Monday, January 21, 2008

Freakin' and Geekin'.

I don't want to admit this, but I am in the realm of possibly becoming homeless. Yes in this day and age, a 35 year old woman can become homeless along with her family of 3 kids, Husband and dog and cat! Wondering how? Me too. If you had been reading me for a while, you know my HHH was accused of sexual harassment by a resident in our building. This was after HHH had to inform the office, (he works here you see), that the woman was keeping a pet that she did not declare to the office at time of move in, and her estranged husband had moved in with her and was not on the lease as well. This is something that is part of his job as a maintenance supervisor of the community. Well, this lady got pissed and made up some bullshit about him harassing her and saying nasty things to her. Utter nonsense. The only contact we had was to invite her to dinner when she first moved here as a welcome to the neighborhood kind of thing. Well, the company HHH worked for decided that just inviting someone to dinner was considered "fraternization" and that is an automatic dismissal. Yep. Being nice to our neighbors got my husband fired. They didn't even WANT to investigate the harassment charges and I think that it was just a decision based on how much money would it cost the company to stand by it's employee. Don't expect to be rewarded for doing your job at CONCORD MANAGEMENT! They will not support you. That is all HHH did....was do his job. I guess if you want to get around the rules at your apartment complex, just accuse the management and the employees of sexual harassment and you can do what ever you want.
So that brings me to why in 10 days, I will not have a roof over my kids heads. Part of the job here was to live on site. Yes housing was provided here at a discount. Now that HHH is no longer with the company, we have to be out by Jan. 31st. Yes, who cares if they are uprooting an entire family from a good school district, friends the kids have made, and a good neighborhood. HHH has been on many, MANY interviews and has some good prospects, but it may not be in time for us to have anywhere to live. The office won't even share the tax ID number for HHH and I to go and file our taxes early and try to get a money now loan so we can have at least somewhere to go! I don't know what to do. When I called my mom just to tell her what happened, she started in on "We don't have any money so don't ask" thing and I just hung up on her. I didn't even want money from them... I just wanted support. A shoulder to cry on. So now I'm not even talking to them. My friends and family basically have the image of me being this crapped up wreck, and they may be right.
Well, let's just make me feel more pathetic.... a neighbor just stopped by and said she was sorry to see us go. Great. I didn't tell her we were going to be homeless. She was saying she couldn't believe that we were having to leave and HHH was fired for the bullshit that has gone on. I just told her the same thing. That it is cheaper for the company to fire HHH than to stand behind him and prove his innocence. That's what the whole world boils down to now a days. The bottom line. When you do anything at your job, remember, if it is going to cost the company money, you should probably not do it. It could be detrimental to your fiscal being.
So here I am. A 35 year old woman. Married, 3 kids, 2 pets, ....... and HOMELESS!
Say a prayer, and be glad you have a home.

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