Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Desolation, Depression, and Such.

I'm not feeling well. In fact, I feel like I want to die. The woman upstairs just got her wish. The company sacked HHH and get this, not for her saying he sexually harassed her, but because we asked her to dinner. Yep, it seems where most employers call fraternization the dating of co-workers or in this case residents, this company calls any and all contact fraternization. So technically, we aren't allowed to speak, interact, or be with any of the residents. That means the birthday parties my kids went to were wrong, talking to any of the mom's at the bus stop is wrong, my kids playing with the other kids and coming over to our house was wrong, everything was wrong! They didn't have a set in stone definition of fraternization so they are saying it's all covered under the main point. So now we have 30 days to get out, 1 week to find a job before everything starts getting turned off, and I am just done. I am tired and just DONE! Happy new year to you Blonde, you suck. Don't have any dreams or plans cause it's not worth it. Those are for the better people to whom you do not belong. Have a nice life living in your van with your 3 kids, dog, cat and Hubby. I never should have unpacked anyway. It just leads to heart ache when I have to put everything back in the boxes every time this happens.(yeah, it's happened alot. The firings, not the sexual harassment.) If it wasn't companies my HHH worked for being bought and everyone being fired, it's been lay offs and down sizing. I need a miracle or I am just going to jump in front of a train and end the pain now. Hell, I need to go do that right now. 'Scuse me while I catch the 4:15 from Palm Beach..........

I may not be on here for a while. Don't worry. I don't think anyone will miss me.


Upset Waitress said...

This is depressing. Palm beach is full of snooty people anyway. Don't worry about the job thing though, there are plenty right now. Kids are in school? Could be waiting on tables making some good bucks these next 8 months :)

Blondefabulous said...

I wish I could get a lawyer to take our case. There is no set definition in his employee handbook that says we couldn't associate after work hours with our neighbors(like for dinner)termination.IfIould get someone ballsy enough to steamroll them by saying it was to broad of a point I bet we'd win.

Count said...

From the sound of it, HHH works for a property management company. I do alot of work with property management companies. It shouldn't take him more than a couple weeks to find a new job/place to live.

It would be great to run around and sue the shit out of people like your neighbor, and the company, just for sport, but realistically it's a waste of time and energy.

Pedicures from your hubby, family bowling on New Years, and those three beautiful children you have smiling from ear to ear in that photo, ought to be plenty to keep you going.