Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

Well, Tomorrow is the big day! My little girl will become a Tween Queen! She will officially be 11. I can't believe how time has just whooshed by and now I am looking at a young lady. It seems only yesterday that boys were "yucky" and barbies were hot! Now there are boys sending her love notes from another school, Bratz and their more grown up glamour have replaced Barbie in her toy chest, and Hannah Montana is her music of choice! Where did all the time go? I feel old. Really old. Old, old, old, old, OLD! I already had to buy her a bra when school started this year. A BRA! AAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH! Someone shoot me now.

As it is, she has requested a friend sleep over for her birthday. Since interim reports came home yesterday, and all the grades were B's or above, we said OK. I think that they will have fun. This is a girl from our community that is about 2 years older than her. See, she is already trying to move up on the age ladder. We are going to have cake and I was so touched to have had her ask for our family fudge cake. That's the one that has poured fudge icing! She asked me to make it and I was almost teary eyed! You have to understand, for the last 5 or 6 years she has asked me to make her elaborate multi-tiered visions of sugary perfection, such as the ones above. For her to give up that, and ask me to make what has become a family heirloom cake is very special to me. OK, enough misty moments.......

We had gone to Toys-R-Us last night with the kids in tow to see what they wanted for Christmas. They kept asking for gifts from Santa, and we kept reminding them we had all agreed on going to Universal. That started to not look so good to them after a while, what with all the toy commercials on TV. So we gave in and canceled our reservations and called my Mom to say we would be over for Christmas day. She seemed happy. I guess I caught her on a good day. We haven't had any more outbursts like the one from several weeks ago. I stuck to my guns about not calling her. After about a week and a half, she called me. It was kind of a half apology/half blame me call, but I'll take what I can get. Back to the kids...

My son has, of course, gravitated toward the bug ticket items, Leapster products, that ride and learn bike, and the giant new track and train set for his Geo Trax. Oh man.... My younger daughter Morgan has been wanting the Sing and Dance My Little Pony and the WWE elimination Chamber Play set. Yeah, I know.... What The F**K?!? What can I say, she likes wrestling and Ponies. My eldest Rebecca was into the B Bratz and an RC Bratz Car. They all said they wanted their own Nintendo DS. We already have 2 gameboys but sharing is always an issue. Now Mommy wants a new mixer for Christmas. A Kitchenaid 500 watt stand mixer to be exact. Plus maybe a new wedding ring set. I am going to try to get my HHH some tools. He is so picky, I'll probably take him to the store to pick out something. Yeah, the surprise is lost, but at least it won't get returned.

So... what's everyone else getting for Christmas??

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