Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Season of Taking.

I was severely disappointed this morning. After I had gotten out my first post on here, I showered, drank my tea and prepared to go to the school to give my kids their daily insulin. I had decided since it was a nice day, I was going to ride my bike. You know, try to get a little more exercise to combat my expanding middle. I gather everything I need , lock the door, and start over to the bike racks. No Bike. All the kids bikes are there, mine is gone! Seems someone had gone early Christmas shopping. I was not thrilled. I call HHH and tell him and he promptly makes the rounds of all the bike racks to see if any of the local kids have just "borrowed" the bike. No dice. So now I am without my rather expensive bike and royally pissed off that someone had the nerve to take it. Here I thought it was the season of giving. I am, however, counting my blessings that none of the kids bikes were stolen. I didn't think they would be because they are just Wally World bikes and they aren't worth very much to your typical crack head. Now I am worried that maybe someone is targeting the neighborhood we live in. Who's to say this person or persons didn't just roll through here late one night and go through peoples cars and things? Now I am checking all the windows in the house to make sure they're locked, putting up the windows on the car and making sure the doors are locked, and am really not going shopping until the last minute so we don't get broken into. I thought had left this kind of thing back in Memphis where we were harassed on a daily basis with car break in's, and vandalism. I guess it is everywhere. HHH contacted the courtesy officer that lives here in the neighborhood and asked him what we should do, and he told us that if we didn't have some kind of serial number, our engraved identification on the bike, we would probably never see it again, but he would keep an eye out for it. It's a purple and black Magna mountain bike with a water bottle in black. Yeah... I'll never see that again. It's either 3 counties away, or in a pawn shop by now. I guess I'll have to get better locks. Either that or keep the bikes in the house. I don't know. I am just angry.

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