Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yep..... it's Tuesday.

Whooo hooooo! Day number 2 on blogger. Let's see whats going on today.

I saw a story on CNN about some guy robbing cars in the Miccosukee casino parking lot. Seems when the security and police were called and started to chase him, he was in too much of a hurry to read a certin sign as he ran past it. The thief jumped into the small lake behind the casino and wasn't seen again,.......until this morning when they pulled his masticated body out of the bottom of the pond. The sign that the man didn't read? DANGER! LIVE ALLIGATORS! The casino and the police had to employ 2 trappers to catch the alligators and kill them so as to recover the rest of the thief for the medical examiner. All together now...... EEEEWWWW!!

I am soooo tired of OJ, aren't you? This man just can't stay out of trouble. If it had been me, after the whole murder trial thing, I would have been laying so low, it would have been below sea level! Dumbass.

Oh, and much love and sympathy to Kanye West on the death of his mom. It is looking like the cosmetic surgery she was having may have contributed to her death. I know how it is when it comes to thinking about a procedure. I have back aches, and shoulder ditches from my boobs and wish every day they were smaller. I have really considered a breast reduction several times, but am too chicken to do it.

Last night was hen night here at the ol' homestead. I rotisseried a chicken and made potatos and green beans with it. Yummy! I am soooo bad, I love the crispy skin! It was funny, I made my HHH a plate toeat and I forgot the skin. He comes stomping into the kitchen and snatches up some skin off of the cutting board, and gives me a dirty look. LOL! I laughed my fanny off!
Well time to get on with the morning............................

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