Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Student of the Month!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an announcement..... Miss Rebecca Howell has been chosen as student of the month from her 5th grade class! (clap, clap, clap, hooray, whoo hoo,.....) I am so proud of her. She has been working hard in school, getting good grades, being a good citizen in class, etc. Last night, we finished up her science fair project. Out of her entire class, she and 4 others were chosen to be in the science fair. That's different. In my day, we HAD to enter the science fair or we got an "F". Now I guess they make everyone do a project, and the teacher kind of has a mini-competition between the class to see who goes to the real science fair.

So when Rebecca comes home and tells me she got picked to be in the main science fair for the school, I was exited! Then she drops the other shoe and tells me why she got picked..... only 6 kids turned in a completed project on time. WHAT?? Out of nearly 30 kids, only 6 got their work done on time? That's sad. She said a lot of kids didn't have parental help to keep them on track, and get materials, etc. That's sad. I loved science fair time and language arts fair time, and yes I was a nerd in H.S.! My mom and dad were very supportive of what ever project I brought home from school, be it torturing tomato plants in the name of science, or volunteering to make a wooden replica of a choo choo train for your marching band's field show.

Well, I got a good kid... what do you have?

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