Saturday, January 12, 2008

Getting Better

All righty then. Here I am, getting better, but still nauseous and crappy feeling. My Celiac's is killing me, and add aunt flo to that and I am almost flat on my back. HHH went for a job interview yesterday at a nice community and he said it went well. I am crossing my fingers. We need to file our taxes so we can get out of here. Oh, and to add insult to injury, the bitch upstairs rewsponsible for getting HHH fired now has a illegal puppy to go along with her illegal cat and estranged husband who all live with her, but are not on the lease! I am convinced there is no justice in this world. There just isn't.
Junior has another birthday party to go to today. I don't know if he should go since we couldn't afford a gift. Things are beyond tight right now. My ex isn't paying child support and HHH hasn't secured a new job yet. I haven't gotten any call backs from the jobs I put in for either. It's depressing. HHH's jobs require more in-depth interviewing, but I am just looking for dime a dozen, anyone can do it jobs. Once again, no one likes family people to work for them.
On another note, before Christmas, I won a TV promotion from channel 29 here. I was watching the Simpsons on Fox and a telephone number flashed on the screen to call for a gift certificate from TV station. I called and there must not have been many people watching because I was caller 20, 24 and 29. (You had to be caller 29 to win.) The gentleman on the phone said he usually asks people who win to come and pick up the gift certificate, but since we lived 3 towns away from the TV station, he would mail the thing to me. Ok. I was excited. Days go by and nothing shows up. I finally get to wondering what the heck happened to it and go on the web site to try and find a phone number to call someone about it. I can't find squat. I get to some phone numbers, but they are to Fox News, New York! I look and look and finally the only one I find is to the local news tip line. I call it and leave a message to the effect of, "If this is how you treat your contest winners, I may ask your competing stations to investigate it." (I had been looking for a # to call for almost an hour and I was frustrated.) Well, the lady calls me back and starts to berate ME for being upset about not getting my prize, that she should make me come to WPB and get it myself, and how I just didn't navigate the web site or I would have found some email I could have sent something off too. Bitch! I just said send me the gift certificate. She says she will and asks me if I want her phone # in case it doesn't show up again. I say no, if it doesn't show up forget it, it isn't that important, and hang up. What a bitch! Blaming me for their problems! I really thought no one had mailed it at all anyway. Well, after 3 days, the package arrived. It was for You go online and buy gift certificates to different restaurants with it. What??? I start looking on line at the restaurants being offered and one says that I can buy a $30 gift card for their restaurant but there will be an 18% grat added automatically even if just 2 people use the gift card, and a limited menu applies. I look at another, and the 18% grat is there too and the gift card is only for $15! Most all the restaurants are for anywhere from $10 to $30, and they all have conditions that make it unattractive to go to their place. I am on a budget and can't afford 18%. WTF? We always tip, at least the 15% sugested, (My phone has a tip calculator.) but being forced to tip whenI don't know what kind of service I am going to get is ridiculous! Especially if it will just be HHH and I! 18% on parties of 6 or more is OK, not for 2 people!
I just thought that would be a funny story. I was pissed off at the time and still haven't cashed in on it. It's sitting right here next to the computer. Useless. I have been looking at the other prizes that are being offered by the TV station and all of them look like junk! $20 to the Festival outlet mall, free tickets to the Polo Club, $50 match gift certificate to El Dorado furniture? What the hell? That last one basically says you have to spend $50 of your own money to get to use the prize! How is that a "gift"? I have been telling everyone I know not to bother to call, it isn't worth it.
OK, I'm tired again, so I need to lay down. Catch up with ya'll tomorrow.


pinktomato said...

you need to be writing a column for Fox 29 girl! a$$wipe$!

Upset Waitress said...

HEY! Have you found a place yet? I have some good friends that have a house in palm Beach county for rent. It's a 4 bedroom, fire place, gorgeous place. I think they want 14 or 16 a month for it. Interested? i can give you their phone number if so.

Russ said...

Of course if you were caller 20,24, and 29, maybe other already knew that the prizes weren't worth the phone call?

Anyhow, good to have you back and you sound feisty as ever!