Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Lights Have Gone Up.

We put up the lights yesterday. It looks pretty good. Our neighbor had the same idea and put theirs up as well. Now we have the pretty building. Last year after Christmas, I went to the big home store in Memphis called Garden Ridge, and got several things for about 75% off. I got the lighted arch and the penguin light sculpture for practically nothing. They were something like $30 and $60! We got the multi colored lights there too! Two really long strands for $2 each. I loooooove to shop after Christmas sales!

I saw that there wasn't too much mayhem yesterday. That was good. We went out to Wal-Mart to pick up some dog and cat food, a new printer since ours blew up, and some apples for Junior to take to snack time. We found a nice printer for $25. It was left from the wild dash of the morning. I was glad to see my cats favorite food has started getting carried by Wally World. He has decided to only eat that dang Good Life food. He has gained about 5 pounds from it too. I started cutting back on his portions so as to help him get in shape. Shape for what, I don't know....

I also saw that Memphis now had the dubious distinction of being America's fattest city. That can't be good. I do have to say, I had so much good food while I was there. Bar B Que, soul food, grilled meatloaf and pimento cheese sandwiches..... ah the memories! I learned so much about cooking from the chefs I worked with. Plus, they really believe in butter, butter, BUTTER! (and pork fat, and lard, and jowls, and....) The citizens were quite corpulent, but there were programs that tried to get people moving. It was difficult though, with the crime. You could go out to jog, and get mugged in the process of getting fit. Not only do you get lighter in Memphis.... so does your wallet!

For today, we don't have much going on. HHH has to check the pools and grounds, we have to go back to the Wally World to get a USB cable because ours didn't work, and I need to do some laundry. Back to the real world. The leftovers are awesome, though.

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