Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday's Connected to Friday!

Whew! I think I'm on the backside of my cold. This morning when I got up, I could speak with out having to numb my vocal chords with hot tea. My morning abruptly started at 5:30am today with my sons stumbling into our room and crawling into be with HHH and I. I left him there and got up to check my e-mail and start getting all the kids junk together for school. After getting all his clothes together, (he's 5 and acts like a sultan, commanding others for his amusement.), I went and got him out of my bed and plopped him on the couch. We checked blood sugar and he was 64! Yikes! I got out the cereal fast and served him up a bowl. After that, the next crisis was my son saying we forgot to RSVP to the birthday party he was invited to on Saturday! WHAT?? I thought that was next weekend? So now we are all searching the desk for the invite. Crap! I can't find it. Why do I try to organize this thing? I just end up losing the stuff I need the most! Well, to make my son feel better, I wrote an RSVP to the child's mother and asked her to call me with the info again. Now Junior is feeling better about the whole thing. HHH has"volunteered" to take Junior to this party, which is a bowling party, seeing as how I took all the kids to the Chuckie Cheese party last month. Yeah, and the fact that he loves bowling has nothing to do with it. Uh-huh. So, after the kids run out the door to the bus, I go through the desk again and finally find the invite. It was somewhere I don't remember putting it. Figures, right? I'm going to call the mom today later and RSVP to her personally. I don't think my son will forget to give his friend the letter I wrote, but there are a lot of variables when counting on two 5 year olds to deliver it. Ha ha.

Update on the stolen Bicycle from yesterday. Yes it is still stolen, no, we haven't found it. I was online looking it up to try and find a picture so I could make out a stolen flyer when I saw a lot of recall notices on the search results. I click on a few of them and see that my bike had been recalled for a serious frame malfunction! What? Now, I don't ride as much as I should. I do not exercise as much as I should. It tends to aggravate my Celiac's. I look at the recall notice and see that the frame fork and pedal housing were found to break and separate resulting in cuts, abrasions, and crashes that could result in injury and broken bones! Oh man! I was telling Veronica, one of the Bus Stop Mom's, about that and she said, "Well, God doesn't like ugly people, so I bet it'll break and hurt who ever stole it!" It's that Karma thing that'll get you every time. We were laughing about it while waiting for the bus and I started to feel better about it. Besides, I live in Florida. We don't have mountains. I need a beach cruiser anyway. I can't let people who mean the worst get me down! Still, the thought of a little cosmic justice makes me giggle a bit.

HHH has his Christmas party tomorrow for work. It isn't a "traditional" party in the sense that spouses are invited and it's a nice dinner or cocktail party or something like that. It is for employees only and it is a luncheon in Orlando at the Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney. Man, talk about paring down to save some money. He has to leave around 9 am with all the other people from the office and they are taking a big van. Now this should be good because guess who has caught my cold??? Yep....HHH! He now sounds like I did last week, all hoarse and stuffy. Oh that should make a great impression on the big boss. I am going to shoot over to Walgreens and get him some medicine before they leave. That should help.

Oh well, time to start the day. Now that I am feeling better I am back to my early morning post schedule.

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