Friday, December 28, 2007

I am pissed off!

What the hell gives people the right to break the rules, and then when they get caught, try to get someone else in trouble?! Where the fuck do they get off doing that???
I am really pissed off right now and want to strangle someone so bad I can taste it! My HHH is being accused of sexual harassment by a tenant in our building. She is saying he was making inappropriate comments about her and asking her to dinner as a means to "Get some". Well, this woman moved in at the end of October and WE,(as in my HHH and I), were friendly, asked her to come over and have dinner, etc..... Yes WE asked her to dinner. It was sort of a "welcome to the neighborhood" thing since no one ever did something like that for us when we moved in. You know, it's good to know your neighbors for crime prevention and shit like that! She accepted and then after I made a great grilled chicken Alfredo with roasted veggies, she never showed. Everything was fine until last week when my HHH had to turn in a report to the main office that she had acquired a cat with out reporting it to the management so it could be put on the lease. HHH also had to tell the office that the woman's ex-husband was staying over every night, but he wasn't on the lease. It's his JOB to report these things, he works here and it wasn't like he was snooping around another was in OUR building! He couldn't miss it. He would get in trouble if he didn't report it. They are really strict about adhering to the rules here and that's what keeps the riff raff out of here and keeps this a nice place. Now my HHH is suspended til the outcome of an "investigation" that won't start until the district manager comes back next Wednesday! Are they going to reimburse my HHH for the wages he is missing right now? NO! Is the bitch upstairs going to reimburse us for the money we need to pay our bills ?? NO! Fuck her and the cat and the weird ex she is not supposed to have living with her. I hope they get tossed out of this place. I am really hoping the office and management see through this woman. Women and people in general who think they can just accuse people of lies and inappropriate behavior can just kiss my ass! It's you people who make it hard for someone who REALLY has had a problem with a coworker or somebody else to report it and be believed!


Upset Waitress said...

You are fucking kidding me? What the fuck is she saying your HHH did to her? She can sooooo be sued for this shit. How can they just suspend your husband on words? Did she file a police report or anything? If this turns out to be unfounded, which I'm sure it will be, he should be compensated from that cunt or his employers for his lost wages. Shit like this boils my blood. There is a proper way to use your pussy, and screwing with someones family is NOT IT.

Blondefabulous said...

You are telling me! She is saying my HHH ( Hot Hunky Hubby)was saying things about her and trying to get her to come over to our home to "get some". I had a flickr file of the dinner I made the night HHH AND I invited her to dinner with the cat]ption that she never showed up and the date it had occured. (Nov. 10) If she felt harassed on Nov. 10th, why is she waiting until now to call the corporate office and lodge a complaint?? Stupid bitch!

Upset Waitress said...

I don't know but after all this cools off I would go Judge Judy on her ass! Bitches need to know they can't get away with this crap over a cat. Pffft.