Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Relativly Speaking.....

Well, HHH's brother bowed out of Thanksgiving. He called last night and said that he wasn't going to get paid until after the holiday on that Friday, so he wasn't going to have the gas to get over here. I can understand that. Gas prices are outrageous. Now I see the presidents of Iran and Venezuala are banding together saying that if the US invades them, they'll raise gas prices to $200 a barrel! Dude, don't give GWB any ideas before we can get rid of him!!!

I am trying to recover right now. My back has the twinge of "about to go outness" and I am taking it easy so it doesn't do that! HHH and I were,....ahem.....uh..... having relations last night and we were a little too rough. I have a bad back anyway, but it hasn't really been bothering me lately. I guess all the cleaning + HHH = OUCH!

So I will be taking it easy today. Since we won't be having any company, I can lay off the cleaning! I still have to pick up after the family, but now I am more relaxed doing it.

oh and just in case you forgot...

Where's shopping mall, There's shopping mall,

Things that are small, Bob's big and tall,

Where's Chinese food, There's Chinese food,

Spicy chicken wing, Chicken almondine,


Traffic's a mess, There is no stress,

Find a new way, With no delay,

Bluetooth is on, Call the salon,

Need a waxing now, Got a uni-brow,

Give-a, give-a, give-a,

Give-a Garmin!

Why can't I get this out of my head?!? Now my daughters are singing it with me!

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