Monday, November 19, 2007

2 More Days and a Wake Up....

Well, In about 2 days, I'll be knee deep in turkey and stuffing! We went and got our turkey last night. Good thing too, because it was getting mighty thin in the meat department! I was surprised that they had so few turkeys on hand right before the holiday. This Thursday is usually a pay day for state and government employees, so they would be doing their shopping right before cooking. I got a 20 pounder. I needed a huge turkey for all the family, and on that note, the menu had changed once again. I am dumping the corn casserole for a baked squash casserole, and I am making pimento cheese and deviled eggs for appetizers. I may do meatballs too with my home made BBQ sauce.

With all this holiday stuff going on, I am seeing the commercials gearing up for the shopping season. One I just can't get out of my head is that damn Garmin one set to the Carol of the Bells! You know....

"Look there's a moose,

give me a noose,

I'm lost again,

Where's highway 10,

This isn't good,

Bad neighborhood,

Went to buy a wreath,

He has no teeth.


I missed my turn, I'm gonna burn,

Wife's gonna freak, future is bleak,

Nothing is right, This really bites,

Where's highway 10,

there's the moose again,

Give-a, give-a, give-a,give-a,


OMG! I have this damn thing going through my head all day! It plays during CNN in the morning when I am getting the kids ready for school. After Thursday, I imagine that the commercials will be in high gear. With all the recalls, HHH and I have decided to make a family Christmas trip to Grinchmas at Universal. I just don't want to have to take away toys that were given as gifts, plus we would have memories of fun family times and togetherness at the holidays. That's what is really important! I have been a picture taking fool with the new camera we have,( If you have seen my flickr, you already know that!). The kids seem excited about it. We told them that they would get clothing and the obligatory socks and underpants, and after the holiday, we would probably get a few gifts, but that being with your family is the best gift of all!

Well, onward into the week.......................

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