Wednesday, November 21, 2007

3 Down.... 3 To Go.

Whew! I am half way to being done with all my prep work for Thanksgiving. Yesterday, I did the pimento cheese, Mac-n-Cheese, and the Home made mashed potatoes. I got them all panned up and ready to pop in the oven on Thursday. Today, I am going to do the Baked Squash casserole, the stuffing for the bird, and I am going to stuff the bird. Come Thursday, I should only have to bake everything and can indulge in my old tradition of going to the beach for the holiday!

This goes back to when was in college. I was in UF's marching band and Thanksgiving weekend was always the Florida-Florida State game. We had band practice that week, so while everyone else got to go home for the holiday, we had to stay on campus. It was kind depressing, so I'd make a run out to the beach and marvel that I was putting my feet in the water and my toes in the sand in November! It has been a long time since I have been able to do this, so now that I am so close to the ocean... I am going down there tomorrow and kick it up on the shore!

HHH is going to make his pumpkin pies tonight. He is confident that they will turn out well. I have faith in him. I got a frozen apple and a frozen cherry pie also, so we have food coming out our ears! I was planning on 11 people being here to eat, and now that the family has called off, I have all this food. We'll be having leftovers for days.... but that's part of the fun!

Turkey sandwiches for everyone!!

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