Monday, December 31, 2007


I just wanted to take this time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Be careful, don't over do, and be safe in all your celebrating tonight!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Need A Vacation!

Yeesh! I am just worn out. This year has worn out it's welcome as well. I am ready for a new year and a new out look. What with the foolishness from Friday, constantly running to and from the school with meds, my drama with my parents,......... I am just so over 2007.

I was watching the news this morning, and it just depressed me even more. There was the story of the little girl who, along with her mother, lied about her father being killed in Iraq so she could win a contest for 4 tickets to a Hannah Montana concert. What? My daughters love Hannah Montana, but I wasn't even about to pay the non-scalped price of $45 a ticket, much less lie to several news stations and a whole store! The store has taken back the tickets, but man it was disillusioning to think kids as young as six are willing to lie and cheat to get what they want. Of course, there is also the many sports related stories of doom and downfall. From Barry Bond's tainted home run record, to Michael Vick's dog fighting, to Marion Jones' admitting to using steroids, the sports community, both professional and amature, has taken hits. There were the highs of Tim Tebow winning the Heisman as a sophomore and the Patriots going undefeated in their season, to Floyd Landis being stripped of his Tour de France title and 26 players on the FSU football team being suspended for cheating.(OK, so I am not too broken up about the last one. Wink, wink!)

Family wise, the year hasn't been too stellar for me. I mover back here to this area to be closer to my mom and dad, but they have so many considerations I have to go over before I can visit that I haven't been there since I moved until Christmas dinner! Mom is sick, Dad is tired, Mom is tired from smoking and watching TV all day, Dad is constipated and cranky! It never ends!!! We also traveled to Hollywood Florida so my daughter could be diagnosed for Celiac's disease. That was a joy. Not only is she diabetic and can't have several food groups,(it's not just candy and sugar), but we have to take away bread, and other gluten related products! What the hell?!? Is she supposed to subsist on air??? Now all she gets is meat and veggies. She doesn't like veggies. {sigh} Now we have to deal with this sexual harassment crap from the upstairs neighbor.(see post 2 days earlier)

I guess I am just saying that I am ready for the new year to start. So to make me feel better, here are some photo's of my Yorkie Toby.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am still pissed off, yet for a wohle different reason.

I am still in a foul mood. Yesterday's foolishness has still got me wanting to go to my whore of an upstairs neighbor and slap the shit out of her! Eaaaaaaaaaagh! (Whack) Anyway, now it is Saturday and I am on to a whole new subject for being pissed off.

I am in my second marriage. My first husband was nuts! Jesus, religious freak nuts! Went to church on some guys "compound" in the woods, no longer wanting to have sex nuts! Needless to say, we no longer saw eye to eye and had a VERY messy divorce. (He still lives with his mom and dad now.) Since we had children together, he pays child support. Recently, the state of Florida began this new, wonderful (<----said dripping with sarcasm.) program where they have given out these debit cards. If you so choose, you can have your child support money deposited directly onto said card and not have to deal with paper checks. I thought this would be a good idea. You know, environmentally friendly, why waste a stamp, etc..... BOY WAS I WRONG!

Where to begin....... The literature I received when they were beginning the program said that as long as I used a Wachovia bank ATM, (the cards bank partner), I wouldn't be charged a fee for using said ATM. WRONG! I am still being charged $.95 for using the ATM. Guess it was one of those things that they filed under the "terms and conditions can change at any time" clause. Next,....... the pamphlet said that my funds would be directly deposited on my card. Well, yes they are, but after 3 days from the date the SDU receives them. WHAT?!? I could just get a paper check in two days. It takes longer to receive my funds by this "NEW" direct method! UH-HUH!

Now, for the reason I am pissed off today.My Ex made a payment on Thursday. He was over $600 behind, but only made a $200 payment. That could stretch a long way at the grocery store and due to the foolishness of yesterday and my HHH being suspended until at least Wednesday, we need it. I should have had the money deposited today, Saturday, but it was not. Seems the service doesn't work on Saturday. Most banks work half days on Saturday. I can go down the street and the Wachovia will be open until 12. Why should I save the state a stamp if I can't get to the money I need?? I am seriously considering going back to a paper check. Sorry trees, I need to feed my family! The shit of it all is my Ex is still behind! Over $400 dollars behind! I give up.

Friday, December 28, 2007

I am pissed off!

What the hell gives people the right to break the rules, and then when they get caught, try to get someone else in trouble?! Where the fuck do they get off doing that???
I am really pissed off right now and want to strangle someone so bad I can taste it! My HHH is being accused of sexual harassment by a tenant in our building. She is saying he was making inappropriate comments about her and asking her to dinner as a means to "Get some". Well, this woman moved in at the end of October and WE,(as in my HHH and I), were friendly, asked her to come over and have dinner, etc..... Yes WE asked her to dinner. It was sort of a "welcome to the neighborhood" thing since no one ever did something like that for us when we moved in. You know, it's good to know your neighbors for crime prevention and shit like that! She accepted and then after I made a great grilled chicken Alfredo with roasted veggies, she never showed. Everything was fine until last week when my HHH had to turn in a report to the main office that she had acquired a cat with out reporting it to the management so it could be put on the lease. HHH also had to tell the office that the woman's ex-husband was staying over every night, but he wasn't on the lease. It's his JOB to report these things, he works here and it wasn't like he was snooping around another was in OUR building! He couldn't miss it. He would get in trouble if he didn't report it. They are really strict about adhering to the rules here and that's what keeps the riff raff out of here and keeps this a nice place. Now my HHH is suspended til the outcome of an "investigation" that won't start until the district manager comes back next Wednesday! Are they going to reimburse my HHH for the wages he is missing right now? NO! Is the bitch upstairs going to reimburse us for the money we need to pay our bills ?? NO! Fuck her and the cat and the weird ex she is not supposed to have living with her. I hope they get tossed out of this place. I am really hoping the office and management see through this woman. Women and people in general who think they can just accuse people of lies and inappropriate behavior can just kiss my ass! It's you people who make it hard for someone who REALLY has had a problem with a coworker or somebody else to report it and be believed!

Aesthetics vs. Safety.

It has finally been released that the enclosure wall of the tiger that killed one boy and injured 2 more.................... WAS 12 FEET HIGH! Not the 16 to 18 feet the zoo officials quoted when the tragedy occurred. That's a full 4 feet below industry standards. Now the zoo officials are saying that the Cat enclosure building was built back in 1940 and that standards were not as strict then as they are now. That's all well and good, but how does that explain the fact that the zoo was inspected by the same entity who accredits all zoos 3 years ago and it passed inspection? No one took the time to get a tape measure and actually checked the exhibits? What about all the rest of the exhibits? And I am not just talking the big cat enclosures, this is also a safety concern on the animal side as well. Zoos invest quite a bit of money in the animals they care for. It is for posterity's sake as much as for education. The fact that they don't get routinely checked for safety frightens me. At the Memphis zoo, the walls were high, but the walls were also topped with electric wires that would give a small shock to both animals and PEOPLE who strayed too far over the line either way. I am glad they were wrong about the kids dangling their feet at the tiger. Like I said before, who gets up in the morning and says, "I'm gonna piss off a tiger today.". It seems to me that the zoo was too quick to say that it was the kids fault. It smacked of spin doctoring and seemed to me like a small child who is caught doing something wrong first, then whines at the top of their lungs, "I didn't DO it!" It has also been released that the families of the victims are more than likely going to sue the zoo for wrongful death and bodily injury. This is going to deal a terrible blow to the zoo, financially speaking. Most zoos depend on donations and fund raisers to get by, along with admission revenue. This will take a huge chunk out of their funds. The trickle down effect will probably be higher admissions prices and prices inside the zoo at vending places. This means there will be fewer visitors because the less affluent will not be able to afford to get in, those that can afford the admission price won't be able to buy the products for sale as souvenirs inside of the zoo, and many will just be wary of going all together. And this feeling of unease won't just be at the S.F. zoo, it will probably spread to all the zoos with officials spending hard earned money making the public feel safe and sound even though nothing has ever happened at their establishment. This will have changed the face of the zooilogical society forever.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tiger Update!

The S.F.P.D. is now investigating whether the victim or one of the other two boys who were attacked, if they had crossed over the enclosure separation and dangled an appendage over the tiger pit. WTF! Once more I say, who the hell wakes up in the morning and says, "I'm gonna piss off a tiger today for Christmas."! I am feeling so sorry for everyone involved in this horrible fiasco, but if it turns out that these kids did this crap on purpose, I will feel so disillusioned. Teasing an animal into attacking is just horrid. Jerks!

When Animals Attack.

Ok, enough Christmas crap. I saw this yesterday on CNN and couldn't believe what I was hearing! There was a tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas day that resulted in a 17 year old being killed!!! WTF! How do you call someone on Christmas and say "I'm sorry, but our tiger has eaten your son." Now, I am a big supporter of Zoological Societies, and research. When we lived in Memphis, we had a family membership to the Memphis Zoo for most of the time we were living there. We would go to the Zoo almost every weekend and teach the kids about endangered animals, environmental issues, and how through research, we could learn about these animals and in turn, ourselves as human beings. We attended many special events at the Memphis Zoo that went on after the Zoo had closed like Zoo Lights during CHRISTMAS! Yes we have been to the Zoo at Christmas too! The tiger enclosure there held 4 adult tigers and at one point, they took those guys out and put in 3 tiger cubs that they were raising. The moat there was wide, the side walls were tall. I had every confidence that the enclosure at Memphis was safe and never thought it could be breached. Hell, that's what I think about every zoo I have visited. The officials are saying that the San Francisco tiger must have leaped it's moat or walls. Even now, the news is reporting that possibly someone had scaled the fence surrounding the tiger enclosure and dangled their leg at the tiger, making it crazy and try to escape. Who the hell does that?!? Who gets up in the morning and says to themselves..."I'm gonna piss off a tiger today!" Morons! Now the family of this boy has to live with his death being on Christmas for the rest of their lives. The holiday will never be the same for them. No longer a time of joy and family, it will forever be a reminder of tragedy. I can tell you one thing.... I would be owning me a zoo! I bet there are lawyers chomping at the bit to get their case! Can you imagine? How much do you think they'll be asking for? I do know it will deal a crushing blow to that zoo. If it is like most zoos, it depends on a shoe string of a budget to get by, always having fund raisers and special events to raise money. This is a terrible tragedy that will have every other zoo in America examining their set ups and security for a long, long time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Man! Am I Full!

Oh Jeeze............... when will I learn? I over stuffed at dinner last night! Now here it is, 4:21 am and I am awake and feeling none too good. Everything went off without a hitch yesterday. My son was mostly decent, though he got in trouble a few times, the girls were good, everyone was happy with their gifts, and dinner was great. My Mom, who a week and a half earlier said to me she couldn't do any of the cooking, was cooking up a storm when we got to her home yesterday. She was in charge of the veggies any way, and she decided to make 2 pies, cranberry sauce, and rolls. I'll never figure that woman out. My Dad was happy to see us and the kids. Morgan is his favorite. I guess it's because she's so cute and loving. My best friend from school, Laura came over with her Mom and we all sat down to a feast! (There was no roast beast, just ham.) It was great, wine, good food, and friends and family to celebrate with. What more can someone ask for? Mom even got the kids gifts! I was surprised. She had told me she wasn't going to get anyone anything! The kids got toys, HHH and I got a grilling sauce set and a cocoa and mug set respectively, and she even got Toby and fluffy something! She liked everything we got here and Dad. Home made hot chocolate mix, Gourmet baked dog treats for their animals, the kids made ornaments for them, and a rawhide chewy for their dog!

Well, I'm going to try and get back to sleep. Probably not going to happen, but it's worth a shot.4:40am is just too early to be awake on the day after Christmas.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

OMG! It's Finally Christmas!

Well, the holiday has finally arrived! The kids were up around 6 am and we were all excited. What? Oh wait that wasn't me. That was the loud asses who live above me! And they don't even have young kids! They have 17 and 24 year olds! They were up banging and thumping around doing God knows what to God knows who! This would not have been bad if they had gone to bed at a decent hour, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They were up till all hours! Freaks! Haven't they ever heard of Silent Night?!?
So we were trying to decide when to put the gifts out last night when my kids decided to be jerk wads! Yes, it seems that they had thought that since it was Christmas Eve, they didn't have to still be good to get gifts! Well, F-that! HHH and I only filled the stockings with candy and fruit, and NO GIFTS! When they kids came in, those were some of the longest faces I had EVER seen! It took everything I had not to laugh my ass off! That'll teach the little cretins to be shitty this close to Christmas! Later in the morning, HHH and I put out the presents and told the munchkins that Santa had seen them being bad and told us to hold all the gifts until they were good again!!! Ha HA!
Now it's off to Grammy's house for dinner. We are going over the river and through the woods, but no snow, we live in Florida after all! Pictures to follow!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Eve of Destruction!

Finally! Christmas eve is here. We can get through today, and tomorrow will roll out. Then, things can finally start getting back to normal. No more "Santa is watching you." threats, just "I am gonna ground you for a month!". Tomorrow, the kids will tear ass around the house with their new toys and make a nuisance of themselves, then we will pack up all the food I made and trek to my Mom and Dad's house for Christmas dinner! I can also get back to regular cooking and lay off the tour de farce that I have been on. The photos of yesterday's Buche de Noel, ( that's French for Yule Log.), show how I have been really pouring on the snazzy fazzy. I have gotten a few compliments on it. Upset Waitress said is was beautiful and my friend Tara was impressed. I just want to say thank you for all the niceties! I think next year I may see if anyone wants one and try to sell them. I haven't sold any cakes in a while. Not since the last wedding I did. I did donate my services on Halloween to my hubby's company party, but the last paying gig I had was up in Memphis last year.

I have been watching the weather on CNN here, and I think I made a good choice in forcing my HHH to move back here to Florida! The 4 years of snow and ice I experienced up in Tennessee just left me cold. Get it? Cold?!? Ha ha... you people have no sense of humor. The fact that I can go to the beach tomorrow and enjoy the water and sand just makes me ecstatic! And I will too! Going to the beach on the holiday was always a tradition of mine from my college days. It stems from being in the marching band and going to bowl games where they kept us at nice hotels near the beaches, unless we went to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, then we stayed on Bourbon Street! Ah.... those were the days.

I gotta run. I am making the ham and the sweet potatoes today in preparation for tomorrow. Still going!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 Days Till Chaos.

OMG! My kids are counting the days until it's Christmas. We aren't talking cutsie little "Mommy, how many more days till Christmas?", nooooooooooo. My kids have a war room set up with a home made count down calender, Christmas lists to compare to actual gift acquirement, and are now asking me if they can use the computer on Christmas eve to pull up NORAD and track Santa's progress across North America. Yeesh! All I ever did was leave beer and pretzels and go to bed. ( My Dad told me Santa got tired of milk and cookies and all he really wanted was a beer and some pretzels to break up the monotony.) My HHH and I have gotten everything wrapped up and tagged. We haven't put it under the tree though. We are making them sweat it out until Christmas morning. Ah............... payback for all those days when I wanted to sell them off as slave labor, but knew no one would take them since they are defective!
We are still going over to Mom and Dad's for Christmas dinner. She called me yesterday and as I picked up the phone I was thinking in the back of my mind that she was going to cancel altogether. Pleasantly, though, I was surprised when she asked me what she could go to the store and get to augment our Christmas feast! Whoo hoo! I told her to get some more veggies, and some other crap. She's making gluten free rolls, and something else...... I wasn't really listening because I was so surprised she wasn't cancelling on me. She also said she picked up a turkey breast to make. What?? I thought she told me 3 days ago she didn't feel like she would be able to cook? WTF! OK, no problem. She bought it, she'll have to cook it. I think this is stemming from the fact that she asked me the other day if she could invite my high school friend and my friends mother to Christmas dinner. I said no because we were strapped for cash when we went shopping and I only got enough food for our family to have. ($200 light bill.... bah humbug.) Now that my Mom has gotten more food, I am thinking that she must have invited my friend and her mom already and now has to come up with more food to cover the extra people! Ha Ha! Now I have to come up with gifts because I haven't planned on giving any since my Mom said she wasn't getting the kids anything. (Have you ever heard of grandparents not getting their grand kids anything for Christmas?) I'll probably just make some home made cocoa and dog treats and put them in a nice basket. The kids have made home made ornaments and cards to give. Really cute, adorable things that will tug at their heart strings and make them feel guilty that they didn't even come up with a dolly or race car. Yeah, I play dirty! Hee hee hee! (Luckily, they don't have internet, so mom won't see this.)
We're going to go to the flea market today. I am going to try to get some Pokemon cards for stocking stuffers. Gotta run!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Day of the Year at School.

The kids are off to school for the last time this calender year. It's pretty much going to be playing, parties, and fun today. I am not looking forward to entertaining them for the next two weeks, though. I can hear it now....."MOM! They won't play with me!" "MOM! I'm hungry!" "MOM! I wanna go outside!" Yeesh! It will never end until they go back. I probably won't get to sleep in either because they are used to getting up at 6 am every day. ("MOM, I want breakfast!") God help me.......

Junior went to school today, armed with copies of his newspaper story, which is actually my newspaper story. He was excited to show his class his picture in the paper. The teacher in my sons class was conspicuously absent, so she can read about it in the news, but if she really wants to know what happened, she'll have to read my blog from that day....

I finished up the shopping with HHH yesterday. Thank heaven for Wally-World and their deep under cutting of the other toy stores prices! I couldn't have gotten half of what I wanted at Toys R Expensive! Their prices are ridiculous! We also did the food shopping for the next two weeks while we were there. However..... it was still Old Fart Walking Slowly Day. After seeing the Chipmunk movie, I couldn't help but hear the line, "You drive like my Grandmother!" in my head. (No I didn't say it.) We had most of the problems just trying to get into the place. What do these people do? Make a plan at the senior center to walk 4 across and block every freakin' aisle??? Do they have charts and diagrams as to how to slow down society to their speed??? OMG, that got on my ever last lovin' nerve! Then there are the folks who just wander aimlessly around the store looking lost, but if you ask them if they need any help they yell at you to leave them alone! Jeeze!

Everyone got something they had asked for on their lists. It may not have been their first choice, but it was something they asked for. Now I have to make with the wrapping paper and bows. I think I am going to wait and put everything out Christmas Eve. This is partly due to snooping little kids, and partly because my rat of a dog will lift his leg on them! Someone is getting put in a dog crate that night!!

I am still singing that damn Garmin song! They play that commercial so many times a day the words are burned into my cortex!

" Look there's a moose, Give me a noose,

I'm lost again, Where's highway ten,..."

At least it's a funny one, though. Some of these commercials are getting sooooo sappy as the holiday gets closer. Now the politico's are getting into it with holiday commercials of their own. Merry Christmas and don't forget to vote for me! Whoo hoo. That's a holiday message! Makes me glad that our primaries are after the New Year. It just sees like the season hasn't been as jolly this year. Murders are spiking, there are more people vanishing from their homes, and all kinds of other crimes are on the rise. CNN showed this story on a Holiday pageant that was going great until some parents began having a brawl right in the middle of the audience! WHAT?!? Seems one father was unhappy about a student who pushed his daughter on stage, and when he approached that student to express his displeasure, the other kid's parents started swinging. Makes you want to say Merry Christmas, huh?

Well, I have gift wrapping to do. Gotta run.....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Hard Copy of My Article!!!

I am WAY too excited!!! My name on a byline, what could be better?!? Take that, stupid teacher who wouldn't let me join the journalism staff in high school!!!

Published for the Third Time!!

I just got an early Christmas gift! The paper published my article again for the third time! I am walking on sunshine! This was the one I wrote about my son's trip to the Nutcracker. No I didn't write it up like I did here for the blog...... I was actually kind and wrote a nice little piece about the kids. Yeah, yeah, I'm going soft. Either way I am going to the newspaper offices today and trying to get a few extra copies. I tried to buy some extra papers from Wally World, but none of those had the section I was looking for. Crap ass Wal-mart. Man that place was a circus! First, my HHH was circling the parking lot looking for a close space, (yeah, right!), then it was "walk slow and stop for no reason" day inside the place! I am trying to get to the damn pharmacy to buy the new Glucose Meter for my son to replace the one he shattered and there are these Mensa candidates just meandering around the aisles with empty carts! Stupid! And every time I try to go around them, they cut to the left or right and block me in. I was beginning to think I was in a NASCAR race. Dumb asses. I am going to Toys R Expensive today to see if they have a few things I couldn't locate. My daughter wants a Hannah Montana Tooth Tunes. Of course Wally World didn't have it. On to more shopping today.....

Last night, as a treat, we took the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. They were spell bound for the entire time. I was glad to see that something from my childhood can still endure and make my kids happy. They sang the Chipmunk Song the whole way home. Of course the songs got an update. Witch Doctor had a hip hop beat that appealed to the younger set. It was almost two hours long too. I was surprised about that. I didn't think they could milk out more than an hour fifteen from a former Saturday morning cartoon. I was reading online about how Mr. Bagdasarian has kept the rights to the Chipmunk characters all these years even though people like Disney and Universal had been trying for YEARS to buy them out. Now the family is rich rich rich! It was nice to see someone didn't just see dollar signs when they created an icon. My daughter, (the little one), ate 3 bags of popcorn. I didn't know where she was putting it. You see this sweet little girl with big eyes and blond curls and all of a sudden she turns into the monster that ate EVERYTHING! Lucky for me we got the refillable bag.

Well, I have a little more shopping to do. Time to stop procrastinating.......

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shopping Day!

Well, today is the day. HHH and I are going to begin to gather our gifts for Christmas. We are not alone. CNN says 35 million people have not started shopping yet. It seems we all have these "other" things we have to spend money on, like bills, mortgages, gas for the car,..... It's sad that retailers can't understand that we common folks have obligations to fulfill before we can blow a wad on useless crap. Speaking of useless crap, my daughter has decided that she wants a metal detector for Christmas. She was watching Cash and Treasures on the Travel Channel Sunday and saw the story on the Spanish Treasure fleet that wrecked off the coast. Now she has the treasure bug! I found it strange that she is forgoing the B-Bratz game/doll she wanted, but I think it's good that she is interested in diverse things, not just frou- frou tween crap. Speaking of tween crap..... did you see?? Jamie Lynne Spears is preggo!!! I guess slutty runs in the family! How many other people were waiting for this shoe to drop? I know I was, but in the back of my mind, I was hoping that she would rise above her sister's brand of crazy. She had everything..... a great TV show, fame, popularity...... GONE! The news says the 4th season of her show is already filmed and in the can, but you can bet that after that Nickelodeon will drop her faster than Pam Anderson drops husbands. (2 months) Mrs. Lynne Spears, the girls mom, had a book deal with some dumbass publishing house for a book on PARENTING! Really??She can tell other people how to successfully parent their children?? I don't think so. Not with one daughter that should be in the crazy house and another one 16 and preggers. The book is now on hold. Wonder why?? Is there no one I can feel good about my daughter watching on TV? I guess it's down to just Hannah Montana. That's OK I guess. If Billy Ray would just shave off that freakin' ridiculous soul patch.......
So anyway, back to the shopping thing. Rebecca wants a metal detector, Morgan wants the Pony Teapot Palace and the WWE Elimination Chamber play set, and Junior wants a remote controlled car. Easy right. We'll see. Last year, people were getting even more stupid by this time. I love to go in the parking lot and walk around until I see someone following me in their car, hoping for my parking space. I'll meander slowly through the parking lanes and then go "oh.... I forgot to buy so and so a gift." then go back into the store! Classic! Pisses the Spot Hunters to no end. In reality, I park as far away from the front door as possible. Just easier that way.
Well off to the stores! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'm Tired. Really tired. Tired to the point that I slept through my alarm this morning and had to be nudged awake by HHH to get up and get the kids going. (You think he would have just gotten them ready himself since he was already up, but I digress...) I didn't even hear the alarm going off. I was dreaming about something cool that I now cannot for the life of me remember. I hate that. So I stumble out of bed and start jostling kids awake. As they stumble from their rooms, I remember what else I have to do this morning. Walk with them to the bus stop. Sheesh! I do not want to do this. My son, however, has made it a necessary trip for me. Yesterday started something like this......

I get up with no problems and start getting the kids ready for school. My son starts to be a little jerk about the snack I have packed him. ( a peanut butter sandwich.) I tell him that the nutritional value of a peanut butter sandwich is better than chips and candy, but he fights me on this. Finally I get them out the door and on their way to the bus stop. Fast forward to 11:05 am when I arrive at the school to give them their shots. The nurse, Sylvia, says there is something wrong with Junior's meter. His BLOOD SUGAR METER! I look at it and sure enough.... the screen has been shattered. It no longer will work. CRAP! It wasn't that way when I sent him out the door, but now it is that way. I have to figure out what happened between my door and the school door and there is only one place it could have happened. Bus stop. I ask Junior first and try to give him a chance to explain what went on. He gives me the old.."I don't know Mama." routine. OK. Fine. I ask the girls when they get home what happened. They said another boy was fighting with my son at the stop and Junior was trying to hit this boy with his back pack. The same back pack that holds the meter. I see a picture forming. So.... armed with this yet unfinished picture in my head, I roll my troops out the door this morning and head to the bus stop. Junior is not happy about this. He wants me to stay home, so I take that to mean only one thing, He figures he won't be able to run around and cause trouble if I am there. Uh-huh. We get to the stop and I am looking for one particular person. There is a mom who is also a teacher. She drops her daughter off at the stop and stays to make sure her daughter doesn't screw up. After the bus leaves with it's cargo of loud munchkins, I stop this mom and ask he what went on yesterday, and just as I though, my son has been starting crap with the older boys at the bus stop, hitting them or jumping into their play fighting. In the melee that ensued from this yesterday, my son was swinging his back pack like a major league baseball player on the juice!! I knew it! So now HHH and I have to buy him a new meter. We won't be able to get it until tomorrow though. The other consequences of this incident is I am going to have to walk to the bus stop now every morning. Blah!! Not what I really want to do. I could be writing my blog during that time!!!

Oh, and I ran over my cell phone yesterday, too! The holster I keep it in slid off my pocket and fell under the van while I was flustered about my son's meter being broken. I was driving away from the school and I felt this little bump. When I looked in my rear view, I saw the phone in the parking lot and uttered an expletive! I hit reverse and backed up to it, (NO, not back over it!) to see if it was trashed. Lucky for me it was in the crappy ass holster, because that kept it from being totally screwed. It has a line of screen that is on the fritz but other than that it works fine. I need a new one anyway. HHH accused me of doing it on purpose like those refrigerator commercials where the women murder their fridges to get the new LG kind. Ha ha ha ha ha! I'd rather have the fridge!

I am going back to bed.

Nap time!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Last week to shop before Christmas!

Has anyone even finished shopping yet? Me either! I am going on Thursday, partly because of stores offering better sales as the holiday approaches, but mostly because I had to pay my bills first or there would be no home to celebrate Christmas in. I know I am not the only one who has been moving around the holiday money either. I am watching CNN now and there was a story on holiday shopping and how women with families will buy the bigger percentage of gifts and they omit themselves from the gift list to make the holiday money stretch farther. I am guilty of that. I looooooooooove to buy presents for people. I like to find out what people want, need, and can't live without, and then go and get it for them as a gift. I love the look on people's faces when they open the gift. That is what I love about Christmas. Making other people happy! I am the Christmas Maker around here. Cookies, home made hot chocolate, decorations, and gift wrapping. I do it all.

Speaking of doing it all, I am now going to be making Christmas dinner and we will be trucking it to my Mom's house. On Friday, we had talked and decided we were having dinner at their house on Christmas. Yesterday I get a call and Mom informs me that she is not feeling well, (Christmas is over a week away!), and she doesn't think she will be able to cook for Christmas. OK. Whatever. I was also told they would not be getting anything for the kids for Christmas. Merry F-ing Christmas. OK that was uncalled for. I guess I should just not take anything my Mother says as truth anymore. She will offer all kinds of things. She offered to watch my son when we first moved back to Florida while I working. That lasted 2 days and I ended up quitting a good job because I couldn't get child care that wasn't expensive as hell. (The diabetes makes child care hard to come by.) She offered to let us do our laundry over at their house while we were finding a washer/ dryer pair. That lasted a week. Sunday dinners, swimming in the family pool, visiting with the kids. All offers that were rescinded with in 1 week of being offered. She even lost my dog when I asked her to watch him for 3 days. (We found him.) I am waiting for her to call sometime this week and say to not bother to come with dinner. She may have been trying to get out of dinner altogether, just not saying it to me. We'll see.

So I am going to buy everything and get it all made. If she backs out of Christmas dinner, at least I will have something to make for here, plus leftovers are good!!! I'm thinking ham, sweet potatoes, broccoli, mashed potatoes, green beans, honey glazed carrots, and I am going to attempt a Yule Log. A gluten free Yule Log. That should be fun. Man, was it chilly this morning. I put HHH and Junior's clothes in the dryer to warm up before they got dressed. Everyone got hot chocolate this morning to keep them warm on the way to the bus stop. I need to go get some oatmeal and fix it up for breakfast. This cold isn't supposed to last though. Everyone else has been lamenting the warm winter weather, but I have been loving it! After the last few years of winters in Memphis, and the snow and ice I had to endure, I am much happier with the warm ocean breezes.

On a sadder note, Dan Fogleberg has passed away. Please tell me that some of you are old enough to know who he is and to have heard his music?? I liked his mellow vocals and folksy story telling in his songs. He had prostate cancer since 2004 and it got the better of him over the weekend. Heaven's songs will be a little sweeter this morning with his voice in the choir. I think I am going to look up "Same Old Lang Syne" and listen to it.

"We drank a toast to innocence,

we drank a toast to now,...."

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Saturday, Sunday, Family Days....

Yesterday was fun. Junior got to go to his first invited birthday party. It was at a bowling alley. Now, I can't imagine 5 and 6 year olds doing a lot of bowling, but with the arcade and other things there, I'm sure they had a good time. HHH went with Junior as chaperon. Yeah.... he actually went and did a kid thing! I was so proud. I even convinced him to take the camera and snap a few photos so I could see how much fun they were having. What I couldn't figure out was how he got someone else's kid bowling and not mine! Ha ha! That's why I am the photographer in our family. After the party, HHH came home saying that since he went to this shindig, he now was exempt from having to go to any other child involved birthday merriment for the next 6 months. I laughed at him, and told him that we were taking turns and that was that!

While the boys were gone, the girls and I made Christmas cookies. I need to seriously go and pick up some new cookie cutters and sprinkles. I couldn't find a single one anywhere in the kitchen! Moving around a lot really takes a toll on my kitchen goods. We just improvised yesterday, but it turned out great! I made a nice little snowman family. We took a spice jar lid and used it as a cutter and put out about4 dozen cookies. We took turns cutting the dough, rolling it out, & sprinkling the sugar on them. It was nice to bond with my ladies again. Sometimes, I have to put so much effort into their younger brother and they really get the short end of the stick, attention wise. We got to talk and spend time and just have fun yesterday. In the above photos, you can see our handiwork. I think they did a good job. Lately the kids have been asking to be in the kitchen more and more. This has been stroking my ego a bit since I was a cheffy person in Memphis. My youngest daughter, Morgan, has decided that she wants Santa to bring her the Disney Princess Play Kitchen so she can be a chef like Mommy. Whoop Whoop for me! My son has had his eye on the Step 2 Grand Walk In Kitchen. Only a $260 + tax purchase! My husband wasn't thrilled with him wanting to play in a kitchen. I laughed and said, do you know how much money Bobby Flay and Emeril make???? I would be proud to cheer on my son in Kitchen Stadium or a football stadium! Either way, I don't think they will get a kitchen for Christmas. The one my daughter wants has several bad reviews for cheap construction. I always check out the reviews from other parents when making a purchase. All the other, better made kitchens cost up in the hundreds. So we'll be putting that off for now. She also wants the WWE Elimination Chamber play set, so maybe we'll get her that instead. Yes, I said my DAUGHTER wants a wrestling play set. She likes John Cena the best. I can't figure it out. She has been coo coo for wrestling ever since she was 4 years old. Every Monday and Friday, she crawls up on HHH's lap and they watch the shows together. She can even tell you who is coming out of the back by just hearing the entrance music!

Today, we aren't doing much. We may go walk around the flea market. Never made it out there yesterday. Everyone just procrastinated too much and it was closing up before we ever got out of the house! It looks crappy outside right now so we may not do that either. Oh well, it may just be a lazy Sunday here. Not that I mind........

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Party Party Saturday!

Not much time to blog. Junior has a party to go to this afternoon and we are going to stroll the flea market. Maybe I can get some good veggies. I never got to go to lunch with my friend. I'll have to take a rain check on that. It's funny because it was raining yesterday. Ha Ha! OK gotta go.... bad jokes from me are a sign of the apocalypse!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Rainy Day Friday!

Whew! We are getting poured on right now! Now, I am not knocking the rain, but it really needs to be more inland. It would do more good. As it is, I had to take the kids to school late because of the afore mentioned storm. It actually was thundering! I don't do bus stops in the rain! My kids are already getting over their colds, I don't want them to have to run from the car to the bus in the rain. We waited till 8:30am and the rain to slow before heading out to good ol' JD Parker. I checked them in and we were all hunky dorry!

Now that the kids are gone, I can tell you HHH is gone also. Today is his "Christmas luncheon" at Planet Hollywood. They left out about 9 am to get to Orlando. So I am completely family less till 2:15 pm. Wheeeeeeeeeee! I may do some secret shopping! Hee Hee! Or I may just go out to a nice lunch and enjoy something other than McSpondles. I am dying for a good cup of roasted tomato soup! I have been trying to get a hold of my friend to have lunch, but so far haven't heard back yet. She and I have different schedules. She's a night owl and I have to be a morning bird because of the kids. I also have to go grocery shopping. I may go to this place my friend has been suggesting and then go shopping. I will have to meet the bus since it is supposed to still be raining this afternoon. It seems like the storm system is just sitting over us and not moving.Lucky for me, it had stopped raining when I went to Walgreens. I did get a place up front to park, much to the fist shaking dismay of the elderly folks who populate most of the neighborhoods around here.

We haven't had anymore crap happening around here as of last night. Of course, it was raining all night. They would have to really like water to cause mischief. (I hope the lake doesn't flood.) I put up a big no trespassing sing in the windows. I doubt it will really stop someone determined to get in, but I have made my stand and I think they can put stronger charges on someone if it has been declared through signage that they are not welcome. No one has claimed that shirt I found next to my house yesterday. It is still on the picnic table getting wet in the rain. If I happen to see who it is I am gonna keep an eye on them.

Well, gotta run. I have to call my Mom and see what we are going to do for the holidays. HHH isn't on call and we can go some where this time! Stay Dry!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What The.....

Ok, I am starting to get paranoid. Here is yet another two blog day. I went outside with the cat this morning to water my tomatoes. As I was following the fuzzy around the side of the house, I see something bundled and crammed up next to our home, half way in between the living room window and my DAUGHTER'S window! I make my way over to it and carefully pick it up and see it's a MAN'S basketball jersey! OMG! WTF! And several other abbreviations I can't think of right now!!!! I am not a happy woman. I promptly picked up said clothing between my thumb and forefinger and take it over to the picnic table that's several hundred yards away from our house. Then I wait for HHH to get home and tell him what I have found. He is not happy either. First the bike, now this. I have all these terrible images going through my head of peepers, molesters, etc...... I may keep the kids inside today, tomorrow and possibly the rest of their ever loving lives! I know it's probably not true, but I am beginning to feel targeted. I swear, if anything ever happens to my kids, they better chain me down because if I get a hold of who ever did it.... THEY WILL DIE!

Ok. Now that that is off my chest....... I am still worried. Like I said yesterday with the stolen bike, I went through and checked all the window locks and am now a bit more vigilant keeping an eye on what's going on around here. I am definitely going to impart this to the girls down at the bus stop today as well. We have to stick together! Man, someone is so trying to drag my Christmas down Crap Lane!

Thursday's Connected to Friday!

Whew! I think I'm on the backside of my cold. This morning when I got up, I could speak with out having to numb my vocal chords with hot tea. My morning abruptly started at 5:30am today with my sons stumbling into our room and crawling into be with HHH and I. I left him there and got up to check my e-mail and start getting all the kids junk together for school. After getting all his clothes together, (he's 5 and acts like a sultan, commanding others for his amusement.), I went and got him out of my bed and plopped him on the couch. We checked blood sugar and he was 64! Yikes! I got out the cereal fast and served him up a bowl. After that, the next crisis was my son saying we forgot to RSVP to the birthday party he was invited to on Saturday! WHAT?? I thought that was next weekend? So now we are all searching the desk for the invite. Crap! I can't find it. Why do I try to organize this thing? I just end up losing the stuff I need the most! Well, to make my son feel better, I wrote an RSVP to the child's mother and asked her to call me with the info again. Now Junior is feeling better about the whole thing. HHH has"volunteered" to take Junior to this party, which is a bowling party, seeing as how I took all the kids to the Chuckie Cheese party last month. Yeah, and the fact that he loves bowling has nothing to do with it. Uh-huh. So, after the kids run out the door to the bus, I go through the desk again and finally find the invite. It was somewhere I don't remember putting it. Figures, right? I'm going to call the mom today later and RSVP to her personally. I don't think my son will forget to give his friend the letter I wrote, but there are a lot of variables when counting on two 5 year olds to deliver it. Ha ha.

Update on the stolen Bicycle from yesterday. Yes it is still stolen, no, we haven't found it. I was online looking it up to try and find a picture so I could make out a stolen flyer when I saw a lot of recall notices on the search results. I click on a few of them and see that my bike had been recalled for a serious frame malfunction! What? Now, I don't ride as much as I should. I do not exercise as much as I should. It tends to aggravate my Celiac's. I look at the recall notice and see that the frame fork and pedal housing were found to break and separate resulting in cuts, abrasions, and crashes that could result in injury and broken bones! Oh man! I was telling Veronica, one of the Bus Stop Mom's, about that and she said, "Well, God doesn't like ugly people, so I bet it'll break and hurt who ever stole it!" It's that Karma thing that'll get you every time. We were laughing about it while waiting for the bus and I started to feel better about it. Besides, I live in Florida. We don't have mountains. I need a beach cruiser anyway. I can't let people who mean the worst get me down! Still, the thought of a little cosmic justice makes me giggle a bit.

HHH has his Christmas party tomorrow for work. It isn't a "traditional" party in the sense that spouses are invited and it's a nice dinner or cocktail party or something like that. It is for employees only and it is a luncheon in Orlando at the Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney. Man, talk about paring down to save some money. He has to leave around 9 am with all the other people from the office and they are taking a big van. Now this should be good because guess who has caught my cold??? Yep....HHH! He now sounds like I did last week, all hoarse and stuffy. Oh that should make a great impression on the big boss. I am going to shoot over to Walgreens and get him some medicine before they leave. That should help.

Oh well, time to start the day. Now that I am feeling better I am back to my early morning post schedule.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Season of Taking.

I was severely disappointed this morning. After I had gotten out my first post on here, I showered, drank my tea and prepared to go to the school to give my kids their daily insulin. I had decided since it was a nice day, I was going to ride my bike. You know, try to get a little more exercise to combat my expanding middle. I gather everything I need , lock the door, and start over to the bike racks. No Bike. All the kids bikes are there, mine is gone! Seems someone had gone early Christmas shopping. I was not thrilled. I call HHH and tell him and he promptly makes the rounds of all the bike racks to see if any of the local kids have just "borrowed" the bike. No dice. So now I am without my rather expensive bike and royally pissed off that someone had the nerve to take it. Here I thought it was the season of giving. I am, however, counting my blessings that none of the kids bikes were stolen. I didn't think they would be because they are just Wally World bikes and they aren't worth very much to your typical crack head. Now I am worried that maybe someone is targeting the neighborhood we live in. Who's to say this person or persons didn't just roll through here late one night and go through peoples cars and things? Now I am checking all the windows in the house to make sure they're locked, putting up the windows on the car and making sure the doors are locked, and am really not going shopping until the last minute so we don't get broken into. I thought had left this kind of thing back in Memphis where we were harassed on a daily basis with car break in's, and vandalism. I guess it is everywhere. HHH contacted the courtesy officer that lives here in the neighborhood and asked him what we should do, and he told us that if we didn't have some kind of serial number, our engraved identification on the bike, we would probably never see it again, but he would keep an eye out for it. It's a purple and black Magna mountain bike with a water bottle in black. Yeah... I'll never see that again. It's either 3 counties away, or in a pawn shop by now. I guess I'll have to get better locks. Either that or keep the bikes in the house. I don't know. I am just angry.

I Got Picked Up Again!!!

No,..... get your mind out of the gutter! Yesterday I put on a PS saying I had written another article for the paper. I looked last night at the home page for the paper and lo and behold, I made the Featured Story section again! Whoo Hoo for me!!! This time I wrote about the kids going to the Nutcracker, and no! I did not write it like I did on here. Lord! That would never get published! Apparently, my descriptive prose and eye for detail has been appreciated at the paper. Granted it's just the local, but hey.... I'll take what I can get! Now comes the wait to see if it will get into the paper. Since I just wrote the article on Monday, I don't think it will get in today's edition. Papers usually need a weeks notice for community stuff. I am shooting for next weeks edition. Man this is so cool. I have regular readers of my blog AND regular publishing of my articles in the local community section of the newspaper! Much awesomeness for me!!

Now, if I could just get better from this head cold, everything would be awesome. At the moment, I am making my plan to go shopping for Christmas gifts. I may need HHH to take off one day soon and we can go for the kids while they are at school. We used to go to the store and then while there we would separate and I would take the kids with me to another section of the store and he would go and purchase the agreed upon items and stow them in the trunk. Well, now we own a van where everything is out in the open and there is no where to hide anything we buy, so that plan isn't going to work. Time to change tactics anyway because now that the kids are getting older they are more crafty and sneaky! I have put 1 gift each under the tree for now. Any more than that and I would never get them away from the darn thing! Everything else will be put under about 2 or 3 days before Christmas. HHH was saying that we shouldn't put anything under the tree till Christmas morning to encourage good behavior. I said that was too mean. (still had a laugh about it though) I think next week will be sufficient for shopping.

Well, time for a hot shower and a dose of steam for my sinuses. Everyone cross your fingers for my being published next week!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Still Going...& What Are You Getting For Christmas?

Yes! Yes, I am still here! I know my posts are getting later and later in the day, but this head cold is all but debilitating and when you add this weeks visit from "Auntie Flo" you'll understand I have no energy and need to be flat on my back in bed! (TMI for the menfolk, but I know you ladies understand.)

I have been slowly getting my Christmas cards out. Mailing a few at a time seems to be best on my wallet. At 41 cents a stamp I can only afford a few at a time. I told my HHH that he was going to hand out his cards to his co-workers. No Mailing. Seeing as how most of them live here anyway, why waste a stamp. My open invitation for everyone who reads this to send me their address so I can mail them a little cheer was almost flatly ignored. I only had 2 takers. Still, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and if you don't have a holiday around this time, have a nice day! You don't have to be religious to enjoy being close to the people you love. I have four more to mail and I will be done. I have to call my sister and get her address. Maybe I'll call my mom and ask her for it. I need to go see mom and see what she wants to do for Christmas. I think they want us to come over and spend the day with them. We'll have to see. My son tends to get all ramped up on holidays and I don't know if they could take him for a prolonged period of time.

Now I have to figure out what to get everyone for Christmas. The kids will be easy. Rebecca wants CD's and Hannah Montana stuff, Morgan wants My Little Pony and WWE Wrestling stuff, (I know, great combo, right?), and Junior wants remote controlled cars and Spiderman stuff. The HHH is harder to look for. I know he needs a new drill, but I am usually lacking on the details he wants with it, like volts, cords, batteries, etc. My Mom and Dad don't really NEED anything. They have been down sizing the household clutter since the hurricanes of '04, when half their life was blown away. I may go to this store on the corner that has decorator items and see if I can't find something nice for them, or maybe to the pet store for something for their animals. They'll appreciate a nice fuzzy gift. After that, I don't really have anyone I have to buy for. I don't know what to get my sister. We have been away from each other for so long I just don't know. Maybe Mom will have an idea there too.

Well I'm running out of energy, so I'm going to lay down. Tell me, do you have your shopping list made out and organized? Or are you a type that shops at the last minute??

Oh P.S. I did another online article for the Hub. Hopefully it will get picked up by the paper again!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Still Ill and Not Loving It!

Well, I am still sick. Yesterday was particularly bad. My head was under so much pressure I was nauseous the whole time! I stayed in bed most of the day and will probably be there most of today as well. I am trying not to take a whole lot of medicine that will make me feel all loopy. I have tot drive to the school and walk to the bus stop and those activities are only 3 hours apart from each other, so I can't have some pill making me pass out for 7 hours. I am such a light weight!
I sent my son to school with a print out of all the pictures I took so she can see what she missed. She missed a lot! I still say that she missed the field trip on purpose! And that relic they unearthed to take her place! Jeeze! If it wasn't for the fact that my son wouldn't be allowed to go without me, I would soooooo pass on the next one.
Well, this is short. Like I said, I am still sick. Wish me better!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Well, here it is, Saturday, and my husband isn't on call, the kids don't have any events to go to, and I am staying home and relaxing! For fun I made home made pancakes from scratch and the some Brownies, courtesy of Alton Brown's recipe from the food network. (The brownies... not the pancakes.) Everything turned out great! The brownies are moist, cake like, and oh so chocolaty! We'll finish off today's culinary feast with spaghetti seasoned with herbs picked out of my personal garden! Yum! Not a whole lot going on today, I know, but after yesterday's hell, I need some time off. Now, if I could just get the dog to quit peeing on the gifts under the tree!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Nutcracker Not So Sweet!

Oh Please Kill Me! Alright, maybe I am exaggerating, but I am a wore out woman! Whew! I was a little misinformed about the days events and how they were to unfold, so let me walk you through the small hell that was the Kindergarten Field Trip to the Nutcracker.....

I drove the kids to school this morning since I had to be at the school by 7:30am to sign in at the office. I get to my son's room and go in and low and behold.... No Ms. Duncan! She is conspicuously absent and there is another woman in her place. It looks like they drug this lady out of retirement to come here! I am thinking.... Man, I bet Ms. Duncan dipped on this on purpose! Now, I am just there to care for my son. He is a diabetic, and since the school can't afford to send a paid medical assistant with him, I go instead. I haven't been fingerprinted or anything as is required by the school to be a general volunteer, so I wasn't supposed to have charge of any kids other than my son. This poor lady who is now in charge of 19 Kindergartners is telling me that there will be another parent along with us and he is supposed to help. Dude never shows. Finally we hear that he is meeting us at the theater. OK. We go to get in line and start for the bus. Wait a minute?!? I gathered from the permission slip it was just my sons class........oh no...... it is ALL the Kindergartners. OMG! It is about 100 of them, en mass, all whining, talking, chattering like little monkeys! Lord give me strength!! I am trying to help unobtrusively. (Stay in line. Don't hit him. Use the potty before we leave, etc) But I am being further relied upon by the Substitute for more pressing duties, ( Bathroom monitor, Lunch patrol, etc...)

We get on the bus and the next snafu occurs. There is only 1 bus for the nearly 100 Kindergartners. There was a mix up at the bus depot and they only sent 1 bus and driver. So we pile in 3 classes at a time, and the poor driver has to make several trips! To top it off, there is a 3 car wreck on Ocean Blvd and we have to detour around it. We finally get there and start moving into the theater. For some reason, we are being sent to the balcony. The cheap seats. The teachers start to question why this is occurring since they had to send in the money 6 weeks in advance! It seems a few Montessori schools came up and paid that morning to get seated on the front rows! Bummer. Damn those snooty schools!

We wait a bit and I am answering a bunch of questions about when does it start, who is going to dance, yadda, yadda, yadda and finally the Dance Mistress comes out to announce the start of the show. Luckily for me, they are only doing 2 of the acts. Unluckily, Junior goes low in the middle of the first act and drops to 50! I start ripping into his lunch and force feeding him his Skittles from the lunchable we brought for him. He comes around and we watch the end of the first act. They have a quick intermission before the next act. The second act commences and the kids are much rowdier than in the first one. Make a note: Do not give kids even 5 minutes to get fidgety and cranky! Who thought it was a good idea to take 100 kids with attention spans the size of a gnat to a classical ballet?? Maybe 1st graders, but 5 and 6 year olds?? Not a good idea. So they get done watching the show, and my son is saying he's hungry. that's when it comes to me that the kids missed the morning snack time because we were on the bus. That's why Junior dropped so rapidly during the first act.

We gather all our little melon-heads and head out the door and begin walking to Flagler Park to have lunch outside picnic-style. We get everyone in a circle, as are all the other teachers, and we begin eating. That's when The Substitute says "Who has to use the restroom? Go With Mrs Wetherington!" I went over to her to tell her I wasn't an actual volunteer and I didn't want to get her in trouble with the administration, but seeing as how the real volunteer just showed up for the Ballet and ate lunch and left, she has no choice but to press me into service. I make numerous bathroom runs, trash runs, and then...... OMG! The Substitute asks me to take the kids who are done to the play area. THE PLAY AREA! There are already about 50 kids in the area running around like crazy! So I take my 11 from the class and head over and I thought I was just going to watch them from outside of the play area, Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! My kids are running around and I have to go in to watch them! I am in my Mom clothes! Nice low heeled sandals, mom jeans, and a linen shirt. i was not expecting to break up sand fights and push swings! I finally look up after a few minutes, and there is the Substitute watching me keep all the kids in line! Wait!?! Isn't what they pay her for????? By now I am tired, worn out and pooped! I did have all the kids counting to 25 and singing and liking me.... but I digress. The Substitute blows her whistle and calls the class to the gate of the play area. We start to shake all the sand off the kids and gather up the lunch boxes. We get everyone on the bus, and boy are they tired, cranky, and still sandy! We get to the school and I decide to pull all mine out and just call it a day and go HOME! I feel bad for Substitute, but I gotta go. I was only supposed to be mom to my kid, not all of them! I guess I should just pay the $29 to get the finger printing done and not have to worry about getting anyone in trouble.

So now I am tired, The day is over, except for the town Christmas Parade tonight, and i have the pictures posted on my Flickr . I still say the teacher called in on purpose. Hell, I would have too! Would you??

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Student of the Month!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen..... My daughter is a Citizen of the Month! They used to call it student of the month, but changed it to foster a more community feel within the school! Whoop Whoop people!

Ugh! I have got to get better!

OMG! My throat is trying to close up! I am drinking my morning tea and trying to feel better. HHH stayed home today and let me sleep in. Awwww, how sweet! Yeah, he got up at 6am and got the kids ready for school while I stayed in bed. I woke up this morning with this chemical taste in my mouth. I have been racking my brain trying to think of what I ate or drank that would taste like it, but no luck. May be it is just my taste buds turning on me because I am sick. That always happens to me. It makes it hard to cook a decent meal for the family. I am trying really hard not to use a whole bunch of medications to dull my senses. Yesterday we went to the mall and met a friend and she was all worried that I was upset with her because I wasn't as chatty as I normally am. I tried to explain later that I was just on Dayquil and it makes me drowsy even though it specifically says it won't! I am such a light weight when it comes to medications. I guess that means I won't have to worry bout getting hooked on pills or the like. Hell, I am even allergic to marijuana! Oh yeah, that made me popular in college! Lol! Just kidding!

So far, I haven't had anyone take me up on my offer to send them a Christmas card. What? My cards aren't good enough for you? LOL! Just kidding. In this day and age, I can understand people not wanting to give up their identity to others. Still if you would like a card, read yesterday's post for my email and shoot me a line.

Well, this one is going to be short. I am ill and I need to relax and take some Tylenol for my fever. I think I need to invest in a Neti pot, but that would be a whole other post.

** Here is an addition to my post from this morning. I forgot to mention that I am going to see the Nutcracker tomorrow with my son. It is his classes field trip. I don't know if it's just me... but I am hoping it is an abbreviated version of the nutcracker because this is a class of Kindergartners we're talking about! I see them sitting still for about 10minutes before the attention span begins to wane. Add that to my being ill and we have the perfect storm of OMG! Junior is really excited about it. This is going to be his first field trip with the school. I remember my first field trip when I was a kid. We went to the local McDonalds. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mickey D's. Talk about sad, but that was Okeechobee in the 70's. The next one we went on was to the Dairy farm. Boy, was that a smelly trip! Whew! I have to go because the school district doesn't have enough money to send an assistant along with him for his diabetes. I have to bring his med's and administer them on the trip seeing as how he is going to be eating lunch on the trip. He picked out his Lunchable yesterday at Wally World.
So that's all the news from here. I am going to take the camera with us tomorrow and snap a few photos and maybe put in another story for the local paper. We'll see!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Time to send out the Christmas Cards!

Well, I am going to begin compiling my Christmas card list. Of course we will have the obligatory relative cards, but we also need to get friends and acquaintance's addresses as well. In the process of doing this, I discovered something very scary. Google has a sort of reverse phone book you can access by typing in the home phone number of the person you are looking for. It will give you their physical address. WHAT!! This can't be safe! Imagine the stalkers having a field day with this little tool of terrorism! When 2 of my kids were diagnosed with diabetes, my HHH and I went completely wireless and now I am doubly glad we did! How, in this day and age, does a major corporation justify this kind of invasion of privacy??? Alright, enough indignation, back to the cards.

Last year, after Christmas, we purchased several boxes of cards at a deep discount. I am the queen of the after Christmas sale. Several decorations we have up this year are from last year's sales. I also picked up a bunch of wrapping paper. Man I love a good sale! :) Anywho, I have to get several addresses from people in Memphis, Okeechobee, and elsewhere. I am going to CALL these people and get their addresses. I just can't Google them, it seems so impersonal. I love it when people call me for my address and I spend the next week or two anticipating the lovely card that will arrive! I bought some that have a penguin on it in a little red scarf and I bought some that have a photo of a cute spotted puppy who's dog house is decorated with Christmas lights. C'mon everyone..... Awwwwwwwww! Yes I like the animal cards and I love penguins! So now I am starting my list. If you'd like to be on it, slide me an e-mail at and I'd love to send you a bit of good cheer this season! Gotta run. I have a lunch date today with a girlfriend!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The First Cold of the Season

Sung to "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
It's the most crappiest time of the year,
With the sneezing, the sore throat,
We're all in the same boat,
When cold season's near,
It's the most crappiest time of the year!
OMG! I woke up this morning with a grapefruit in my throat! No wait, that's just my lymph nodes swollen to infinite degrees! Yes, my little carrier monkeys have finally managed to wear me down and get me sick. My little boy was sooooo cute this morning. Our new TV blew it's lamp last night, so I was watching CNN in his room while the kids got ready for school, and he got in bed with me and snuggled me, saying "It's alright, Momma. You go rest and watch TV... we'll be ok." I almost cried. Did I look that bad??? Either way, I feel bad. I am mainlining tea with honey right now, I have some home made chicken and rice I'm going to have for lunch. If I add a little more broth to it, voila'.... chicken soup! That should help.
So for now, all I have is the sore throat and a slight fever. I am a little achy too. I need to get up and do some cleaning, but that's probably not going to happen. I am going to rest up until I have to go to the school. After that I amgoing to send HHH to the bus stop for the kids in the afternoon.
Ok, now what's been going on in the world.... oh yeah. I saw this yesterday and had a good laugh. CVS Pharmacies is putting out a take home Paternity test! Yes, I said paternity test! Not only can you test for when you are ovulating, and test to see if you're pregnant, now your man can test to see if he's really the daddy!! This will be particularly helpful for those back woods rednecks and ghetto fabulous crackheads who are lined up to get on the Maury Povich show with the seven men they think are the daddy. LOL! I almost laughed my ass off at that one!
What else.......... Ok, Californiacrowned the WRONG woman as Miss California. Huh?? How does that happe? Don't they always say something to the effect of....." and all results are independantly confirmed by the accounting firm of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe", yadda yadda yadda.... They apparently found the mistake after the woman got the crown and sash and took her walk thanking everyone and waving. How embarassing! She is going to beforever known as the "Queen for a Day".
Well, that's all I have for now. I'm going to hit the hay till 10:30. What have you found funny in the news lately..............?

Monday, December 3, 2007

A New Day..... A New Week.

Here it is, Monday, and I am feeling cruddy again. My Celiac's is f-ing with my stomach and I got to get up at 5:15am this morning. Fun!

This week will end up being a hectic one. My Mom said she wants to come out and visit on Tuesday, then on Thursday we have my sons field trip to see the Nutcracker downtown at the Lyric Theater, and on the same day my daughter's Student of the Month reception. That one is going to be close. I have the Field trip from 8:30am to 1:15pm, and the Reception starts at 1:00pm at the school. HHH is going to go to the school so someone is there for the reception start till I get back from the other. Then..... on Friday, I have to take Morgan and Junior to CMS for their Dr appt. Fun fun fun!

So,.... this one is going to be short. I feel ratty. Just a short note... OSU is gonna be Tiger bait. Buckeyes just can't handle the SEC machine! Another SEC National Title is heading this way. Geaux Tigers!!!