Thursday, December 27, 2007

When Animals Attack.

Ok, enough Christmas crap. I saw this yesterday on CNN and couldn't believe what I was hearing! There was a tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas day that resulted in a 17 year old being killed!!! WTF! How do you call someone on Christmas and say "I'm sorry, but our tiger has eaten your son." Now, I am a big supporter of Zoological Societies, and research. When we lived in Memphis, we had a family membership to the Memphis Zoo for most of the time we were living there. We would go to the Zoo almost every weekend and teach the kids about endangered animals, environmental issues, and how through research, we could learn about these animals and in turn, ourselves as human beings. We attended many special events at the Memphis Zoo that went on after the Zoo had closed like Zoo Lights during CHRISTMAS! Yes we have been to the Zoo at Christmas too! The tiger enclosure there held 4 adult tigers and at one point, they took those guys out and put in 3 tiger cubs that they were raising. The moat there was wide, the side walls were tall. I had every confidence that the enclosure at Memphis was safe and never thought it could be breached. Hell, that's what I think about every zoo I have visited. The officials are saying that the San Francisco tiger must have leaped it's moat or walls. Even now, the news is reporting that possibly someone had scaled the fence surrounding the tiger enclosure and dangled their leg at the tiger, making it crazy and try to escape. Who the hell does that?!? Who gets up in the morning and says to themselves..."I'm gonna piss off a tiger today!" Morons! Now the family of this boy has to live with his death being on Christmas for the rest of their lives. The holiday will never be the same for them. No longer a time of joy and family, it will forever be a reminder of tragedy. I can tell you one thing.... I would be owning me a zoo! I bet there are lawyers chomping at the bit to get their case! Can you imagine? How much do you think they'll be asking for? I do know it will deal a crushing blow to that zoo. If it is like most zoos, it depends on a shoe string of a budget to get by, always having fund raisers and special events to raise money. This is a terrible tragedy that will have every other zoo in America examining their set ups and security for a long, long time.


Upset Waitress said...

The zoo is only trying to preserve a species using research and acting as a medium for awareness. Clearly they don't know enough about the animal because their enclosure breeched safety protocol. Suing the zoo isn't going to bring a child back. It's only going to bring negative attention to an endangered animal.

Blondefabulous said...

I know, I know. And now the SFPD is looking into whether the three boys were teasing the tiger by dangling their legs over the enclosure. Read the update I wrote next. As the facts come out, I think it will turn out to be more the kids fault than the tiger.