Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Need A Vacation!

Yeesh! I am just worn out. This year has worn out it's welcome as well. I am ready for a new year and a new out look. What with the foolishness from Friday, constantly running to and from the school with meds, my drama with my parents,......... I am just so over 2007.

I was watching the news this morning, and it just depressed me even more. There was the story of the little girl who, along with her mother, lied about her father being killed in Iraq so she could win a contest for 4 tickets to a Hannah Montana concert. What? My daughters love Hannah Montana, but I wasn't even about to pay the non-scalped price of $45 a ticket, much less lie to several news stations and a whole store! The store has taken back the tickets, but man it was disillusioning to think kids as young as six are willing to lie and cheat to get what they want. Of course, there is also the many sports related stories of doom and downfall. From Barry Bond's tainted home run record, to Michael Vick's dog fighting, to Marion Jones' admitting to using steroids, the sports community, both professional and amature, has taken hits. There were the highs of Tim Tebow winning the Heisman as a sophomore and the Patriots going undefeated in their season, to Floyd Landis being stripped of his Tour de France title and 26 players on the FSU football team being suspended for cheating.(OK, so I am not too broken up about the last one. Wink, wink!)

Family wise, the year hasn't been too stellar for me. I mover back here to this area to be closer to my mom and dad, but they have so many considerations I have to go over before I can visit that I haven't been there since I moved until Christmas dinner! Mom is sick, Dad is tired, Mom is tired from smoking and watching TV all day, Dad is constipated and cranky! It never ends!!! We also traveled to Hollywood Florida so my daughter could be diagnosed for Celiac's disease. That was a joy. Not only is she diabetic and can't have several food groups,(it's not just candy and sugar), but we have to take away bread, and other gluten related products! What the hell?!? Is she supposed to subsist on air??? Now all she gets is meat and veggies. She doesn't like veggies. {sigh} Now we have to deal with this sexual harassment crap from the upstairs neighbor.(see post 2 days earlier)

I guess I am just saying that I am ready for the new year to start. So to make me feel better, here are some photo's of my Yorkie Toby.

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Upset Waitress said...

Gawd Blonde. Looking at that "thing" made me feel your pain.

Anyways, I went through some strange things that had me in a major slump. I found this awesome book that changed me around completely. A very short book. Email me at holliewould at I'll fill you in.