Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tiger Update!

The S.F.P.D. is now investigating whether the victim or one of the other two boys who were attacked, if they had crossed over the enclosure separation and dangled an appendage over the tiger pit. WTF! Once more I say, who the hell wakes up in the morning and says, "I'm gonna piss off a tiger today for Christmas."! I am feeling so sorry for everyone involved in this horrible fiasco, but if it turns out that these kids did this crap on purpose, I will feel so disillusioned. Teasing an animal into attacking is just horrid. Jerks!


Upset Waitress said...

I fricken can't believe I'm watching on the news right now that they are blaming the children. I would love to meet the tiger expert that came up with the blueprints for this wild animal enclosure.

Honestly, do you care if the kids were teasing the tiger? "Here kitty Kitty". They're just kids. I'm sure they didn't have a dead chickens wrapped around their necks. The tiger shouldn't have been able to escape -period. All kids do stupid crap.

I feel bad for the zoo because I'm sure they rely on companies that specialize in wild animal enclosures. Maybe after the zoo gets their butt sued, they can go back and sue the asshole who made the blue-prints for this defective tiger house.

Umm, you sure are up late! :)

Blondefabulous said...

I just thinl that people who invite trouble will get trouble. Yes the zoo should have better checked up on the layout of their enclosure,( I mentioned that in my other post about aesthetics vs. safety), but I'm not gonna be a doofus and jump the fences and jangle my feet in the tigers cage!! My mom taught me better. Don't write checks your ass can't cash!!