Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Got Picked Up Again!!!

No,..... get your mind out of the gutter! Yesterday I put on a PS saying I had written another article for the paper. I looked last night at the home page for the paper and lo and behold, I made the Featured Story section again! Whoo Hoo for me!!! This time I wrote about the kids going to the Nutcracker, and no! I did not write it like I did on here. Lord! That would never get published! Apparently, my descriptive prose and eye for detail has been appreciated at the paper. Granted it's just the local, but hey.... I'll take what I can get! Now comes the wait to see if it will get into the paper. Since I just wrote the article on Monday, I don't think it will get in today's edition. Papers usually need a weeks notice for community stuff. I am shooting for next weeks edition. Man this is so cool. I have regular readers of my blog AND regular publishing of my articles in the local community section of the newspaper! Much awesomeness for me!!

Now, if I could just get better from this head cold, everything would be awesome. At the moment, I am making my plan to go shopping for Christmas gifts. I may need HHH to take off one day soon and we can go for the kids while they are at school. We used to go to the store and then while there we would separate and I would take the kids with me to another section of the store and he would go and purchase the agreed upon items and stow them in the trunk. Well, now we own a van where everything is out in the open and there is no where to hide anything we buy, so that plan isn't going to work. Time to change tactics anyway because now that the kids are getting older they are more crafty and sneaky! I have put 1 gift each under the tree for now. Any more than that and I would never get them away from the darn thing! Everything else will be put under about 2 or 3 days before Christmas. HHH was saying that we shouldn't put anything under the tree till Christmas morning to encourage good behavior. I said that was too mean. (still had a laugh about it though) I think next week will be sufficient for shopping.

Well, time for a hot shower and a dose of steam for my sinuses. Everyone cross your fingers for my being published next week!!

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