Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Rebecca & the Gift Debate.

So, today is my daughter's 11th birthday. Time has marched on and she is growing up faster than I am happy with. As posted before, we went to Toys R Expensive and looked at what the kids might like for Christmas. I was also keeping an eye on Rebecca to see what she might like for her birthday. Man, that place is a money trap if I ever saw one! Yeah, the kids like it, but look in the eyes of the parents and try to see any hope. There is none! Now, for the last couple of years, the store has begun to advertise some toys that they say are "exclusive" to Toys R Expensive and you can only get these special products from Toys R Expensive. Look anywhere else and you are shit out of luck. Too bad, so sad. I thought monopolies were illegal? Especially at Christmas! Luckily, my daughter wants Pokemon cards, and dolls that are relatively inexpensive. I still may try to go to the Wall To Wall Mart to find some of the things she has asked for. That's another place that gets to me at Christmas. They advertise these sales for the day after Thanksgiving saying there are only so many available at the sale price, then they lock the doors as people start to line up and finally when they open the doors for the eventual stampede and melee', they sit back and watch the fun. The very next week, Wall To Wall Mart will bring in 15 more pallets of the same product. I figured this out early on and now don't even bother with the whole Day after Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. There will always be something for me to get for my family.

Ugh, I got off topic. So my daughter is at school right now. I am going to ice her cake a little later. It is a poured fudge icing that has been passed down through our family for years. It's really good. Satisfies your craving for Chocolate and Cake in the same bite. We have her little friend coming over at around 7pm, because we have to go to .......Wall To Wall Mart! But I have to go to the pharmacy to pick up some scripts for the kids. Rebecca is also going to cash in her gift card she got from her Grandfather.

Now for something totally unrelated. What commercials on TV bug you the most. Now that it is the season for buying, (I'd have said season of giving, but the advertisers have pounded that out of my head.), the commercials have gotten hip deep in B.S. and sappy scenes. It is no secret I have been brainwashed by the Garmin GPS commercials in the early morning. (Your Garmin will arrive after the holidays.) Along with that one, the Wall to Wall Mart commercial promising more clerks on duty to avoid long lines while doing your holiday shopping. What a load! They were just as short staffed as ever and the lines were even longer! Commercials that out and out lie get me angry. Oh, and the credit card companies that encourage you to overspend so they can get more fees from you. Bleck! Even the Grinch, with it's message of people before things, has become a money raking venture. Maybe I am just old fashioned.

Kitty pit stop! Fluffy wants some love. My friendly cat is up here wanting to play. Yes I said FRIENDLY cat. He is big, sweet, and thinks he's a dog most of the time. You know, rolls over for belly rubs and will fetch on rare occasions. Weird right? Well, I have a cake to ice, you have things to do. Comment on those commercials..... I'll check back!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

Well, Tomorrow is the big day! My little girl will become a Tween Queen! She will officially be 11. I can't believe how time has just whooshed by and now I am looking at a young lady. It seems only yesterday that boys were "yucky" and barbies were hot! Now there are boys sending her love notes from another school, Bratz and their more grown up glamour have replaced Barbie in her toy chest, and Hannah Montana is her music of choice! Where did all the time go? I feel old. Really old. Old, old, old, old, OLD! I already had to buy her a bra when school started this year. A BRA! AAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH! Someone shoot me now.

As it is, she has requested a friend sleep over for her birthday. Since interim reports came home yesterday, and all the grades were B's or above, we said OK. I think that they will have fun. This is a girl from our community that is about 2 years older than her. See, she is already trying to move up on the age ladder. We are going to have cake and I was so touched to have had her ask for our family fudge cake. That's the one that has poured fudge icing! She asked me to make it and I was almost teary eyed! You have to understand, for the last 5 or 6 years she has asked me to make her elaborate multi-tiered visions of sugary perfection, such as the ones above. For her to give up that, and ask me to make what has become a family heirloom cake is very special to me. OK, enough misty moments.......

We had gone to Toys-R-Us last night with the kids in tow to see what they wanted for Christmas. They kept asking for gifts from Santa, and we kept reminding them we had all agreed on going to Universal. That started to not look so good to them after a while, what with all the toy commercials on TV. So we gave in and canceled our reservations and called my Mom to say we would be over for Christmas day. She seemed happy. I guess I caught her on a good day. We haven't had any more outbursts like the one from several weeks ago. I stuck to my guns about not calling her. After about a week and a half, she called me. It was kind of a half apology/half blame me call, but I'll take what I can get. Back to the kids...

My son has, of course, gravitated toward the bug ticket items, Leapster products, that ride and learn bike, and the giant new track and train set for his Geo Trax. Oh man.... My younger daughter Morgan has been wanting the Sing and Dance My Little Pony and the WWE elimination Chamber Play set. Yeah, I know.... What The F**K?!? What can I say, she likes wrestling and Ponies. My eldest Rebecca was into the B Bratz and an RC Bratz Car. They all said they wanted their own Nintendo DS. We already have 2 gameboys but sharing is always an issue. Now Mommy wants a new mixer for Christmas. A Kitchenaid 500 watt stand mixer to be exact. Plus maybe a new wedding ring set. I am going to try to get my HHH some tools. He is so picky, I'll probably take him to the store to pick out something. Yeah, the surprise is lost, but at least it won't get returned.

So... what's everyone else getting for Christmas??

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Student of the Month!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an announcement..... Miss Rebecca Howell has been chosen as student of the month from her 5th grade class! (clap, clap, clap, hooray, whoo hoo,.....) I am so proud of her. She has been working hard in school, getting good grades, being a good citizen in class, etc. Last night, we finished up her science fair project. Out of her entire class, she and 4 others were chosen to be in the science fair. That's different. In my day, we HAD to enter the science fair or we got an "F". Now I guess they make everyone do a project, and the teacher kind of has a mini-competition between the class to see who goes to the real science fair.

So when Rebecca comes home and tells me she got picked to be in the main science fair for the school, I was exited! Then she drops the other shoe and tells me why she got picked..... only 6 kids turned in a completed project on time. WHAT?? Out of nearly 30 kids, only 6 got their work done on time? That's sad. She said a lot of kids didn't have parental help to keep them on track, and get materials, etc. That's sad. I loved science fair time and language arts fair time, and yes I was a nerd in H.S.! My mom and dad were very supportive of what ever project I brought home from school, be it torturing tomato plants in the name of science, or volunteering to make a wooden replica of a choo choo train for your marching band's field show.

Well, I got a good kid... what do you have?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh man,.... Monday just went and ruined my week!

Man, Monday was a killer yesterday. HHH was hammered at work all day, I was home with the 5 year old sickly, and we had gotten almost no sleep the night before! I am really starting to think that Monday is out to get me. Now it's Tuesday, and my 5 year old is still sick, HHH is still getting hammered at work, and we got almost no sleep again! Yeowch! I need to make some home made soup and knock this cold out of the park. See back tomorrow if it works! The photo is of Junior, my 5 year old, doing a bellyflop-cannonball. He flet better that day.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Whew! Made it through Thanksgiving unscathed! Now all we have to do is get through to Christmas and we'll be doing OK. The house is trashed once more. My family never picks up after themselves. I don't know why I bother.
I was watching CNN this morning. I saw a story about a bus crash on I-40 in Arkansas, and recognized the reporter. It was Brooke from the store/restaurant I used to work at. She didn't work there, she was a loyal customer. I met all kinds of people when I was there. Celebrities, News Media, Wealthy, Lawyers of Note...... it was insane! Now that we live down in Florida again, I don't really see anyone. Guess I am not close enough to Palm Beach to see celebs.
A friend of mine went on a cruise for the Thanksgiving holiday. Sounds like a great idea to me! Just as long as it doesn't end up like the one down by Antarctica where the ship struck an iceberg and started sinking! SINKING!! And Leonardo DiCaprio was no where to be found!! I thought these things had some kind of radar to see this crap in the water and avoid it??? Guess not. Note to self: do not cruise near Antarctica! Icebergs=Bad Cruise!
And remember.........
Look there's a moose, Give me a noose,
I'm lost again, Where's highway 10..............
Garmin GPS's for everyone!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Whoo Hoo! Did anyone watch the game? I sure did. I've said it before, and I'll say it again....... Bobby needs to retire or just DIE! He is no longer a viable presence on the football field. It should have been a better game. FSU should have been able to keep up. The Tennessee-Kentucky game was more exciting than the Gator game. Now don't get me wrong, I was hollering and cheering with every touchdown, but there comes a time when blowouts are just not fun anymore. I was in the Gator Band in my college days, and the excitement and pageantry were always enhanced by a close game where everyone was kept on the edge of their seats! Still, we won. That is the important thing. Tim Tebow also gave a stunning performance to solidify his bid for the Heisman trophy. Being a sophomore, I don't think they will vote him in for it. The boy for Arkansas has had a really great year, in fact all the candidates have had a great year. Still, I think Tim deserves it. He is such a threat on the field, being able to rush, and pass. He seems to have no fear of being sacked, no cares for being tackled on the run. He's an all around player,(and he's kinda cute!) Don't tell HHH I said that!

Ah....... now to bask in the after glow of a game well won.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Lights Have Gone Up.

We put up the lights yesterday. It looks pretty good. Our neighbor had the same idea and put theirs up as well. Now we have the pretty building. Last year after Christmas, I went to the big home store in Memphis called Garden Ridge, and got several things for about 75% off. I got the lighted arch and the penguin light sculpture for practically nothing. They were something like $30 and $60! We got the multi colored lights there too! Two really long strands for $2 each. I loooooove to shop after Christmas sales!

I saw that there wasn't too much mayhem yesterday. That was good. We went out to Wal-Mart to pick up some dog and cat food, a new printer since ours blew up, and some apples for Junior to take to snack time. We found a nice printer for $25. It was left from the wild dash of the morning. I was glad to see my cats favorite food has started getting carried by Wally World. He has decided to only eat that dang Good Life food. He has gained about 5 pounds from it too. I started cutting back on his portions so as to help him get in shape. Shape for what, I don't know....

I also saw that Memphis now had the dubious distinction of being America's fattest city. That can't be good. I do have to say, I had so much good food while I was there. Bar B Que, soul food, grilled meatloaf and pimento cheese sandwiches..... ah the memories! I learned so much about cooking from the chefs I worked with. Plus, they really believe in butter, butter, BUTTER! (and pork fat, and lard, and jowls, and....) The citizens were quite corpulent, but there were programs that tried to get people moving. It was difficult though, with the crime. You could go out to jog, and get mugged in the process of getting fit. Not only do you get lighter in Memphis.... so does your wallet!

For today, we don't have much going on. HHH has to check the pools and grounds, we have to go back to the Wally World to get a USB cable because ours didn't work, and I need to do some laundry. Back to the real world. The leftovers are awesome, though.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I Don't Feel So Good.

OMG! I am feeling soooo sick right now! I woke up at 4 am sick to my stomach and had to get up. SO i have been cruising the Internet and CNN for amusement and something to take my mind off wanting to puke my guts out! I think my disregard of my Celiac's has something to do with it. I don't have full blown Celiac's, but I have the craptastical, pain in the ass symptoms that come with it. I guess that's what I get for being the generation in between. My Mother and my Daughter have the full blown Celiac's. That pie with the flour crust just looked sooooooooooo inviting. Guess I shouldn't have had 3 pieces......

So I am now sitting here with my son who got up about the same time as I did. He's enjoying Apple Jacks and watching CNN with me. I think I am going to go shower and eat some crackers or something. One thing I am not going to do today is go shopping. I used to like to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, but not anymore. Ever since the stores started opening at 4am and people started shooting each other for $25 DVD players, it just hasn't been the fun outing I remember from my youth. When I was a kid, my Mom and Dad would take me out to West Palm and we would look at the decorations, shop at the mall, (It was the big one back then), go out to a nice restaurant and have a great meal, and maybe pick up a few thing for Christmas. Now, people wait all night in the cold to be able to get trampled when some pimply faced kid finally opens a door to the local Wal-Mart. STUPID! I am so glad I don't wait tables anymore either. There is a link on the right to a great site called Raging Server. This dude puts up with way more than I EVER would. I thought I had it bad! What ever happened to people showing "Good will toward men"? Seems like it has been changed over to "Grab all you can, F**K everyone else"!

Don't mind me, I am just sick and tired from waking up too early. The cat I trying to make me feel better with his presence. He keeps following me around and laying on my feet. He knows I don't feel good. Either that or he's hungry. I try to think the best from my fuzzies. Yesterday we revived an old tradition I had from back in my college days. We went to the beach! Back when I was in college, I was in the marching band, and every year the Florida-FloridaState game fell on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That meant practice for us when everyone got to go home for the holiday. I got depressed one year when the folks couldn't come up to see me, so I drove out to the beach and marveled in the fact that I lived in a place where it was possible to wade in the surf in late November! I'm sorry for all you snow addicts, but that's just cool! So after I got the turkey out of the oven, we loaded up the car and drove over to Hutchinson Island to walk on the shore and collect some seashells. The tourists were out in force. You could tell they were tourists by their lack of pigmentation. They were light, bright, and damn near WHITE! There were some pretty good waves, so the surfers were out there too! I love Florida. When we lived in Memphis I couldn't stand the snow! Hubby called his brother who still lives there and he said it was 37 degrees there! HA! Not for me anymore. I couldn't stand that crap!

Well, I am off to take some Pepto. I feel just ratty. Luckily there are plenty of leftovers so I don't have to cook today. Everyone is on their own! Peace, love, and don't kill over a damn DVD player!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

3 Down.... 3 To Go.

Whew! I am half way to being done with all my prep work for Thanksgiving. Yesterday, I did the pimento cheese, Mac-n-Cheese, and the Home made mashed potatoes. I got them all panned up and ready to pop in the oven on Thursday. Today, I am going to do the Baked Squash casserole, the stuffing for the bird, and I am going to stuff the bird. Come Thursday, I should only have to bake everything and can indulge in my old tradition of going to the beach for the holiday!

This goes back to when was in college. I was in UF's marching band and Thanksgiving weekend was always the Florida-Florida State game. We had band practice that week, so while everyone else got to go home for the holiday, we had to stay on campus. It was kind depressing, so I'd make a run out to the beach and marvel that I was putting my feet in the water and my toes in the sand in November! It has been a long time since I have been able to do this, so now that I am so close to the ocean... I am going down there tomorrow and kick it up on the shore!

HHH is going to make his pumpkin pies tonight. He is confident that they will turn out well. I have faith in him. I got a frozen apple and a frozen cherry pie also, so we have food coming out our ears! I was planning on 11 people being here to eat, and now that the family has called off, I have all this food. We'll be having leftovers for days.... but that's part of the fun!

Turkey sandwiches for everyone!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This Is Why I Love Holidays!

My Baby Boy made this for me at school. I remember doing this when I was his age. I was teary eyed when I read the poem.This is why I love the holidays!

Relativly Speaking.....

Well, HHH's brother bowed out of Thanksgiving. He called last night and said that he wasn't going to get paid until after the holiday on that Friday, so he wasn't going to have the gas to get over here. I can understand that. Gas prices are outrageous. Now I see the presidents of Iran and Venezuala are banding together saying that if the US invades them, they'll raise gas prices to $200 a barrel! Dude, don't give GWB any ideas before we can get rid of him!!!

I am trying to recover right now. My back has the twinge of "about to go outness" and I am taking it easy so it doesn't do that! HHH and I were,....ahem.....uh..... having relations last night and we were a little too rough. I have a bad back anyway, but it hasn't really been bothering me lately. I guess all the cleaning + HHH = OUCH!

So I will be taking it easy today. Since we won't be having any company, I can lay off the cleaning! I still have to pick up after the family, but now I am more relaxed doing it.

oh and just in case you forgot...

Where's shopping mall, There's shopping mall,

Things that are small, Bob's big and tall,

Where's Chinese food, There's Chinese food,

Spicy chicken wing, Chicken almondine,


Traffic's a mess, There is no stress,

Find a new way, With no delay,

Bluetooth is on, Call the salon,

Need a waxing now, Got a uni-brow,

Give-a, give-a, give-a,

Give-a Garmin!

Why can't I get this out of my head?!? Now my daughters are singing it with me!

Monday, November 19, 2007

2 More Days and a Wake Up....

Well, In about 2 days, I'll be knee deep in turkey and stuffing! We went and got our turkey last night. Good thing too, because it was getting mighty thin in the meat department! I was surprised that they had so few turkeys on hand right before the holiday. This Thursday is usually a pay day for state and government employees, so they would be doing their shopping right before cooking. I got a 20 pounder. I needed a huge turkey for all the family, and on that note, the menu had changed once again. I am dumping the corn casserole for a baked squash casserole, and I am making pimento cheese and deviled eggs for appetizers. I may do meatballs too with my home made BBQ sauce.

With all this holiday stuff going on, I am seeing the commercials gearing up for the shopping season. One I just can't get out of my head is that damn Garmin one set to the Carol of the Bells! You know....

"Look there's a moose,

give me a noose,

I'm lost again,

Where's highway 10,

This isn't good,

Bad neighborhood,

Went to buy a wreath,

He has no teeth.


I missed my turn, I'm gonna burn,

Wife's gonna freak, future is bleak,

Nothing is right, This really bites,

Where's highway 10,

there's the moose again,

Give-a, give-a, give-a,give-a,


OMG! I have this damn thing going through my head all day! It plays during CNN in the morning when I am getting the kids ready for school. After Thursday, I imagine that the commercials will be in high gear. With all the recalls, HHH and I have decided to make a family Christmas trip to Grinchmas at Universal. I just don't want to have to take away toys that were given as gifts, plus we would have memories of fun family times and togetherness at the holidays. That's what is really important! I have been a picture taking fool with the new camera we have,( If you have seen my flickr, you already know that!). The kids seem excited about it. We told them that they would get clothing and the obligatory socks and underpants, and after the holiday, we would probably get a few gifts, but that being with your family is the best gift of all!

Well, onward into the week.......................

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A 1000 Evils on Car Repair at 7:10am!

It was one of those mornings. The kind of morning when you are sleeping so good you know when you wake up, you'll be rested and relaxed for the whole day. I was dreaming I was in a murder mystery, solving whodunit, and suddenly, I hear this *BANG*! In my dream, I'm thinking..."What's that?" Then it happens again. *BANG*!*BANG!* What the hell is that? Suddenly, I am waking up! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm suddenly aware I am in bed and just a little perturbed that I was awakwened at 7:10 am on a Sunday morning ! At first I thought I was hearing my new upstairs neighbors moving things around. But it wasn't them. Then I thought it was the people next door, but it wasn't them either. So, I go outside and hear this God awful reving and banging. Rev bang, rev bang! Some JACKASS is fixingtheir car at 7am! HHH was woken up as well, and was just as pissed when I told him about the car repairs. He gets dressed and nametags up and goes hunting. Unfortunatly, who ever it was has already driven off. Dumbasses. I hope their engine explodes at a red light.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I over did it, and in the morning..I'm making waffles!

Well, I think I over did all the cleaning this week. I am feeling ratty today. I had a terrible nights sleep and and sick sick sick! I had fallen to sleep last night and about an hour later, I woke up with a leg cramp! Augh! I hate those. I had been sleeping really good too. After that, I had a crappy nights sleep. Every time I rolled over, my calf ached and I thought it was trying to cramp up again. Now I am trying to stretch it out so I can make waffles. It is actually chilly this morning and my family deserves a hot breakfast for letting me clean the hell out of this house.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I Got Published Again!!!

Whoo hoo people, I just got published again!!! This time I got in picture and all. I didn't know because I am currently in arguments with my paper over the delivery method. Seems the guy who delivers the newspaper likes to throw it right at my bedroom window. He usually nails it too! AT 5:30 IN THE MORNING! So i am refusing to re-up my subscription until they can get mesomeone who won't do this. (Sunday's delivery almost broke my window.)

It seems like a long time since I turned in this article. It was a Halloween article to be exact! Here's the link.

It seems a while ago, but I guess it's only two weeks. I wrote out how the kids were going trick or treating even though T.S. Noel was blowing in off the caost. It wasn't anything special, but it got in! I am soooo psyched!! This makes two in a row....and I didn't even know! I heard about it from Morgan's Nurses Aide at the school when I went in to do the shots. The picture above is the one that got in the paper. Now I am trying to get some copies of it so I can save them and send some to my Mom and Dad, if they'll take it. (Probably not.)

So now I am in a great mood. I'm still cleaning, but I have a definite pep in my step while doing it!

Still Cleaning.... with Brownies on the Side.

Ok, I am still cleaning up the house. It is a constant thing since my family loves to drop everything EVERYWHERE! I will have cleaned all day long, gotten the house in order, vacuumed, disinfected, scrubbed, etc, etc...... and in one felled swoop, my kids come home from school, HHH comes home from work, and the whole place goes back to chaos in 5 minutes! I remember this cartoon I saw in the paper where the mom cleans up all day, and when her teenage son comes home, he leaves a trail from the door all the way to the living room with his stuff. That's me.

I got to my son's room yesterday. It was scary. Luckily, since he's 5, he doesn't remember much of what I threw out. Just junk, papers, crappy toys from birthday parties at Chuckie Cheeses. Man, do those things worry me! They are all made in China!! CHINA!!! The place that coats toys in chemicals that turn into GHB! I tossed all that out. I have already had to take toys away from all my kids this year.... I don't need any more grief with that. Today I hit the girls room. I made them pick up the initial stuff last night and this morning, and I warned them that if something was on the floor, it was getting tossed out. Wish me luck.

In the middle of all my cleaning, I made HHH home made brownies. Yep, just pulled together some stuff in the pantry and *poof*..... brownies! HHH was thrilled. I think he likes being married to a cheffy type person. It does get him lots of great food, but I am expanding his waistline though. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, he's really happy because I make all my family recipes from decades ago. Yummy! The corn Casserole is new this year though. Also, to revise the menu from yesterday, take out the broccoli casserole and add mashed potatoes. I;m going to get some Yukon Golds and make it from scratch. Butter, sour cream, salt and pepper.... whoo hooo.... I'm gonna clog my arteries!

And once more, with feeling................. I KNEW IT!!!!! (Bonds is a liar!)

We Knew It

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I knew it! Barry Bonds was indicted last night for lying about taking steroids. I KNEW it! I am not as big a baseball fan as I am a football fan, but dang it..... I KNEW IT! There is no way anyone can be as cocky as Bonds was and not have it come back to bite you in the ass.

This isn't my post of the day. I just had to do the "I told you so" dance for Barry.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving+relatives= Time to clean!

Ahh, it is that time of year again. Time to clean every nook and cranny in your house if you are the lucky winner of the race to host the family Thanksgiving! I am buried in laundry, cleaning products, and dishes right now. We do not have a formal or informal dining room here. I have to go out and get a folding table with chairs for the kids to eat on. As it stands... I keep trying to get HHH to fix a few things around the house, but he is so tired when he gets home I feel bad about asking him to do it. I need a ceiling fan replaced, a toilet seat fixed or replaced, and my kitchen light cover put back on. Yesterday he was soooooo pooped when he got home, I just met him at the door with a plate of dinner, (bacon onion meatloaf, potatoes, and corn), a cold drink, and put on Ocean's 13 for him to relax to.
I also have the .......shudder......... wonderful task of going into my kids rooms and cleaning out their crap that has collected over the year. I go through this before every holiday season and weed out the broken toys, junk, and just plain crap. I want to be able to walk, not wade into their rooms.
So, for Thanksgiving dinner, I am putting together a menu that will include :
Roast Turkey
Home Made Stuffing
Brown Sugar Butter Yams
Croissant Rolls
Corn Casserole
Home Made Gravy
Broccoli Cheese casserole
Cranberry Sauce
Cherry Pie
Pumpkin Pie
I don't make the cranberry sauce. I get the jellied kind from the can. Funny how we stick to the things we grew up with as kids. I can't imagine a holiday season with out that "SLUCK" sound the jellied cranberry sauce makes when it come out of the can. Love it! I also can't wait to watch the Macy's Parade this year. I would help my mom make the stuffing and all, while watching the parade on TV. Update on mom..... still haven't heard from her since the big to do on Monday. I don't know what to think. I am just going to wait until my Sis goes and sees them on Saturday and get an update from her on how it is going. Dad is supposed to have a CAT Scan tomorrow and I will probably have to get the results from her.
Well, I have to be off. More to clean, more to wash, and I just don't have enough time to do it with. You know how it is.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yep..... it's Tuesday.

Whooo hooooo! Day number 2 on blogger. Let's see whats going on today.

I saw a story on CNN about some guy robbing cars in the Miccosukee casino parking lot. Seems when the security and police were called and started to chase him, he was in too much of a hurry to read a certin sign as he ran past it. The thief jumped into the small lake behind the casino and wasn't seen again,.......until this morning when they pulled his masticated body out of the bottom of the pond. The sign that the man didn't read? DANGER! LIVE ALLIGATORS! The casino and the police had to employ 2 trappers to catch the alligators and kill them so as to recover the rest of the thief for the medical examiner. All together now...... EEEEWWWW!!

I am soooo tired of OJ, aren't you? This man just can't stay out of trouble. If it had been me, after the whole murder trial thing, I would have been laying so low, it would have been below sea level! Dumbass.

Oh, and much love and sympathy to Kanye West on the death of his mom. It is looking like the cosmetic surgery she was having may have contributed to her death. I know how it is when it comes to thinking about a procedure. I have back aches, and shoulder ditches from my boobs and wish every day they were smaller. I have really considered a breast reduction several times, but am too chicken to do it.

Last night was hen night here at the ol' homestead. I rotisseried a chicken and made potatos and green beans with it. Yummy! I am soooo bad, I love the crispy skin! It was funny, I made my HHH a plate toeat and I forgot the skin. He comes stomping into the kitchen and snatches up some skin off of the cutting board, and gives me a dirty look. LOL! I laughed my fanny off!
Well time to get on with the morning............................

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Why am I so hoplessly untechie that I cannot get tracking widgets to take? I don't even understand the language they are speaking to try and explain where I am supposed to insert said widget. ( I know where I want them to insert it! >:) Ha ha!) I am trying desperatly to have the Mybloglog widget set up right on my Myspace, and Yahoo 360, as well as on here, but it isn't tracking the numbers correctly and on 360 it can't be put on at all! Why? I don't know. I have had at least 17 views on my 360 and 12 on Myspace, but I haven't seen the numbers on the Mybloglog. I give up. Maybe more people will start leaving comments and I will see that you all have been here. Comments.......AWAY!

Trying something a little different.

So, as per my helpful fellow bloggers, I am going to try this out and see if I have a better result than what I have been getting blogging on Yahoo or Myspace. I'll probably still link it all together and make a big circle. Whoo Hoo, go me!

If you read the other blogs on my other sites, you know I am having a hard week and it's only Tuesday! I have had 2 mugs of hot chocolate with an extra shot of chocolate in them and I am beginning to feel a little more human. I figure there is nothing I can do about my Mom and her shit fit until after she gets through it so I am just going to wait until my Sis comes back from her visit with them and calls me with an update. The last time I saw my Dad was about a week and a half ago when I was in town for a Dr appt for my son. I had only a few minutes with him, but he spoke clearly, was walking, coherent, and everything! I can't see how they think he has had a stroke??!! I don't know, but I have a sinking feeling it isn't a stroke, but second hand smoke from my Mom's ciggarettes. We shall see.

So,now I am going to post this and see what happens. Wish me luck! :)