Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am still pissed off, yet for a wohle different reason.

I am still in a foul mood. Yesterday's foolishness has still got me wanting to go to my whore of an upstairs neighbor and slap the shit out of her! Eaaaaaaaaaagh! (Whack) Anyway, now it is Saturday and I am on to a whole new subject for being pissed off.

I am in my second marriage. My first husband was nuts! Jesus, religious freak nuts! Went to church on some guys "compound" in the woods, no longer wanting to have sex nuts! Needless to say, we no longer saw eye to eye and had a VERY messy divorce. (He still lives with his mom and dad now.) Since we had children together, he pays child support. Recently, the state of Florida began this new, wonderful (<----said dripping with sarcasm.) program where they have given out these debit cards. If you so choose, you can have your child support money deposited directly onto said card and not have to deal with paper checks. I thought this would be a good idea. You know, environmentally friendly, why waste a stamp, etc..... BOY WAS I WRONG!

Where to begin....... The literature I received when they were beginning the program said that as long as I used a Wachovia bank ATM, (the cards bank partner), I wouldn't be charged a fee for using said ATM. WRONG! I am still being charged $.95 for using the ATM. Guess it was one of those things that they filed under the "terms and conditions can change at any time" clause. Next,....... the pamphlet said that my funds would be directly deposited on my card. Well, yes they are, but after 3 days from the date the SDU receives them. WHAT?!? I could just get a paper check in two days. It takes longer to receive my funds by this "NEW" direct method! UH-HUH!

Now, for the reason I am pissed off today.My Ex made a payment on Thursday. He was over $600 behind, but only made a $200 payment. That could stretch a long way at the grocery store and due to the foolishness of yesterday and my HHH being suspended until at least Wednesday, we need it. I should have had the money deposited today, Saturday, but it was not. Seems the service doesn't work on Saturday. Most banks work half days on Saturday. I can go down the street and the Wachovia will be open until 12. Why should I save the state a stamp if I can't get to the money I need?? I am seriously considering going back to a paper check. Sorry trees, I need to feed my family! The shit of it all is my Ex is still behind! Over $400 dollars behind! I give up.


Upset Waitress said...

I wish I could feel yer pain :( Fucker needs to tithe less and pay his child support. Maybe HIS church can help you guys out? hrmmm.

theyuwie said...

Try this, it helps.