Monday, December 17, 2007

Last week to shop before Christmas!

Has anyone even finished shopping yet? Me either! I am going on Thursday, partly because of stores offering better sales as the holiday approaches, but mostly because I had to pay my bills first or there would be no home to celebrate Christmas in. I know I am not the only one who has been moving around the holiday money either. I am watching CNN now and there was a story on holiday shopping and how women with families will buy the bigger percentage of gifts and they omit themselves from the gift list to make the holiday money stretch farther. I am guilty of that. I looooooooooove to buy presents for people. I like to find out what people want, need, and can't live without, and then go and get it for them as a gift. I love the look on people's faces when they open the gift. That is what I love about Christmas. Making other people happy! I am the Christmas Maker around here. Cookies, home made hot chocolate, decorations, and gift wrapping. I do it all.

Speaking of doing it all, I am now going to be making Christmas dinner and we will be trucking it to my Mom's house. On Friday, we had talked and decided we were having dinner at their house on Christmas. Yesterday I get a call and Mom informs me that she is not feeling well, (Christmas is over a week away!), and she doesn't think she will be able to cook for Christmas. OK. Whatever. I was also told they would not be getting anything for the kids for Christmas. Merry F-ing Christmas. OK that was uncalled for. I guess I should just not take anything my Mother says as truth anymore. She will offer all kinds of things. She offered to watch my son when we first moved back to Florida while I working. That lasted 2 days and I ended up quitting a good job because I couldn't get child care that wasn't expensive as hell. (The diabetes makes child care hard to come by.) She offered to let us do our laundry over at their house while we were finding a washer/ dryer pair. That lasted a week. Sunday dinners, swimming in the family pool, visiting with the kids. All offers that were rescinded with in 1 week of being offered. She even lost my dog when I asked her to watch him for 3 days. (We found him.) I am waiting for her to call sometime this week and say to not bother to come with dinner. She may have been trying to get out of dinner altogether, just not saying it to me. We'll see.

So I am going to buy everything and get it all made. If she backs out of Christmas dinner, at least I will have something to make for here, plus leftovers are good!!! I'm thinking ham, sweet potatoes, broccoli, mashed potatoes, green beans, honey glazed carrots, and I am going to attempt a Yule Log. A gluten free Yule Log. That should be fun. Man, was it chilly this morning. I put HHH and Junior's clothes in the dryer to warm up before they got dressed. Everyone got hot chocolate this morning to keep them warm on the way to the bus stop. I need to go get some oatmeal and fix it up for breakfast. This cold isn't supposed to last though. Everyone else has been lamenting the warm winter weather, but I have been loving it! After the last few years of winters in Memphis, and the snow and ice I had to endure, I am much happier with the warm ocean breezes.

On a sadder note, Dan Fogleberg has passed away. Please tell me that some of you are old enough to know who he is and to have heard his music?? I liked his mellow vocals and folksy story telling in his songs. He had prostate cancer since 2004 and it got the better of him over the weekend. Heaven's songs will be a little sweeter this morning with his voice in the choir. I think I am going to look up "Same Old Lang Syne" and listen to it.

"We drank a toast to innocence,

we drank a toast to now,...."


Russ said...

Finished shopping? I haven't even started! I know what I'm looking for, it's just a matter of heading out to the stores and doing it.

Upset Waitress said...

I have no clue how I ended up at your blog AGAIN, but here I am reading it! :) I'm in S.Fla and it's freeeeezing here. As for your mother, she sounds like a real charm.