Monday, December 10, 2007

Still Ill and Not Loving It!

Well, I am still sick. Yesterday was particularly bad. My head was under so much pressure I was nauseous the whole time! I stayed in bed most of the day and will probably be there most of today as well. I am trying not to take a whole lot of medicine that will make me feel all loopy. I have tot drive to the school and walk to the bus stop and those activities are only 3 hours apart from each other, so I can't have some pill making me pass out for 7 hours. I am such a light weight!
I sent my son to school with a print out of all the pictures I took so she can see what she missed. She missed a lot! I still say that she missed the field trip on purpose! And that relic they unearthed to take her place! Jeeze! If it wasn't for the fact that my son wouldn't be allowed to go without me, I would soooooo pass on the next one.
Well, this is short. Like I said, I am still sick. Wish me better!

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