Friday, December 14, 2007

Rainy Day Friday!

Whew! We are getting poured on right now! Now, I am not knocking the rain, but it really needs to be more inland. It would do more good. As it is, I had to take the kids to school late because of the afore mentioned storm. It actually was thundering! I don't do bus stops in the rain! My kids are already getting over their colds, I don't want them to have to run from the car to the bus in the rain. We waited till 8:30am and the rain to slow before heading out to good ol' JD Parker. I checked them in and we were all hunky dorry!

Now that the kids are gone, I can tell you HHH is gone also. Today is his "Christmas luncheon" at Planet Hollywood. They left out about 9 am to get to Orlando. So I am completely family less till 2:15 pm. Wheeeeeeeeeee! I may do some secret shopping! Hee Hee! Or I may just go out to a nice lunch and enjoy something other than McSpondles. I am dying for a good cup of roasted tomato soup! I have been trying to get a hold of my friend to have lunch, but so far haven't heard back yet. She and I have different schedules. She's a night owl and I have to be a morning bird because of the kids. I also have to go grocery shopping. I may go to this place my friend has been suggesting and then go shopping. I will have to meet the bus since it is supposed to still be raining this afternoon. It seems like the storm system is just sitting over us and not moving.Lucky for me, it had stopped raining when I went to Walgreens. I did get a place up front to park, much to the fist shaking dismay of the elderly folks who populate most of the neighborhoods around here.

We haven't had anymore crap happening around here as of last night. Of course, it was raining all night. They would have to really like water to cause mischief. (I hope the lake doesn't flood.) I put up a big no trespassing sing in the windows. I doubt it will really stop someone determined to get in, but I have made my stand and I think they can put stronger charges on someone if it has been declared through signage that they are not welcome. No one has claimed that shirt I found next to my house yesterday. It is still on the picnic table getting wet in the rain. If I happen to see who it is I am gonna keep an eye on them.

Well, gotta run. I have to call my Mom and see what we are going to do for the holidays. HHH isn't on call and we can go some where this time! Stay Dry!!!

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