Thursday, January 31, 2008

Field Trip.

This one is a quickie. We are finishing up moving and have to be out by tonight. I went with Junior on his field trip. We went to JBHS to see "Alice In Wonderland". They neglected to tell me it was the jazzed up, broadway version. The kids did a good job, but the sound problems kept the story from coming through. (One kid's mic worked great, the next, not so much.) Junior kept asking, "Are they done yet?" I kept asking him the same question. One of thew girls was done up like a $2 Memphis Lady of the Evening! She turned out to be the Caterpiller. I don't remember the caterpiller ever evoking an image of a $2 hooker when I read the book!?! Oh well, they tried. My camera was convieniently out of battery power so I didn't get any pic's of the kids. Alex, Junior's little girl friend, was VERY upset when she heard he was moving today. She started to cry and carry on. I finally had to get a card out of my purse and jot down our cell phone number to get her to stop! The hard part was checking them out of school. We were in the office and the ladies up there were very sad. My kids were constantly in there for medicine and such and we got to know the office staff very well. I have never worked with a more helpful, wonderful group of people than the office staff at J.D. Parker Elementery. If you are looking for a great school to go to, that's one of the best! I will especially miss the nursing assistent, Sylvia Hopkins. She took such wonderful care of my kids. She was always encouraging and caring. The poor woman was crying by the time we left. I feel the sameway. We shouldn't have to be leaving. I am so angry right now I could go upstairs and hit that woman. Because of her nonsense, and the cowardice of the CONCORD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY, we have to take the children out of a great school, and move to who knows where! I have been trying to teach my kids that the world will give you a fair shake, but they know the truth now. The world isn't fair, the world isn't right. The moral to the messed up Alice play today was be yourself, and things will be ok.

Unfortunately, we know that's just not true.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday Tagging!

I was tagged yesterday by Russ at Dadswhomocktheworld for a meme. So, in the midst of my packing and moving, here's a go at it......

1. Name 1 thing you do everyday:

Aside from the usual get up and get the kids up and all that, I like to watch Scooby Doo with my son. It is a little bit of my childhood connected with his childhood.

2. Name 2 things you wish you could learn:

Well, a) I wish I could control my temper a bit more. When I stress, I tend to begin yelling, and b) conversational Spanish. Mine is just too rusty from living in Memphis for 4 years.

3. Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood:

a) Strawberry Shortcake, the doll. I had 'em when I was a little girl, and now my daughter has 'em too. b) My Little Pony. Same deal. c) Corn dogs at the fair.

4. Name 4 things you love to eat, but rarely do:

a) Rosemary Olive Oil Bread. (Celiac's) b) Sauteed Liver and Onions. (HHH dislikes) c) Artichokes (same as b.) d) Cheesecake. (same as b. & c.)

5. Name 5 people/things that make you feel good:

a.HHH & my kids. b) My fuzzy kid, Toby. c. Godiva covered strawberries. d. Cooking a great meal. e. The smell of a new Dooney & Bourke handbag!

And that's it in a nutshell. Tomorrow I will have a better subject. I am going on another class field trip! Yes the kindergartners are going to see another play and I, as mommy to the diabetic boy, get to go too! We are going to Jensen beach High to see Alice in Wonderland. (I will refrain from explaining the drug references and keep to the Disney-fied version!) Maybe I can write the trip up and get it in the news paper again!!!! We'll see. Stay tuned!

Oh, and I tag Pinktomato and Eternidad.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What I Have Been Living With.

This is some of the nastiest stuff I have ever seen. I have been living with this with my family and I think that is what has been making us sick. AFTER we had moved in to this apartment, we found out that this particular apartment had been flooded in the bad hurricanes that came through here. The apartment company, CONCORD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, never replaced the cabinetry and just laid vinyl over the old, wet, moldy vinyl still in place. At the time, we didn't have anywhere else to go, so with promises from the management that these things would be replaced at the first of the year, we kept on putting up with it. There were also things that needed to be fixed, replaced, yadda, yadda, yadda. We got a new stove and refrigerator only because the old ones were on their last legs. The carpet was new, but the under pad was moldy as well. The management said they were not going to replace the carpet. Whoopie! You can see all the photo's on my flickr account.
Now that we are moving out, I am seeing just how crappy this apartment was. I pity the next person who moves in here. The management is going through some cash flow problems and they don't have the green to fix this place up to habitable conditions. Even though I am pissed off at the place, I am going to clean it up to the best of my abilities. I will scrub and wipe down all the surfaces and make sure the floors and such are clean. HHH is still friends with the other maintenance guy, and I don't want him to have to deal with a shitty move out. He has enough of those already! I feel bad for him though, having to still work here. Apparently, the management told him not to report leasing violations anymore. They even hinted that he may get fired as well if he pursues someone who is in flagrant violation of the community rules. Well, isn't that just peachy! And the poor sap is going to move in here at the beginning of February! I sure wouldn't.
I just thought everyone should know what kind of crap they can expect if they try to move in at ST. LUCIE PLACE APARTMENTS in Stuart! It and CONCORD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT are a bunch of crap, and you should not move in there EVER!

4 Days and Counting.

4 days. That's what we have left. 4 days to get everything packed up, moved, and cleaned out.

Today is the primary for the presidential vote today. I am not bothering to go seeing as how the democrats have pulled out all the candidates from the ballot. Hard to go vote for someone when there's a big blank space on the voting machine! I think it's dumb that the dem's got mad when Fla moved up it's primary date, but oh well. I'll get out there and vote for the big one in November. As it is, most Americans believe that the presidential election is just a choice between two evils. Just look at Dubya. It was between him and Kerry last time. I think I closed my eyes and clicked a choice! I don't think that things will change significantly when we get a new person in office. They all preach change, but we never see it. {sigh}

I got a little more sleep last night. I fell asleep at midnight. Not that early per se, but better than the night before. I had the windows open since it was so nice and cool outside. It stayed cool and comfy. I have the woooonderful problem of night sweats. I think I am perimenopausal. Yep. at 35 I am about to go through the change. Whoopee. Another fun thing that goes along with aging. That may also explain why I don't sleep well, you know, aside for the homelessness, bills, sick kids, etc... I read that perimenopause can last for up to 10 years before menopause sets in. Great. I can look forward to 8 more years of sweating to death at 3 in the morning. Wheeeee.

I gotta pack some more.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Head 'em up & Move 'em out!

I am under an excess of boxes right now. Packing everything up has been a pain in the ass. We just got unpacked last September! have I mentioned that I HATE the bitch upstairs and the company my HHH formerly worked for?? No? I must be remiss in my telling. Just scroll through my archives and you'll get the jist of things. Anyway, I have to start moving things to the storage unit. Since being unjustly let go, HHH has put out 36 resumes'. Not a damn one has called with good news. The job market is shitty right now. This recession talk that's being bandied about is scary. Hell, we were filing our taxes and we only had $15,500 in income! WTF!?! How the hell did we eat last year. My illness keeps me from working and all, but dayum! We are below even the poverty line! That has been scary. I am beginning to wonder if we should've stayed in Memphis, even though I hated it there. At least there were jobs to be had there.
If it seems like I am jumping around, I only had 3 1/2 hours sleep. Don't know why either. I took some Tylenol PM's to try and stifle the back ache I had and even they didn't help. Now my stomach is all torn up and I feel crappy. I was watching some program on TLC about this guy in Indonesia who looked like he was turning into a tree. Yep He looked like he was growing roots out of his hands and feet! Yuck! Well, this guy, a big shot doctor of dermatology, from U of Maryland comes all the way to Indonesia to diagnose him and finds out the roots are just warts, and makes the guy a whole medical program to get him all healed up,.....and the tree man doesn't take him up on his offer! He decides to stay like he is and work in his side show making money for just standing there and letting people gawk at him. Must have been a better deal than having to go out in the fields and work a farm with back breaking labor. Jeeze. I also watched Demolition Man. Kinda seemed right seeing as how Stallone had his new Rambo movie come out this past weekend. Man, what a bomb! I heard that that 300 spoof movie beat it out for the number one spot for movie money! Ha ha ha. I have been speculating about what movie he'll redo next. We already had Rocky and Rambo..... how about Oscar II? Or Rhinestone II? Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!(<- maniacal laugh!)
OK, I may take some more meds and try to go to bed. My mind is just going in too many directions at once and my head is feeling like it is going to implode!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

WTF Is Up With Craig's List?!?

Once more, I was watching the ol' CNN and I saw another story about someone trying to use the site for criminal purposes. WTF is it with this thing??? This latest story is about a woman trying to procure the services of a hit man to take out her lover's wife. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she was gonna take out the competition! And this isn't the first time that Craig's List has been used for something like this. When I was living in Memphis, there was a story on all the news stations about an add on where to find hookers! Yes. someone had scoped out all the "Ladies of the Evening" in Memphis and put down descriptions and usual locations for them and put it on Craig's Lust... er,.... I mean List. The only reason anyone of authority found out about it was because one of the hookers stiffed a guy and he called the cops and squealed! After that, the next thing about Craig's List I saw was in California. There was a woman who came home from work one day to see her house demolished. Gone! Totally down to the bare walls. It seems that someone who disliked her had put an add on Craig's List saying that the home was to be knocked and for people to come and take what ever they wanted out of the house for free before demolition. So people came and took the furniture, fixtures, sinks, carpet, EVERYTHING! The house was trashed! The cops tracked down the person who posted the add, but it was too late for the woman's home. Even her daughter's things were taken. No one gave anything back. Then there was the case of the realtor who put his competitor on Craig's List and advertised her as a prostitute for hire. He had put her work and home and cell numbers on the ad and even when she changed her numbers after the first 100 calls, he went and put her new numbers on the ad as well. He even had her address in the ad and men were showing up at her door looking for sex! She got calls at all hours of the day and night. The cops caught that guy too, but the damage was already done. Her realty business was tanked and she was living in fear of men showing up at her door.
This has just made me think that Craig's List is just a joke. Don't they check these ad's before they let them go up on the site? Does this mean I can advertise for someone to vandalize something for me? Or kill someone? Or blow something up?? When is Craig's List and it's owners going to take some responsibility for any of this crap?!? I don't know, but believe me, I am not taking ANYTHING on Craig's List seriously.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Run Like You Stole It!!!

Well, Rebecca went to her track meet today. I, unfortunately, was sick as a dog again and stayed home. She is getting to the age where she doesn't want Mom around as much though anyway. She has friends and such and is just starting to approach that independent part of her childhood. Next year she'll be in middle school. Yeesh! Where does the time go?!? I was just starting her in kindergarten it feels like! Now, all my babies are in school and I am home alone ill all the time. Whaaaaaaa!

Back to the track meet. Rebecca said they did good and came in second. She said a LOT of schools were there! Not just a county wide thing, there must have been several counties there. She said the school got a trophy for the boys track and for good sportsmanship. Photo's will be taken on Monday to be in the school trophy case. Now, Rebecca says she wants to run every day. Not a bad choice of athletic endeavor. I see now that she is fast when she wants to be. She also has decent to excellent grades. That is hopefully going to transfer into a scholarship of some sort later down the road. (Go Gators!) Now a days, it seems you have to start earlier and earlier with the building of the transcripts for college. You have to be well rounded, both academically and socially. You have to volunteer, study, and have good relationships in the community. All I had to have was a decent ACT score and the money! Not today boy! If you even have any inkling of a blotch on your record.....Junior College hell for you! And Junior College isn't all that safe! Just the other day, I was reading an article about a parking lot fight at IRCC down in Ft. Pierce.

It seems this 20 year old woman was searching for a spot on campus and after she had gone by a car, see that the driver is trying to back out and leave. OK. She then tries to back up so she can get the space EVEN THOUGH,... there is a line of cars waiting behind her who want to get through. We've all seen this person or someone like her. The parking idiot. They think the world owes them everything and free parking to boot! Well the cars behind her can't back up, the guy trying to leave can't get out, and the woman won't move. Finally the guy gets out and the next car slips in to the parking space. The first woman is so pissed off she starts spouting obscenities and racial slurs to the girl that parked. A Campus rent-a-cop finally gets to the scene and tells the first woman to move along or he has to call the cops. THEN... the oh so intelligent woman decides to walk up to the lady who got the space and start a fight! Arrests ensued and a search of the arrested woman's car yielded drugs and drug related crap! This is who goes to the Junior College.

OK, before is start getting hate comments, I know all junior college students are not like this woman and her drug induced parking pandemonium. I was just making a broad funny statement. I mean, look at UF. My alma mater. We had the "Don't Tase Me Bro" incident. It just goes to show that the universities try to pick the best, but picking the best is all relative.

Either way.... my kid is a winner!

(PS- the Blogger wise men have been switching my fonts for me in the middle of my blogs for no good reason. Enjoy the anarchy!!)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Track Star.

My eldest got picked to go to a track meet tomorrow. Apparently, this is a big deal for the kids at this school. I was under the impression that track teams and organized sport teams didn't start till middle school, but I guess it's different here. She is an anchor leg on the relay team and they have been practicing every day at school for the meet at South Fork High. At first I was wondering if this was for real. I mean, this is the kid I always have to holler at to keep up with the family when we are out together. The kid that's always last to be ready and out the door. They want HER to be on the relay team?!? She must be faster than I thought! When we went shopping, I got her some energy bars and a lunchable for the meet. (they said that they could bring money for the snack stand, but the stuff they serve there didn't sound very nutritious.) We also have water bottles we are going to fill and refrigerate and she's going to bring them. She wants me to go, but I have more packing to do and can't. I'm sure they'll do great!

My kid ROCKS!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We Have Another Winner!!!

Whoop! Whoop! I have another Citizen of the Month! My younger daughter, Morgan,(lovingly referred to as Mo.), has been chosen as a winner by her teacher. I was asking her what she did to make the teacher pick her, and she said "I don't know Mama?" Maybe that was what got her picked. It is always sad to see the same kids in the office when I go up there to give my kids meds. There are ones who are just trouble from the get go. You can just tell by the look in their eyes. They are the gum chewers, paper ball throwers, and kickers of shins! They are the kid equivalent to Upset Waitress! Then there are the separatists. The ones who are afraid to leave Mom and Dad. They are the pants wetters. There is a whole wardrobe in the nurses office for these kids. They have to have their parents bring changes of clothes to the school and see the district psychologist. Then there are the Ill-ers. The kids who are constantly sick or faking being sick. They have headaches, pains in the neck, bumps, bruises, and a whole plethora of problems that they know the school can't do a thing about. The nurse calls the parent and the kid waits in the nurses office. You can just tell the little buggers are faking, but in today's litigious society, the school can't do a darn thing about it but call and hope the parents are so pissed at having to leave work early that they beat some sense into the little brats. I see all these kids on a daily basis. And if that is just the ones that get sent to the office, I don't even want to know what the ones are like in the class room. The chatty ones, the day dreamers, the unprepared scatter brained ones,...... there are too many to name! I guess that's why my kid got picked for Citizen of the Month. She is a quiet, hard working little soul! Now a days, that's what the poor, underpaid, over worked teachers of America really want!

Anyway, my kid rocks.

Happy Trails, Cowboy.

I was so shocked when I clicked on my computer last night and saw the headline about Heath Ledger being dead! I yelled to my HHH about it and he was in disbelief as well. I love his movies. He always played his characters with such conviction. My favorite movie of his is his first American movie, "10 Things I Hate About You." It was funny. I already love Shakespeare, and the teen comedy rework of "Taming of the Shrew" was the funniest thing I had seen since "Moonlighting" did it's own version of the classic play. It would have been so easy for Ledger to turn into some teeny bopper movie star, but he didn't. He actually wanted to pick movies he felt good about, not just make a shit load of money. His best performance, and the one he will be remembered for most, was as the cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain" That had to be a difficult but rewarding role.

I can at least breath a sigh that they are saying it was most likely an accident. The people jumping to conclusions about suicide are just idiots. A person considering suicide does not make appointments for a massage. They don't have things scheduled ahead of time. They aren't close to their family. The jerk wads saying this suicide crap are stupid. I am waiting for the coroner's report. He already was having trouble sleeping, and who knows? He may have had an aneurysm like John Ritter! All I can say is, I will miss the actor. I was looking forward to his next movie, that Batman flick, and to other movies he was going to be doing.

Good Night Heath.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lack of Sleep.

Still feeling ill. Still tired. Still no place to live yet.
Yeah, yeah. I know. Try to have a better attitude. Well I have been. I even did a small vid for my HHH, (NO, not one of "those" vid's!!), he found this thing on Monster from Disney about their next Chief Magic Official. Seems Disney is looking for a person to be the guy who picks and hands out prizes for the year of a million dreams campaign they have going. You have to take a personality test, fill out an application, and make a 60 second video detailing why you'd be good for the job. Here you go, and try not to laugh your ass off!
Give me a sec... it's having trouble uploading

It's really kinda funny. My whole family got into it. I don't really think I have a chance in hell, but as submissions go, at least I didn't talk about how many times I had been at the theme parks, or how I was a Disney Vacation Club member like other people. Jeeze.... that makes it sound like they owe you or something. Not the kind of image I want to present. I went for the family approach. You know,... cookies, cute kids, the works.

Well, have a great day. I am hoping to hear from the company that HHH interviewed with last Friday! Keep your fingers crossed!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Freakin' and Geekin'.

I don't want to admit this, but I am in the realm of possibly becoming homeless. Yes in this day and age, a 35 year old woman can become homeless along with her family of 3 kids, Husband and dog and cat! Wondering how? Me too. If you had been reading me for a while, you know my HHH was accused of sexual harassment by a resident in our building. This was after HHH had to inform the office, (he works here you see), that the woman was keeping a pet that she did not declare to the office at time of move in, and her estranged husband had moved in with her and was not on the lease as well. This is something that is part of his job as a maintenance supervisor of the community. Well, this lady got pissed and made up some bullshit about him harassing her and saying nasty things to her. Utter nonsense. The only contact we had was to invite her to dinner when she first moved here as a welcome to the neighborhood kind of thing. Well, the company HHH worked for decided that just inviting someone to dinner was considered "fraternization" and that is an automatic dismissal. Yep. Being nice to our neighbors got my husband fired. They didn't even WANT to investigate the harassment charges and I think that it was just a decision based on how much money would it cost the company to stand by it's employee. Don't expect to be rewarded for doing your job at CONCORD MANAGEMENT! They will not support you. That is all HHH did....was do his job. I guess if you want to get around the rules at your apartment complex, just accuse the management and the employees of sexual harassment and you can do what ever you want.
So that brings me to why in 10 days, I will not have a roof over my kids heads. Part of the job here was to live on site. Yes housing was provided here at a discount. Now that HHH is no longer with the company, we have to be out by Jan. 31st. Yes, who cares if they are uprooting an entire family from a good school district, friends the kids have made, and a good neighborhood. HHH has been on many, MANY interviews and has some good prospects, but it may not be in time for us to have anywhere to live. The office won't even share the tax ID number for HHH and I to go and file our taxes early and try to get a money now loan so we can have at least somewhere to go! I don't know what to do. When I called my mom just to tell her what happened, she started in on "We don't have any money so don't ask" thing and I just hung up on her. I didn't even want money from them... I just wanted support. A shoulder to cry on. So now I'm not even talking to them. My friends and family basically have the image of me being this crapped up wreck, and they may be right.
Well, let's just make me feel more pathetic.... a neighbor just stopped by and said she was sorry to see us go. Great. I didn't tell her we were going to be homeless. She was saying she couldn't believe that we were having to leave and HHH was fired for the bullshit that has gone on. I just told her the same thing. That it is cheaper for the company to fire HHH than to stand behind him and prove his innocence. That's what the whole world boils down to now a days. The bottom line. When you do anything at your job, remember, if it is going to cost the company money, you should probably not do it. It could be detrimental to your fiscal being.
So here I am. A 35 year old woman. Married, 3 kids, 2 pets, ....... and HOMELESS!
Say a prayer, and be glad you have a home.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Restaurant Sued For Making Wedding Party Sick!

I saw this on CNN and read it with interest.

It seems this couple is suing the restaurant they had their rehearsal dinner at because 20 people in their wedding party became desperately ill. After much searching by the health department, it was determined that the evil Noro Virus was to blame for the illnesses. This did not placate the couple, who are now suing for basically a "do-over" of their reception and rehearsal dinner. I am not quite sure how they can get their memories back, after all it was their wedding day. I would have just settled for a complete return of my money, medical bills paid, and punitive damages. Now I see a story about a place closer to home for me. The Singer Island Hilton had it's restaurant shut down last weekend, along with most of the hotel in general, because it too was having a crisis. A puking crisis!

There were 83 people there that thought they had been poisoned. They had special events ruined, vacations cancelled, and all kinds of crap going on. They immediately threw out all the food, closed the kitchen, and scrubbed down the place. I was impressed at first, .... then I had a thought. What if they did that , not for the public's safety, but to protect their own liability??

It is a dirty little secret, (NOT), that the restaurant industry treats the people that work in it like crap. Don't believe me?? Just click on Upset Waitress or Raging Server over there on the right and you can read about the daily harassment and crap they get every day from bitchy customers and management! When I worked in food service, both front of house and back, It was a constant battle to keep a balance and keep your job. The restaurant in Iowa that had the sick wedding party blamed the incident on a sick worker who made the salads. They said it was his fault that the people got sick because he came to work. I don't know what everyone else's experience has been, but mine was if you called in on a catering day, you were fired. Period. The End! No hello, good-bye, go to hell or nothing. God forbid you try to reason with these people and tell them about your sickness. No! They heard it all before. Basically, if you didn't show up ready to work, you're gone! I just bet that is what happened at the Singer Island Hilton too! Here in South Florida, we have quite a few Latino people, and for some jerk wad idiots, they fell it is their job to treat these hard working Latin Americans like shit. Never mind they are working twice as hard as the rest of the lazy crapheads. Nooooooooooooo that doesn't matter. So they are already afraid to say anything to supervisors if they feel ill and could possibly transmit anything to the customers. Now, I am wondering if the hasty disposal of the food from the kitchen was to cover up just the same thing from being found out that was surmised at the Iowa restaurant. Was the Hilton trying to cover up a sick employee? Does the food industry in general really care about it's workers?

All the evidence I have ever experienced has shown that the restaurant industry as a whole does not really care about their workers. It's the bottom line that gets the most attention. That is why customers with stupid complaints that you just KNOW are totally bogus get away with getting their meals comped. That is why turn over is always going to be high in any restaurant despite all the rah rah, dumbass programs aimed at keeping employees happy and at work. When it comes right down to it, food service sucks. It takes the life right out of you and after several years, you end up being pigeon holed into it and no one else will give you a chance to do anything different. For example....

When I was in college, I managed a few places. Nothing big, just a few burger joints around Gainesville. I thought I had a pretty good stable of experience to draw from, so when I approached by a head hunter for a job fair, I went with confidence. I was basically laughed at! I had one guy just look at my resume' and say with a straight face, "I have wait staff that make more money a year than you do." Oh boy did I leave there and fast. then there was the dark day that my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. She was in the NICU, tubes and needles were everywhere, and my regional manager and owner are on the phone bitching ME out that I was going to miss a week of work! Who cares that my daughter almost DIED! Just get your ass back to work and slave away for me!

These restaurants that are suddenly popping up with the Noro Virus are not new, it's just the disease that is being passed on is more able to sicken people and be noticed. How many times has the common cold been passed on by someone who was told point blank, "Be to work, or find another job!" How many times have other employees gotten sick and had to pass it around to each other because they couldn't afford to miss a day? I am telling all of you here and now, the restaurants you eat at are probably just like these places you read about in the news, they just haven't had the Noro Virus show up........YET!

It's March In January!

Dude! The wind is kickin' down here! I feel like it's hurricane season, except it isn't. The above photo is of the lake out back of our place. It looks like there are almost whitecaps on the damn thing! I was going to go to the store and get some groceries, but with the box-like van I drive, there's no way I'd get any where without getting blown all over the road. People tend to look on that as a little careless. So.... my eldest and I walked over to the small island grocery store across the street form the apartments. I would shop there most of the time if it wasn't so damn expensive! They charge $5 + for a gallon of milk! I usually trek to the Wall to Wall Mart and do all my shopping. Not today though! HHH has a tooth ache anyway. He doesn't need to be subjected to my foul weather driving as well. I gotta give him a break sometime!

On to football. I am rooting for the Giants and the Chargers. I gotta give the Patriots their due, but I just like to see different teams every year in the Superbowl. (Plus, I am still pissed the Pat's put the Jag's out of the play offs!) The TV is having sound problems though. I think it is because of the high winds outside. I guess that is part of the fun of island living. We're having sloppy joe's and fries tonight to go with our football games. Good ole' stadium food. I looked at the weather, and I saw it was going to be 3 degrees in Green Bay tonight. Hope Eli brought gloves. That ball is going to feel like a block of ice when he throws it. OUCH! Chargers/Patriots start out the day. Gotta run...... I'm gonna go watch the game.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Blows. (Chunks)

Oh man! I got up this morning around 8:30 am and I was so nauseous I thought I was gonna barf! I forgot to take a prevacid before I went to bed last night, and man did I pay for it! I was so queasy, I had to go back to bed and sleep it off. I've heard of that working for hangovers, but I didn't even get to drink! I am already cut off from beer and whisky because of the Celiac's, so I basically have vodka and rum left. The beer thing was hard to give up. I looooove to drink Bud Light and Killian's Red. Now I know why I was so miserable all the time after parties in college. I thought I was just a light weight when it came to beer, cause I could always put away the screwdrivers..... but no, I was just harboring a disease I didn't know a thing about! Life is funny that way.
The weather was supposed to be rainy and dreary today, but it turned out windy and semi-clear. I wish I had felt better, we could have gone to the flea market and gotten some fresh veggies. Maybe a good salad would make me feel better. As it is, I gotta do some cleaning up around here so we can get to packing. HHH said the interview went well yesterday, and he told the guy that if they didn't pick him for the job there, that he could be considered for other open jobs in the company. One is all the way in Destin though. That's getting to the far north of Florida for me. Plus, I didn't know they had rebuilt enough from getting plowed by those hurricanes! We'll see. HHH has a bunch of interviews scheduled so who knows.
I am gonna start cleaning up now. Yechk! Someone has to do it. (HHH)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Yeesh.... Is It Morning Already?!

Ohhhhhhhh! I am tired. I am sleepwalking through the morning routine right now. I am awake enough to see that the San Francisco Zoo has evidence that someone was inside the retaining fence in that tiger attack last month. Also, one of the guys that got away told the Dad of the kid that was killed that all three of them were yelling and waving at the tiger. Jeeze...... one of the guys was at a blood alcohol level of .16 .16!?! Why the hell do you get drunk and go to a zoo? I can think of loads of places better to go to than a zoo!
HHH is off to his interview today. I am excited. There are 3 more scheduled for next week! He should have something soon. We can start looking for a place after we find where he is going to work. Normally these places ask for their supervisors to live on property. I wouldn't mind this place HHH is going to today. HHH said it was a brand new place. And just so everyone knows...... DO NOT LIVE AT ST. LUCIE PLACE APARTMENTS and DO NOT WORK FOR CONCORD MANAGEMENT! This is the company HHH got fired from and the apartments we are/were living in. There is big time mold here, and other problems that they are not willing to fix unless a resident complains. All of the cabinets in the apartment we are living in have flood damage and mold, but since HHH was working for them, they weren't going to fix it. The vinyl is curling up in all the bathrooms and kitchen, and the carpet is molded underneath. Gee....I wonder if that is why I keep having nose bleeds? Anyway, don't live here and don't work for this company. They do not stand by their employees and you will be chucked out the door if it even looks like you'll cost them money! Jerks!
I am feeling sick again. For some reason, I am really ill in the mornings, but get better as the day wears on. No I am not prego, but I think it may be the acid in my stomach building up over night and making me miserable in the morning. I may need to take a Prevacid before I go to be, and if you read the post from last night, that was a late bed time. I am so mad that I did not get to bed last night until almost 12:30 am!!! Yuck! That is one of the reasons I am so tired today. I am going to go back to bed today. I was to sick to be able to relax yesterday morning. That must have been why I took a little nap yesterday afternoon. I didn't mean to, but I was watching "What's New Scooby Doo" vol. 3 disc 1 with my son and I just nodded off. And I love Scooby Doo too! We are watching disc 2 today after he gets home. I miss having him home with me. He was my little cutie patootie! But now he has to go to school and be a big man. His "girlfriend" Alex has been ignoring him to play with her little girl friends. He's been asking me if he can take her some flowers. All together now.... Awwwwwwwwwww!
I gotta run. I feel like puking and maybe if I do, I can relax and go to sleep. Hey, it's worth a shot right?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Am I Awake?

I am wide awake right now and it is 11:35 pm! I have to get up at 6:00am and get the kids ready for school. I think it was my impromptu nap I too at 4:00pm that did it. Even Tylenol PM isn't helping! Crap! I want to be sleeping right now! I can't even blame it on staying up playing COD4 like Jasper and Russ over at Dads Who Mock. Jeeze! I'm off to watch Family Guy and get bored to sleep.

Random Thoughts.

I don't have a lot to write about today. Just random crap I have seen and heard. Like the fact that Brittney has been seen shopping at an LA drug store for a pregnancy test. Like that train wreck needs another kid! I was trying to see if the guy she was with was the same paparazzi she had gone off with earlier in the month, but couldn't tell. That guy is married and I bet his wife just LOOOOVVVEESSS having her husband linked to the queen of crazy! I'd have to get me a baseball bat! Also, courtesy of Upset Waitress, Brit has apparently made some move to go Muslim. I would like to tell all the Muslims now..... DON'T DO IT! Have you people seen what she has done with our culture? Turn her away now. She won't stick with it, she'll just turn it into a circus. There were even reports that Brit's little sis Jamie Lynn may have had some kind of pregnancy related problem. CNN's ticker was spouting that The Mom of the Year, Lynn, has been denying rumors that the youngest Spears slut has had a miscarriage or some other problem. That WHOLE family is just unbelievable! Like someone said, "You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl". Nuff said.
Like I said, I don't have much. I'll think of more later.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yeah, Yeah. I'm Here, Sort Of...

I don't know what it is, but my stomach is not giving me any slack this month. Scratch that. I know exactly what it is.... the Celiac's. Add the stress, heart ache and all the other crap I have been dealing with in the new year to it and I can barely move in the mornings. I do good at first, you know, get up at 6 am and get the kids up and ready for school, but after I get them out the door.... BOOM! I start getting this nauseous feeling, I get VERY cold, and I can barely move. My stomach meds aren't doing anything to fix it either. (Please don't suggest going to the doctor. HHH lost his job and his insurance, remember?)

On the plus side of things, HHH has gotten several calls for interviews for jobs. One is all the way over in Clearwater. He had e-mailed his resume over and not an hour later they called him to set up an interview. I am hoping something goes through soon because we usually live where HHH works, ( and you can bet I won't be asking ANYONE over to dinner.), and that is when we can look for a place. Upset Waitress, thanks for the offer of that place in WPB. I appreciate it. It sounded nice. Also, thanks to everyone for their support. I needed it. It was just that I was amazed that my HHH was getting fired for doing his job and for us being nice to someone! Utter bull shit! The fact that CONCORD MANAGEMENT felt it wasn't worth it to defend their employee from the slander this bitch was pulling made me sick. That's OK. Everyone gets their come uppence in the end. (now to go with the illegal cat, the bitch has an illegal dog!) Not my problem anymore. I did find it funny the other day that she wouldn't leave the house while I was outside. Nope. made her kids and estranged hubby stay inside till I was done feeding the ducks with my daughter! I almost laughed my ass off. The skinny bitch BETTER watch out!

The other night I tried to cash in on that gift certificate I won from the TV station. I went to the site and picked out $50 worth of crap...... wait I think I told you about this..... how the $50 counts only as $25 real dollars? No....? Maybe it was when I emailed the site and asked how I redeem the bitch. So I go on the site and it has this list of the name of the restaurant, how much the gift cards are for, and how much they cost. So, for example, John's Diner has a gift card that is worth $40, and it costs you $20 to buy it. OK, with that in mind, I pick out $50 worth of cards. I get to the checkout and see I have a balance of $26 dollars. How is that possible? I don't see anywhere on the gift certificate where it says the amount is applied to the after price( the $40, instead of the $20.). I was sooooo confused. I shot off an email to the company about how the hell was I supposed to use this damn thing! That was Sunday night and still no answer from them. Dumbasses!

Wow, didn't think I had a lot to say today, but I guess I did. Just know this true believers, there is no justice in the world, look out for number one and you may make it out alive. You can damn well bet I will from now on! If you aren't family, (and some of them are on the out list right now...) don't be lookin' for me to do any favors. I gots ta take care o'whats mine!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Notes on a Sicko.

This is an open blog to all the perverts, sickos, and pedophiles out there. You guys should burn in hell! When ever you even think of a child in any sort of sick, perverted way, your privates should spontaneously combust and explode! I hope you get cancer and wither away. Death is too good for you!

OK, on that note. The other day I was checking my kids e-mail addresses and profiles on the computer. I have them so they can keep in contact with friends up in Memphis and my Ex, their father. I was looking at my oldest's email and I saw there were some notifications from Flickr about people wanting to be a contact to her. I click on them and check them out and it was sick! A 50year old man was asking to be my daughters contact! It even says in his profile that he "Likes to be naked with young girls." ! That is a direct quote. No lie! The other two were the same. Sick, perverted crap. I instantly blocked them from her, and reported them to Flickr. Then I started looking in my own profile on flickr. I have a pro account and recently they added a feature that can track stats on the photo's. As I was looking at the stats, I noticed a site called What the hell is that? I clicked it and it basically took me to a site that lets anyone look at whatever without having a flickr account! The way the wording was, it sounded like a funnel for pedophiles. Gross, sick, and disgusting! I have since put up higher filters on all the photos we all have, but I also sent an email off to flickr itself to tell them a site is using its logo and name to do something shady. The first two responses I got back were basically computer generated crap about "thanks for contacting us", and "Click this and that". No help at all. I sent one more email saying I couldn't report or block a site, I can only do that with an individual. Finally, I got a real sounding response but it was no help either. The email said that they can't block a site either and if I don't want people looking at my photo's, don't put them up on flickr. I guess flickr doesn't care if someone uses their credentials and look to do something nasty and flickr doesn't care if they are going to be associated with such nastiness. It shouldn't be a surprise though. Flickr is owned by Yahoo and Yahoo went through that thing where they were letting people make up their own chat rooms, then acted surprised when people made rooms like, "13 and under for sex"and "Older men for Young Girls". That is just a sick, disgusting, nasty thing!!! There has to be something fundamentally wrong with someone who thinks like that!! I just have one thing to say..... I check my kids sites and I check them often. If I find anyone on there who is inappropriate of trying to contact my child for crap like this, I am taking your info to the police and I hope they put you under the jail. I will make sure the other inmates know what you did because they don't take to pedophiles inside and you will end up someone else's bitch. See how you like being violated Mofo!!!!!

Ahhhhh.... now that I got that off my chest, I feel better. How about you?? Good. It's actually chilly here this morning. My son had me put his clothes in the dryer to warm them! HHH ate all the oatmeal so the kids had to have cereal instead. Dang it. It is supposed to warm up on Thursday and then get chilly again for the weekend. Whee. That means I don't have to use the A/C. Either or, I'm going back to bed.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I love Football!

I don't know if you all follow the football scores, but I was watching the games this weekend. I think the two yesterday were the best. The scores were tight, the plays were big, and the wins and losses were incredible! That Dallas/Giants game was awesome! The fact that it was decided in the last seconds of the game made it soooo suspenseful. Now of course all the Dallas fans are going to blame the loss on..... Jessica Simpson! Yes, Miss Simpson and Tony Romo went on a little "vacay" last weekend and ever since that last game she was at where Dallas lost, the fans have blamed her for the teams and Tony's poor performances. What!?! OK so this weekends play off loss had nothing to do with dropped passes, interceptions, and bad plays? Well, I should've written Miss Simpson and asked her to date Brady so that my team, (Jaguars), could have won this weekend. Jack Del Rio looked pissed. The Pat's look unstoppable! Eli may have squeaked by Dallas, but he will probably go down if he gets to the Patriots. Here's hoping! Go Giants!

The Golden Globes were a snooze, just as I predicted. My two I was rooting for got blanked. I was rooting for John Travolta for best supporting actor/Comedy musical, and all the nom's from Pushing Daisies for TV. I'm sorry, I know Hairspray is being dismissed as fluff even though the topic it addresses is serious, but John Travolta playing Traci's mom was just funny as hell! The duet he does with Christopher Walken had me in stitches and I almost peed myself. Funny, Funny, FUNNY! I was glad to see Johnny Depp get a nod for his Sweeny Todd performance. You have to have monster chops to sing that one. The awards are being called the fastest... award... show... EVAR! Man, you can't win for losing with these things. First, they are saying it runs too long, now, it was too short. WTF?? If I was an awards show producer, I'd find another job! Oh wait, that's what they all have to do now anyway since the strike is still on. Silly me.

I think I am going back to bed. I'm tired, the kids are off to school, and I don't have too much to do today.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The G.G.'s aren't the only casualty....

I was watching CNN this morning and I caught the story on the Golden Globes. It was saying that they are going to be different to the tune of no glitzy awards show, no red carpet. Just some people going up to a podium and saying who won. BORING! Now, I am not the kind who has awards parties and gathers a bunch of friends together to watch, but I did like to see who made good on their hopes and what kind of craziness made the live broadcasts. (remember Halle's kiss with that guy who won for actor at the Oscars?)

Now I see that it is not just a simple matter of two kids on the playground arguing. LA is hemorrhaging money over this pissing contest between the writers and the studios! It isn't just us missing our fave shows, it's the peons in the studios who are really losing out. The caterers, prop houses, independent business owners who supply the studios with product, the hotels and tourism companies. Everyone else seems to be really hurting, to tune of at least 80 million so far. Why? Because the studios and the writers can't meet in the middle on profits from Internet sales and viewings. What?!? You gotta be kidding me. Nope, I am not. The studio's do not want to give the writers a bigger cut of the profits it receives from selling the shows they run on the Internet! Jeeze.... what a gyp. I can deal with missing my shows if, say, there is something terrible on the line. Say, the show employed a sweat shop to make all it's sets and costumes and the writers strike was about that... OK I can do that, but the fact that the studio's don't want to update an easily negotiable contract and let the people who supply the writing for the shows we watch in on the profits from their work is just dumb.

80 million. That's a lot of green. How many people are looking at eviction? How many, already tight with rising fuel prices, can't pay their electric? How many are deciding between food or a roof over their heads? It's ridiculous. They should have my problems. I look at all these people and just say to myself, "They spent my months rent on a dinner out!" Stupid!

I am still feeling under the weather. My newest fun fun is spontanious nose bleeds. Yep, at any moment I begin spilling blood out of my face! Wheeeeeee! I can't wait to see what happens next.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Getting Better

All righty then. Here I am, getting better, but still nauseous and crappy feeling. My Celiac's is killing me, and add aunt flo to that and I am almost flat on my back. HHH went for a job interview yesterday at a nice community and he said it went well. I am crossing my fingers. We need to file our taxes so we can get out of here. Oh, and to add insult to injury, the bitch upstairs rewsponsible for getting HHH fired now has a illegal puppy to go along with her illegal cat and estranged husband who all live with her, but are not on the lease! I am convinced there is no justice in this world. There just isn't.
Junior has another birthday party to go to today. I don't know if he should go since we couldn't afford a gift. Things are beyond tight right now. My ex isn't paying child support and HHH hasn't secured a new job yet. I haven't gotten any call backs from the jobs I put in for either. It's depressing. HHH's jobs require more in-depth interviewing, but I am just looking for dime a dozen, anyone can do it jobs. Once again, no one likes family people to work for them.
On another note, before Christmas, I won a TV promotion from channel 29 here. I was watching the Simpsons on Fox and a telephone number flashed on the screen to call for a gift certificate from TV station. I called and there must not have been many people watching because I was caller 20, 24 and 29. (You had to be caller 29 to win.) The gentleman on the phone said he usually asks people who win to come and pick up the gift certificate, but since we lived 3 towns away from the TV station, he would mail the thing to me. Ok. I was excited. Days go by and nothing shows up. I finally get to wondering what the heck happened to it and go on the web site to try and find a phone number to call someone about it. I can't find squat. I get to some phone numbers, but they are to Fox News, New York! I look and look and finally the only one I find is to the local news tip line. I call it and leave a message to the effect of, "If this is how you treat your contest winners, I may ask your competing stations to investigate it." (I had been looking for a # to call for almost an hour and I was frustrated.) Well, the lady calls me back and starts to berate ME for being upset about not getting my prize, that she should make me come to WPB and get it myself, and how I just didn't navigate the web site or I would have found some email I could have sent something off too. Bitch! I just said send me the gift certificate. She says she will and asks me if I want her phone # in case it doesn't show up again. I say no, if it doesn't show up forget it, it isn't that important, and hang up. What a bitch! Blaming me for their problems! I really thought no one had mailed it at all anyway. Well, after 3 days, the package arrived. It was for You go online and buy gift certificates to different restaurants with it. What??? I start looking on line at the restaurants being offered and one says that I can buy a $30 gift card for their restaurant but there will be an 18% grat added automatically even if just 2 people use the gift card, and a limited menu applies. I look at another, and the 18% grat is there too and the gift card is only for $15! Most all the restaurants are for anywhere from $10 to $30, and they all have conditions that make it unattractive to go to their place. I am on a budget and can't afford 18%. WTF? We always tip, at least the 15% sugested, (My phone has a tip calculator.) but being forced to tip whenI don't know what kind of service I am going to get is ridiculous! Especially if it will just be HHH and I! 18% on parties of 6 or more is OK, not for 2 people!
I just thought that would be a funny story. I was pissed off at the time and still haven't cashed in on it. It's sitting right here next to the computer. Useless. I have been looking at the other prizes that are being offered by the TV station and all of them look like junk! $20 to the Festival outlet mall, free tickets to the Polo Club, $50 match gift certificate to El Dorado furniture? What the hell? That last one basically says you have to spend $50 of your own money to get to use the prize! How is that a "gift"? I have been telling everyone I know not to bother to call, it isn't worth it.
OK, I'm tired again, so I need to lay down. Catch up with ya'll tomorrow.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sill sick.

Ok, this is getting really worrisome. I am so completely nauseous in the mornings, but NO I am not preggers. I am actually on the flo as we speak. I am hoping that the sick is just a side effect of Aunt Flo and not something else. As for me, it's another day of surviving on crackers and Gatorade. Wheeeeeeeee............

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A short one.

My stomach is torn up and Auntie Flo has come for an extended visit, so I have no funny anecdotes for today's blog. I was nauseous and weak all day yesterday and today looks to be much the same. I'll try to be more alive tomorrow and do the usual song and dance. If I felt like it, I would have wrote about the tigers in the Memphis Zoo trying to eat a dog that got into their pens. You know, the zoo I wrote about as a comparison to the San Francisco Zoo? Apparently the tigers can't get out, but things can get in. Hmmmmmmmmmm.......

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm Gonna Die, I'm Gonna Throw Up, Then Gonna DIE!

Holy Crap! Yesterday was a fun fest full of freakin' folly! (Say that five times fast!) We had Morgan's gastrointestinal doctor appointment yesterday and due to it being soooooooooo far away we took advantage of the offer to use the community transport instead of spending our own gas to get there. (It was almost $3.50 a gallon in Plantation!) We go around front of the building to see if the transport is there, and see a man who has to be in his 70's smoking next to this little van. The community coach symbol is on the side of the van, so we walk up and introduce ourselves. He seems jovial enough, but does not introduce himself or give us his name, leading Morgan and I to name him "Willard" for the rest of the trip. We get in and off we go.

About 3 minutes into the trip, Willard turns around and asks, "Do you know how to get to your doctors office?" Now, this man has TWO GPS navigation systems attached to the dashboard, why the hell is he asking me how to get there? I tell him yes I do as long as we go from I-95 since it is the simplest route. Willard promptly tells me that he does not use I-95 and will not be traveling it. "Then why the hell did you ask me?", I thought. We then learn that We are sharing our ride with another person and we have to go to Indiantown to pick up the mother and child.

We arrive at the address in Indiantown, (after much bickering between the two GPS systems), and there is a small woman waiting in front of a small house. Willard gets out and discovers she speaks NO English! This distresses him to no end because he cannot ask her where her appointment is. I get out of the van to pull up my seat so she and her son can get in the back, and she sits in my seat and begins to get comfy. No. No,no,no,no. Now I have to reveal that I speak some Spanish, and Willard jumps on the opportunity. He starts asking me to ask her a zillion questions, and my Spanish is rusty to say the least. I get out "do you know where your doctor's office is", and "that's my seat" and come to discover that this woman doesn't even know where she is going, just that she is seeing a specialist for her son. How can you not know where you are going?? Luckily the driver, Willard, has a paper with the doctor's name and address on it and he programs the GPS's to get there. After a stop at the local BK Lounge to use the restrooms, we are off. Then the fun starts...

Most immigrants do not think much of our obsession with car seats. It just isn't something they do since most people from south America do not own vehicles in their native countries. Not saying it to be mean, but if you live in the sticks with no roads, a horse is better than a station wagon. Now here in the good ole' U.S. of A., we like our kids to be safe and secure so we insist on car seats, and Willard was of this safety ilk. The woman puts her son in the car seat and he spends the next hour and a half screaming and crying and throwing things at my daughter and I. You could tell he hadn't ridden in a car seat very often, and he just did not want to do it. We found that doctors office fast! Then when we got there, I was trying to tell the woman that her doctor was on the 5th floor and what his name was, but she wasn't getting it. (My Spanish isn't THAT bad!) Then, Willard asked me to tell her that we would be back at 3:00pm for her. She walked off and started to ask a cleaning lady stuff in Spanish. Guess my Spanish IS that bad.

We get back in the car and go off to Morgan's appointment. The GPS makes Willard get on I-95, and Morgan and I share a chuckle. Then the darn thing begins to give directions opposite of what we need. I get Willard's attention and point out the hospital we need to go to is in the opposite direction. Lucky I did know where to go! We get over towards the hospital and stop for a bite to eat. There was a Boston Market there and I breathed a sigh of relief to be out of the van for a moment. Also that I could get my daughter some lunch that did not contain gluten. We eat, I update HHH on the situation and what we are enduring by phone, and we go back to the van. Willard drives us over to the hospital and says he'll be back at around 2:15.

The appointment went well. Morgan has increased in height and weight! I was relieved. We are still learning about all the things that contain gluten and additives that have gluten in it, so we may not have eliminated everything, but we have cut out alot! We get an appointment for 6 months from now and are off on our merry way. I call Willards cell and tell him we are waiting out front. After about 10 minutes, he arrives and we get back in for the ride home.

After about 20 minutes, we get back to the first office where we dropped off the woman and her son. They are waiting outside the front door and Willard remarks that he hopes she got to where she was going. He is paid to drop people off, not escort them to the appointment! (he didn't like latino people apparently) She and her son get in and she straps the boy into the dreaded car seat again. Here we go. The kid starts screaming at the top of his lungs and throwing things again! Jeeze! Then, blessedly, after about 10 minutes, he nods off to sleep. The rest of the ride home was quiet. We drop them off then finally get home to our house. We left at 9am and got home at 5pm. I was tired and sore and just wanted to go to bed. HHH had dinner ready and afterwards I took a hot shower and lay in bed watching TV for the rest of the night! Thank God I don't have to do that again for 6 months!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Off To The Doctor....and Geaux Tigers!

I just gotta say it....GEAUX TIGERS!!! Ha ha ha! Ohio State chokes again! They just can't deal with the SEC. Hands down. It reminded me of the UF game last year where OSU did well in the first 5 minutes and that was it. LSU was just unstoppable, and that blocked punt! Whoo hoo....I was laughing my ass off!

Morgan and I are trekking to her gastro doctor today. We are getting a ride from the local transportation company to it so we have to leave 4 hours early. It sounds bad, but the doctor is 3 hours away so it is just an hour extra built in, and if they are going by way of I-95 then having some pad time built in is a good thing. I'd be driving if the damn gas prices weren't so high! Whoo, they went up 10 cents over the weekend! WTF!?! Since we get offered transport, I took them up on it. Why waste my gas on a 30 minute appointment? So we are headed to Hollywood today and will be back sometime in the evening. I'll blog more then.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pampered Pooch.

This is my fuzzy kid, Toby. He's been on here before. I've had him on in his sweaters, t-shirts and such. Our newest addition to the wardrobe is his new rain coat. We were at the flea market with HHH's brother and his family and I was looking at the doggie apparel. Lately, the rain has been relentless, even though the weather whores at TWC keep saying, "little or no chance of rain". Crapheads! We got rained on all weekend! Not that the coast needs it, it's the lake inland that's hurting. So Toby has a rain coat to go out in and get his business done. Of course he just wore it the entire day we bought it to be a show off. We also bought him a Greenie treat while we were there. This dog has the most disgusting breath I have ever smelled! Rank! NASTY! I have brushed his teeth, (don't see how the breath smells better if the toothpaste is liver flavored and scented.), tried doggie mints, parsley, everything! The woman in the booth with the greenies said it would help. Well, my dog, being the dumb redhead he is, chewed the thing, got it all gummy and got it stuck in his hair and liked to drove himself nuts flopping in circles trying to get to it! It didn't even help! His breath is as stinky as ever. Oh well, he still looks cute in his coat. I also have a leather bomber jacket for when it gets cold. I haven't had to use it down here, but he was constantly in it in Memphis. I'd like to get him some little boots so he doesn't track through the mud and then come in and plop down on the furniture. Somehow, I don't see him wearing them though......

Sunday, January 6, 2008


So here we are on Sunday, and I am trying to not be depressed about the crap that has been going on. As per several friends, relatives, and fellow bloggers, I have been out trying to find a job. No luck. I thought I had a few possibilities Thursday, but I never got a call back. Now I have to gear up for my daughters doctor's appt in Hollywood on Tuesday, and all the rest of them that are following. That was the main reason I didn't work anymore. Between the two chronically ill ones, we go to several appts a month. When my daughter was first diagnosed, the job I had actually had my immediate supervisor take me aside and say to me, "It's either your kid, or your job." This was while she was still in the PICU! Really! They did that! I told them to shove their job so far up their ass that a team of Harvard educated proctologists couldn't find it! I have now realized that most jobs feel the same way about kids and working parents. If you have too many obligations at home, they find some way to sack you and get someone who has no obligations to take your place.

The day with the cousins went well yesterday. (change of subject) We went to the flea market, got some lunch, went shell searching, watched a movie, and had pizza for dinner. Their kids were excited to go out to the beach, and they got to see their first live jelly fish. There were tons of blue Man o' Wars washing up on the beaches. t first I spotted them and tried to show them to HHH, but he was telling me that they were blow up toys. I corrected him by pointing down the beach and showing him the many more washing up by the minute. I think one got me on the foot though. Either that or something in the sand irritated it. We found a lot of good shells. The best time to go is after the storms, and it had been crappy all day yesterday. We found oyster shells, scallop shells, conch shells, etc... HHH and his brother kept making fun of the trash they found on the beach, using a fake Cousteau accent and describing a plastic bottle as "fabulous, underwater sea creature". Dorks! Mike's wife Erin was helping her little girls find shells and ignoring the both of them. It was a good day all around.

Well, I'm gonna go. I have to get the place cleaned up and start making plans on how to pack up everything. So much to do......

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cousins, Family.


I know I said I wouldn't be back in a while, but we have relatives coming out today and I may be posting pictures of my nieces and nephew soon. If we can't find anywhere to go before our taxes show up, we are going to go and live with them till it shows up. HHH has put out resumes at a bunch of places, and I have put out my name at a couple of servers jobs and such. One was this British Tea House. I had called it thinking it was an American owning it, but I actually got a British guy answering the phone. They were looking for part time serving help. I said I could do that and cook too if they wanted! (I'd have to brush up on my English baking methods.)
So, there could be photos coming soon. We'll see.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Desolation, Depression, and Such.

I'm not feeling well. In fact, I feel like I want to die. The woman upstairs just got her wish. The company sacked HHH and get this, not for her saying he sexually harassed her, but because we asked her to dinner. Yep, it seems where most employers call fraternization the dating of co-workers or in this case residents, this company calls any and all contact fraternization. So technically, we aren't allowed to speak, interact, or be with any of the residents. That means the birthday parties my kids went to were wrong, talking to any of the mom's at the bus stop is wrong, my kids playing with the other kids and coming over to our house was wrong, everything was wrong! They didn't have a set in stone definition of fraternization so they are saying it's all covered under the main point. So now we have 30 days to get out, 1 week to find a job before everything starts getting turned off, and I am just done. I am tired and just DONE! Happy new year to you Blonde, you suck. Don't have any dreams or plans cause it's not worth it. Those are for the better people to whom you do not belong. Have a nice life living in your van with your 3 kids, dog, cat and Hubby. I never should have unpacked anyway. It just leads to heart ache when I have to put everything back in the boxes every time this happens.(yeah, it's happened alot. The firings, not the sexual harassment.) If it wasn't companies my HHH worked for being bought and everyone being fired, it's been lay offs and down sizing. I need a miracle or I am just going to jump in front of a train and end the pain now. Hell, I need to go do that right now. 'Scuse me while I catch the 4:15 from Palm Beach..........

I may not be on here for a while. Don't worry. I don't think anyone will miss me.

Resolutions.... Reservations....

Here we are, the second day of 2008 and many other bloggers are writing about their resolutions. I guess I could do that as well, but my resolutions are usually in depth studies of something I really need. Like the first one...

1. I am going to exercise regularly.

Yeah, yeah, everyone makes this one. I, however, have things that can affect my being able to exercise. My Celiac's symptoms can get VERY aggravated by excessive exercise. Weight training is a big no-no. It makes sticking to a form of exercise difficult, but I am going to start walking to my kids school in the morning to bring them their meds. It's only about 3/4 to 1 mile away, and If I leave about an hour early and take my time, I should be able to keep up with it. Before HHH and I were married in Vegas, I used to have him drop me off a mile from work before my shift and I'd make that in half an hour. I dropped 30 pounds in 6 months doing that. I just need the exercise though. My heart has been palpitating while doing the simplest of things and I need to ease the stress on it.

2. Eat better.

Yes, everyone says this one too. I REALLY need to do this one! I need to have more fruits and veggies, and less butter and fats in my cooking, ( said as I am still digesting yesterday's meal of black eyed peas, collard greens, and corn bread!) My whole family could use to do this also. Since I am the cook for us all, I am going to drag them with me kicking and screaming. HHH loves my fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I am going to have to make it less often. He won't be happy.

3. Spend more quality time with HHH.

We almost never get to have time to ourselves. With three kids, it is difficult at the best of times, but add on one who is diabetic and another who is diabetic and has Celiac's disease, and babysitters become impossible to get. The diabetes kept me from putting my kids into daycare because it was impossible to find one that wanted to deal with the blood and injections. Now we have to practically beg someone we know, take care of all medical things before we leave,(we'd do that anyway.), and can only be out for about an hour or two. On a Friday, you could wait that long on line at a restaurant for a table! We are going to have to do some major planning ahead and just give up spontaneity so we can spend more alone time together. It will be worth it.

So, those are the major resolutions I am going to attempt for the year. Nothing too terribly difficult, but things that will make a big impact on my life and how I live it. What have you people got for the 2008 resolution season?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeessssss 2008!

2008 is here, and my last day of 2007 wasn't so bad. We had a family day together and it didn't turn into crap.

For starters, the frickin' bank and SDU decided to get their act together and get my money on my debit card. Two posts ago I was lamenting about how the card was supposed to make it easier to access my money and better and more cost effective for the state of Florida as well. So I finally got my money and grocery shopping was definitely on the list of things to do for the day. Still, I wanted us to go do something fun together, so HHH called around and found that the Stuart Lanes was having a New Years Eve special. Well, we loaded everyone up and headed over to the bowling alley. First stop before we got there was at Blockbuster though. I wasn't about to go out on New Years Eve and get hit by a drunk driver or get caught up in a DUI check point as the ball dropped. We rented 5 movies and got back in the van and drove over to the alley. I was a little unhappy that the bowling alley was cash only,(the ATM wasn't in my network and it charged me $2), but after we all got our shoes and balls, we got to bowling. My 5 year old son was spot on and didn't have to use the bumpers hardly at all. My 8 & 11 year old daughters were pretty good too. I was a complete disaster! I am not a bowler, I really suck at it! If I go bowling, it's for the beer, but they didn't even have that there!! Augh! We played for 2 hours and had a great time!

After bowling, we stopped in the drive thru and grabbed a bite to eat and drove over to Target to check out the after Christmas sales. WHOO HOO! There were bargains galore! I got two sets of multi pearl lights for $2.75 each! I got cards for $3 a box, and these were nice cards! I got a thermal mug set for $3 bucks, some jammies for my son for $3 bucks, and candy,.... oh the candy! Bags of it for under a buck!! I love a great sale. I have all kinds of wrapping paper and bows already, or I would have been jumping in that aisle too. Now, I did get some regular shopping done, too. I got crap for the house, crap for the cat and dog, crap for me... and my HHH said to me, " Don't forget to get some nail polish remover and a new color to paint on.". OK, so I pick out a nice pink that didn't look too slutty and we go to check out. After finishing at Target, we head out to the Wall to Wall Mart and finish up food shopping and drive on back to the house.

After we get everything put away, HHH say sit down on the couch. OK. I am perplexed, but do it. Then he goes and gets my foot bubbler and proceeds to give me a pedicure! Yes, my big strong man was scrubbing, exfoliating and painting up my toenails on my feet!!! (No, I did not feel sexually harassed.) It was soooooooooooo good! I was in heaven. To all of you that have significant others who don't do this for you...... Nyah Nyah! I got a nice HHH! Hee Hee!

We had dinner, watch movies, and waited for the ball to drop. Some of the football games were good to watch, like Auburn and Clemson. I was rooting for Clemson, but they lost in overtime.(Damn it!) We watched this guy from Australia make a huge motorcycle jump over an entire football field! That was cool. Finally, it was time to watch the ball drop and we called in the kids and counted down. At midnight, we all hugged, HHH and I shared a glass of champagne, and I personally hoped for a better year. Then it was time to send the kiddies to bed and I took my sinus meds, and we watched TV until I drifted off to sleep. The neighbors were busy setting off illegal fireworks, and I was hoping that the embers wouldn't set our roof on fire.

So, to you and yours, hope you had a safe, great night!

Happy New Year!