Thursday, December 13, 2007

What The.....

Ok, I am starting to get paranoid. Here is yet another two blog day. I went outside with the cat this morning to water my tomatoes. As I was following the fuzzy around the side of the house, I see something bundled and crammed up next to our home, half way in between the living room window and my DAUGHTER'S window! I make my way over to it and carefully pick it up and see it's a MAN'S basketball jersey! OMG! WTF! And several other abbreviations I can't think of right now!!!! I am not a happy woman. I promptly picked up said clothing between my thumb and forefinger and take it over to the picnic table that's several hundred yards away from our house. Then I wait for HHH to get home and tell him what I have found. He is not happy either. First the bike, now this. I have all these terrible images going through my head of peepers, molesters, etc...... I may keep the kids inside today, tomorrow and possibly the rest of their ever loving lives! I know it's probably not true, but I am beginning to feel targeted. I swear, if anything ever happens to my kids, they better chain me down because if I get a hold of who ever did it.... THEY WILL DIE!

Ok. Now that that is off my chest....... I am still worried. Like I said yesterday with the stolen bike, I went through and checked all the window locks and am now a bit more vigilant keeping an eye on what's going on around here. I am definitely going to impart this to the girls down at the bus stop today as well. We have to stick together! Man, someone is so trying to drag my Christmas down Crap Lane!

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