Thursday, January 31, 2008

Field Trip.

This one is a quickie. We are finishing up moving and have to be out by tonight. I went with Junior on his field trip. We went to JBHS to see "Alice In Wonderland". They neglected to tell me it was the jazzed up, broadway version. The kids did a good job, but the sound problems kept the story from coming through. (One kid's mic worked great, the next, not so much.) Junior kept asking, "Are they done yet?" I kept asking him the same question. One of thew girls was done up like a $2 Memphis Lady of the Evening! She turned out to be the Caterpiller. I don't remember the caterpiller ever evoking an image of a $2 hooker when I read the book!?! Oh well, they tried. My camera was convieniently out of battery power so I didn't get any pic's of the kids. Alex, Junior's little girl friend, was VERY upset when she heard he was moving today. She started to cry and carry on. I finally had to get a card out of my purse and jot down our cell phone number to get her to stop! The hard part was checking them out of school. We were in the office and the ladies up there were very sad. My kids were constantly in there for medicine and such and we got to know the office staff very well. I have never worked with a more helpful, wonderful group of people than the office staff at J.D. Parker Elementery. If you are looking for a great school to go to, that's one of the best! I will especially miss the nursing assistent, Sylvia Hopkins. She took such wonderful care of my kids. She was always encouraging and caring. The poor woman was crying by the time we left. I feel the sameway. We shouldn't have to be leaving. I am so angry right now I could go upstairs and hit that woman. Because of her nonsense, and the cowardice of the CONCORD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY, we have to take the children out of a great school, and move to who knows where! I have been trying to teach my kids that the world will give you a fair shake, but they know the truth now. The world isn't fair, the world isn't right. The moral to the messed up Alice play today was be yourself, and things will be ok.

Unfortunately, we know that's just not true.


upset waitress said...

Have you just considered staying until you get a formal eviction? You know, squat until you are escorted out.

Blondefabulous said...

That would have been Feb. 1st anyway? Oh well.