Monday, December 24, 2007

Eve of Destruction!

Finally! Christmas eve is here. We can get through today, and tomorrow will roll out. Then, things can finally start getting back to normal. No more "Santa is watching you." threats, just "I am gonna ground you for a month!". Tomorrow, the kids will tear ass around the house with their new toys and make a nuisance of themselves, then we will pack up all the food I made and trek to my Mom and Dad's house for Christmas dinner! I can also get back to regular cooking and lay off the tour de farce that I have been on. The photos of yesterday's Buche de Noel, ( that's French for Yule Log.), show how I have been really pouring on the snazzy fazzy. I have gotten a few compliments on it. Upset Waitress said is was beautiful and my friend Tara was impressed. I just want to say thank you for all the niceties! I think next year I may see if anyone wants one and try to sell them. I haven't sold any cakes in a while. Not since the last wedding I did. I did donate my services on Halloween to my hubby's company party, but the last paying gig I had was up in Memphis last year.

I have been watching the weather on CNN here, and I think I made a good choice in forcing my HHH to move back here to Florida! The 4 years of snow and ice I experienced up in Tennessee just left me cold. Get it? Cold?!? Ha ha... you people have no sense of humor. The fact that I can go to the beach tomorrow and enjoy the water and sand just makes me ecstatic! And I will too! Going to the beach on the holiday was always a tradition of mine from my college days. It stems from being in the marching band and going to bowl games where they kept us at nice hotels near the beaches, unless we went to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, then we stayed on Bourbon Street! Ah.... those were the days.

I gotta run. I am making the ham and the sweet potatoes today in preparation for tomorrow. Still going!

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