Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'm Tired. Really tired. Tired to the point that I slept through my alarm this morning and had to be nudged awake by HHH to get up and get the kids going. (You think he would have just gotten them ready himself since he was already up, but I digress...) I didn't even hear the alarm going off. I was dreaming about something cool that I now cannot for the life of me remember. I hate that. So I stumble out of bed and start jostling kids awake. As they stumble from their rooms, I remember what else I have to do this morning. Walk with them to the bus stop. Sheesh! I do not want to do this. My son, however, has made it a necessary trip for me. Yesterday started something like this......

I get up with no problems and start getting the kids ready for school. My son starts to be a little jerk about the snack I have packed him. ( a peanut butter sandwich.) I tell him that the nutritional value of a peanut butter sandwich is better than chips and candy, but he fights me on this. Finally I get them out the door and on their way to the bus stop. Fast forward to 11:05 am when I arrive at the school to give them their shots. The nurse, Sylvia, says there is something wrong with Junior's meter. His BLOOD SUGAR METER! I look at it and sure enough.... the screen has been shattered. It no longer will work. CRAP! It wasn't that way when I sent him out the door, but now it is that way. I have to figure out what happened between my door and the school door and there is only one place it could have happened. Bus stop. I ask Junior first and try to give him a chance to explain what went on. He gives me the old.."I don't know Mama." routine. OK. Fine. I ask the girls when they get home what happened. They said another boy was fighting with my son at the stop and Junior was trying to hit this boy with his back pack. The same back pack that holds the meter. I see a picture forming. So.... armed with this yet unfinished picture in my head, I roll my troops out the door this morning and head to the bus stop. Junior is not happy about this. He wants me to stay home, so I take that to mean only one thing, He figures he won't be able to run around and cause trouble if I am there. Uh-huh. We get to the stop and I am looking for one particular person. There is a mom who is also a teacher. She drops her daughter off at the stop and stays to make sure her daughter doesn't screw up. After the bus leaves with it's cargo of loud munchkins, I stop this mom and ask he what went on yesterday, and just as I though, my son has been starting crap with the older boys at the bus stop, hitting them or jumping into their play fighting. In the melee that ensued from this yesterday, my son was swinging his back pack like a major league baseball player on the juice!! I knew it! So now HHH and I have to buy him a new meter. We won't be able to get it until tomorrow though. The other consequences of this incident is I am going to have to walk to the bus stop now every morning. Blah!! Not what I really want to do. I could be writing my blog during that time!!!

Oh, and I ran over my cell phone yesterday, too! The holster I keep it in slid off my pocket and fell under the van while I was flustered about my son's meter being broken. I was driving away from the school and I felt this little bump. When I looked in my rear view, I saw the phone in the parking lot and uttered an expletive! I hit reverse and backed up to it, (NO, not back over it!) to see if it was trashed. Lucky for me it was in the crappy ass holster, because that kept it from being totally screwed. It has a line of screen that is on the fritz but other than that it works fine. I need a new one anyway. HHH accused me of doing it on purpose like those refrigerator commercials where the women murder their fridges to get the new LG kind. Ha ha ha ha ha! I'd rather have the fridge!

I am going back to bed.

Nap time!!

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Upset Waitress said...

Hah! Sounds like you had a fabulous day!