 hours sleep. Don't know why either. I took some Tylenol PM's to try and stifle the back ache I had and even they didn't help. Now my stomach is all torn up and I feel crappy. I was watching some program on TLC about this guy in Indonesia who looked like he was turning into a tree. Yep He looked like he was growing roots out of his hands and feet! Yuck! Well, this guy, a big shot doctor of dermatology, from U of Maryland comes all the way to Indonesia to diagnose him and finds out the roots are just warts, and makes the guy a whole medical program to get him all healed up,.....and the tree man doesn't take him up on his offer! He decides to stay like he is and work in his side show making money for just standing there and letting people gawk at him. Must have been a better deal than having to go out in the fields and work a farm with back breaking labor. Jeeze. I also watched Demolition Man. Kinda seemed right seeing as how Stallone had his new Rambo movie come out this past weekend. Man, what a bomb! I heard that that 300 spoof movie beat it out for the number one spot for movie money! Ha ha ha. I have been speculating about what movie he'll redo next. We already had Rocky and Rambo..... how about Oscar II? Or Rhinestone II? Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!(<- maniacal laugh!)
OK, I may take some more meds and try to go to bed. My mind is just going in too many directions at once and my head is feeling like it is going to implode!

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