Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Time to send out the Christmas Cards!

Well, I am going to begin compiling my Christmas card list. Of course we will have the obligatory relative cards, but we also need to get friends and acquaintance's addresses as well. In the process of doing this, I discovered something very scary. Google has a sort of reverse phone book you can access by typing in the home phone number of the person you are looking for. It will give you their physical address. WHAT!! This can't be safe! Imagine the stalkers having a field day with this little tool of terrorism! When 2 of my kids were diagnosed with diabetes, my HHH and I went completely wireless and now I am doubly glad we did! How, in this day and age, does a major corporation justify this kind of invasion of privacy??? Alright, enough indignation, back to the cards.

Last year, after Christmas, we purchased several boxes of cards at a deep discount. I am the queen of the after Christmas sale. Several decorations we have up this year are from last year's sales. I also picked up a bunch of wrapping paper. Man I love a good sale! :) Anywho, I have to get several addresses from people in Memphis, Okeechobee, and elsewhere. I am going to CALL these people and get their addresses. I just can't Google them, it seems so impersonal. I love it when people call me for my address and I spend the next week or two anticipating the lovely card that will arrive! I bought some that have a penguin on it in a little red scarf and I bought some that have a photo of a cute spotted puppy who's dog house is decorated with Christmas lights. C'mon everyone..... Awwwwwwwww! Yes I like the animal cards and I love penguins! So now I am starting my list. If you'd like to be on it, slide me an e-mail at and I'd love to send you a bit of good cheer this season! Gotta run. I have a lunch date today with a girlfriend!

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