Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 Days Till Chaos.

OMG! My kids are counting the days until it's Christmas. We aren't talking cutsie little "Mommy, how many more days till Christmas?", nooooooooooo. My kids have a war room set up with a home made count down calender, Christmas lists to compare to actual gift acquirement, and are now asking me if they can use the computer on Christmas eve to pull up NORAD and track Santa's progress across North America. Yeesh! All I ever did was leave beer and pretzels and go to bed. ( My Dad told me Santa got tired of milk and cookies and all he really wanted was a beer and some pretzels to break up the monotony.) My HHH and I have gotten everything wrapped up and tagged. We haven't put it under the tree though. We are making them sweat it out until Christmas morning. Ah............... payback for all those days when I wanted to sell them off as slave labor, but knew no one would take them since they are defective!
We are still going over to Mom and Dad's for Christmas dinner. She called me yesterday and as I picked up the phone I was thinking in the back of my mind that she was going to cancel altogether. Pleasantly, though, I was surprised when she asked me what she could go to the store and get to augment our Christmas feast! Whoo hoo! I told her to get some more veggies, and some other crap. She's making gluten free rolls, and something else...... I wasn't really listening because I was so surprised she wasn't cancelling on me. She also said she picked up a turkey breast to make. What?? I thought she told me 3 days ago she didn't feel like she would be able to cook? WTF! OK, no problem. She bought it, she'll have to cook it. I think this is stemming from the fact that she asked me the other day if she could invite my high school friend and my friends mother to Christmas dinner. I said no because we were strapped for cash when we went shopping and I only got enough food for our family to have. ($200 light bill.... bah humbug.) Now that my Mom has gotten more food, I am thinking that she must have invited my friend and her mom already and now has to come up with more food to cover the extra people! Ha Ha! Now I have to come up with gifts because I haven't planned on giving any since my Mom said she wasn't getting the kids anything. (Have you ever heard of grandparents not getting their grand kids anything for Christmas?) I'll probably just make some home made cocoa and dog treats and put them in a nice basket. The kids have made home made ornaments and cards to give. Really cute, adorable things that will tug at their heart strings and make them feel guilty that they didn't even come up with a dolly or race car. Yeah, I play dirty! Hee hee hee! (Luckily, they don't have internet, so mom won't see this.)
We're going to go to the flea market today. I am going to try to get some Pokemon cards for stocking stuffers. Gotta run!

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