Sunday, January 13, 2008

The G.G.'s aren't the only casualty....

I was watching CNN this morning and I caught the story on the Golden Globes. It was saying that they are going to be different to the tune of no glitzy awards show, no red carpet. Just some people going up to a podium and saying who won. BORING! Now, I am not the kind who has awards parties and gathers a bunch of friends together to watch, but I did like to see who made good on their hopes and what kind of craziness made the live broadcasts. (remember Halle's kiss with that guy who won for actor at the Oscars?)

Now I see that it is not just a simple matter of two kids on the playground arguing. LA is hemorrhaging money over this pissing contest between the writers and the studios! It isn't just us missing our fave shows, it's the peons in the studios who are really losing out. The caterers, prop houses, independent business owners who supply the studios with product, the hotels and tourism companies. Everyone else seems to be really hurting, to tune of at least 80 million so far. Why? Because the studios and the writers can't meet in the middle on profits from Internet sales and viewings. What?!? You gotta be kidding me. Nope, I am not. The studio's do not want to give the writers a bigger cut of the profits it receives from selling the shows they run on the Internet! Jeeze.... what a gyp. I can deal with missing my shows if, say, there is something terrible on the line. Say, the show employed a sweat shop to make all it's sets and costumes and the writers strike was about that... OK I can do that, but the fact that the studio's don't want to update an easily negotiable contract and let the people who supply the writing for the shows we watch in on the profits from their work is just dumb.

80 million. That's a lot of green. How many people are looking at eviction? How many, already tight with rising fuel prices, can't pay their electric? How many are deciding between food or a roof over their heads? It's ridiculous. They should have my problems. I look at all these people and just say to myself, "They spent my months rent on a dinner out!" Stupid!

I am still feeling under the weather. My newest fun fun is spontanious nose bleeds. Yep, at any moment I begin spilling blood out of my face! Wheeeeeee! I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Jasper Mockingbard said...

Thanks for the comments/feedback.

Try squirting the nasal spray AFRIN on gauze or a cotton ball, and then stuff it up your nose. It'll constrict the blood vessels in your nasal passages, and it should stop the bleeding. If you've been sick and the humidity has been low (for Florida), lube your nasal passages with vaseline. It should keep them from drying, cracking and bleeding.

Get well!