Friday, November 16, 2007

I Got Published Again!!!

Whoo hoo people, I just got published again!!! This time I got in picture and all. I didn't know because I am currently in arguments with my paper over the delivery method. Seems the guy who delivers the newspaper likes to throw it right at my bedroom window. He usually nails it too! AT 5:30 IN THE MORNING! So i am refusing to re-up my subscription until they can get mesomeone who won't do this. (Sunday's delivery almost broke my window.)

It seems like a long time since I turned in this article. It was a Halloween article to be exact! Here's the link.

It seems a while ago, but I guess it's only two weeks. I wrote out how the kids were going trick or treating even though T.S. Noel was blowing in off the caost. It wasn't anything special, but it got in! I am soooo psyched!! This makes two in a row....and I didn't even know! I heard about it from Morgan's Nurses Aide at the school when I went in to do the shots. The picture above is the one that got in the paper. Now I am trying to get some copies of it so I can save them and send some to my Mom and Dad, if they'll take it. (Probably not.)

So now I am in a great mood. I'm still cleaning, but I have a definite pep in my step while doing it!

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