Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Man! Am I Full!

Oh Jeeze............... when will I learn? I over stuffed at dinner last night! Now here it is, 4:21 am and I am awake and feeling none too good. Everything went off without a hitch yesterday. My son was mostly decent, though he got in trouble a few times, the girls were good, everyone was happy with their gifts, and dinner was great. My Mom, who a week and a half earlier said to me she couldn't do any of the cooking, was cooking up a storm when we got to her home yesterday. She was in charge of the veggies any way, and she decided to make 2 pies, cranberry sauce, and rolls. I'll never figure that woman out. My Dad was happy to see us and the kids. Morgan is his favorite. I guess it's because she's so cute and loving. My best friend from school, Laura came over with her Mom and we all sat down to a feast! (There was no roast beast, just ham.) It was great, wine, good food, and friends and family to celebrate with. What more can someone ask for? Mom even got the kids gifts! I was surprised. She had told me she wasn't going to get anyone anything! The kids got toys, HHH and I got a grilling sauce set and a cocoa and mug set respectively, and she even got Toby and fluffy something! She liked everything we got here and Dad. Home made hot chocolate mix, Gourmet baked dog treats for their animals, the kids made ornaments for them, and a rawhide chewy for their dog!

Well, I'm going to try and get back to sleep. Probably not going to happen, but it's worth a shot.4:40am is just too early to be awake on the day after Christmas.

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